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The Specific Measurements for The Grid Shift

Dear Kryon, it seems that without some understanding of, and research into, the specific measurements for the grid shift, any astrological work would be significantly inaccurate. Do you know of a list of Lightworkers who do work in astrology who can give those of us interested in the science a chance to consult with them?

As we've discussed, details about the actual movement of the grid will be of no help. Instead, many astrologers who are seeing how the last ten years have altered their readings must do multiple overlays of possibility to justify or realign actual new reality to their readings. It's a reconciliation and realignment of the system. The hint that we've given is that the main change is in the house sizes. A full three degrees has been rearranged. That means that some houses have been slightly reduced in their size, and some have been enlarged. The final hint given to you sometime ago was that the main energy shift is Jupiter related.

Having astrologers get together is indeed the answer, and you have the perfect vehicle - it's the Internet, and you're looking at it right now. So let the meetings begin.


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