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The Recalibration of Wisdom

This is an important channelling, for it not only represents the manifestation of a prophesy given in Kryon Book Eight (2000) from the Maya regarding the “Journey of the Feathered Serpent,” but it qualifies a misconception about how the wisdom of the planet is moving. The Planet's wisdom is not moving, but rather recalibrating to a more gentle source. This message is shorter than most of the channellings given on this page.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

The process has begun, and we've spoken of it many times. The information that I'm about to give has been given at one time before. However, it has not been given by Kryon in your language [Spanish], so we give you a review that will not take long. It's important that you hear it, and that others hear it, so they will understand what all this means.

This information has not been given in its completeness, and so the information is easy to be misunderstood. It is information that is honoring to your area [Peru] and it is esoteric. So we begin.

Review - The Great Shift as Predicted

There is a shift going on in the planet, and it's a slow, profound shift of Human consciousness. Twenty-two years ago, I told you about it in the first transcription, Kryon, Book I. Part of the Kryon energy is created to give you understanding, information, and love about things that are new on the planet. This is one. Although it's new, it's not unexpected.

Years ago, I started speaking about the movement that is upon you. Even this day, it has been shown to you as it was transcribed and recorded [earlier in the meeting]. We have said that the Kundalini of the planet is moving. We never used the word serpent, but we do now. This has been the prophecy of the ancients, but not necessarily the ones that are here - for the ones who are hearing this should know that I speak from Peru.

These particular prophecies have mostly come from those in the northern hemisphere. Many have told of this time as the movement of energy. Some prophecies came from the Maya and others still from the very high north. They said that there would come a time of potential, of a magnificent change for planet Earth. It would represent a consciousness shift and would start moving the Feathered Serpent south. Now it is important that you understand why this is happening, and what it really represents.

The Three Grids

There are three grids on this planet, and we have spoken of all three just recently. The magnetic grid is one of them. I arrived in 1989 and that which you would call my partner's consciousness and I melded to give you a message: We told you that the magnetic grid of the planet would move more in the next 10 years than it had in 100. By the year 2002, it had done just that. Science shows this and is measureable even with a simple compass. The magnetic grid moved and we told you it would.

This was only the beginning, for it interfaces with two other grids on the planet that are also invisible. The second one is called the Crystalline Grid. The third one we will call Gaia. All of these are together and intertwined, but the one that is the most dynamic is the Crystalline. The Crystalline Grid responds to Human consciousness and that which is called the Kundalini of the planet. This is energy that moves and uncoils itself, but only if it is called to do so through that multidimensional energy called, “Human consciousness.” This is what has happened, and now let us explain why.

It may seem oversimplified, but we have mentioned many times before that the planet is out of balance. The balance we speak of is the balance between male and female consciousness. Years ago, we gave you this information. We told you that the planet is heavy in the gender of masculinity. It's not balanced. This balance affects the grid, and the planet, and Gaia. But Humans have given this energy to the planet in what they have developed over history. This is now changing, since Humans are changing. As Humans change, so does Gaia.

Don't misunderstand: This has nothing to do with men and women. It has to do with the consciousness of male and female. In the latest information of Kryon, given in the 12 layers of DNA, we described one of the profound layers of DNA that stands by itself. We're not going to give you the layer number, for we want you to find it and discover it - and then laugh at the synchronicity of the numerology. It's called the Wise Divine Feminine. It is not combined with any other layer, as some are. It is soft and sweet. It is Mother energy - actually much more than that.

What is happening today in this consciousness shift is that these are the specific energies that are beginning to change. And again it may seem to be oversimplified, but it has something to do with the magnetics, as well as Human consciousness. There is system that you give very little credibility to that involves all of these earth energies as a catalyst to each other. As goes Human consciousness goes the grids of the earth - and one affects the other.

Attributes of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres

The northern hemisphere of the planet has contained most of what you would call the masculine energy of the planet. The southern hemisphere carries a more feminine energy. This is information I have given to you before. This is the polarity, even the duality, of the planet. When Human beings start to change, so then does the planet and the energies of the grids. Therefore, there is a major change in the process regarding the grids of Earth in response to humanity.

Make a note to yourselves that the imbalance of humanity and the hemispheres can be seen in history. Most of the major wars and all of the world wars have been started and fought mostly in the north. Most of the fighting has been there. The conquering of nations over and over has been there. That has been the balance of the planet, and you can see the masculine “war” imbalance very strong in the northern hemisphere.

