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The Recalibration Of Self

We know this channelling is out of order “date-wise” but because Kryon Book 13 is being built, some of the Recalibration channellings are being worked on separately. It's our policy to bring you some of the channellings of that new book here, even though they will be put together later for the book. This is in the “Spirit of the free web,” and what we have done in the past for those who simply cannot afford a book. This Kryon message is one of