Most of the wars in the southern hemisphere have been caused by those from the north, coming to conquer or enslave. Do you see what we are saying? Did you ever consider these things? The northern hemisphere is masculine heavy, but not for long.

Now, if it is true that the planet is starting to rebalance itself in consciousness, what do you think is happening? The answer is that you're starting to see a rebalancing of the consciousness of male and female. It means that the males of the planet are becoming more balanced. It means the females of the planet are being more balanced. It means humanity is becoming more balanced.

The Beginning of the End of War

There is a saying that, “If women ran the world, they would never send their children to the battlefield.” This becomes the definition of “mother energy.” Let me give you another saying. “If the world is balanced male and female, then Humans would never send their children to the battlefield.”

The rebalancing of male and female energies on the grids means that a certain kind of earth energy will move. The Kundalini must move. It has been in that place for so long in the northern hemisphere - India and Tibet. Many say that this was the center of spiritual wisdom. Indeed, there was wisdom there, and it helped to balance the male heavy energy, but not without it also becoming male heavy. How many female leaders do you see in the ranks of the monks and other orders in those areas? The answer is almost none.

The southern hemisphere represents the female energy of the planet. The Kundalini starts to move in response to humanity and it uncurls itself and the tail of the serpent will end up at the bottom of Chile. The center of the [Feathered] Serpent is in Peru. [Journey of the Feathered Serpent]

Not A Shift of Wisdom

Contrary to what you may have been told, this has nothing to do with the shift of wisdom to the southern hemisphere. Listen. What is here? [in Peru] If you were to study the ancients here, you're going to find wise, divine feminine! It is everywhere. There's a place not far in the mountain that we could call the capital of the wise, divine feminine on the planet [Machu Picchu]. The earth has ignored it! It laid there unknown by all but the local farmers and without the energy of discovery. It was blind to the conquerors [the Spaniards], who moved all around the area and never found it. Humanity was not ready for it, and now it is.

There will be those who would hear this message and say, “Well, the wisdom of Tibet is moving into Peru.” That is not so. Instead, the heart chakra of the earth, which is the Kundalini, now begins to seek another wisdom center, a more balanced one. It moves to a place where softer wisdom has prevailed. It seeks out the wisdom of the divine feminine.

So the earth is ready to glean this wisdom and pull upon the portals of this area. In the process, the consciousness of the planet will be changed even more. It has been waiting for this.

The Real Energy of Machu Picchu

The area you call Machu Picchu (which is your name, not the name given by those who built it) is a sweet energy. It is a womb-like and safe energy. It is beautiful and that is why so many are starting to come here. They are drawn to this new energy, for they knew it was coming. Old souls all over the planet want to feel it. They want to climb the rocks and celebrate it. This is a new earth. It is time for the wisdom that has always been here to be placed on that which is the Crystalline Grid of the planet and shared with all.

I have just explained the movement of the Kundalini, the energy of the Feathered Serpent. It honors the area. It has always been ready for this. You've had 100 years' celebration of Machu Picchu. That's all. That's only a fraction of the history of the north. It's been hidden and only revealed recently. It was being prepared, protected, and now is ready to be revealed as the capital of the wise, divine feminine on the planet.

There are secrets here that may never be revealed. There are those who represent the Seven Sisters here who have not yet shown themselves. There is an awakening here, and some of the shamanic Humans of the area are aware.

Peruvians, celebrate! For this is what some of the old souls here have been waiting for. And that's why there's resistance. There is resistance because the old energy here does not want to accept this. The old energy here has come from the northern hemisphere long ago and it's out of balance and you know it. It does not honor the land, the air, or the water.

So there will be shift and change and resistance. Old soul, be ready for this. Celebrate what is happening and prepare the next generation for what is coming. This is the message we give. It's more complete than it's ever been given before, giving you the reason why it moves. We are tying this even to your DNA, for it is in “remembrance” mode, waiting for this to happen.

Finally, there are those who will not understand this message. For those, I say that it's not necessary that you do. Instead, know this: The love of God is in you and it wants you to leave differently than you came. You don't need to grasp all the esoterics. We only ask that you feel that which is true.

You are known by God and we wash your feet. It's your time.

And so it is.


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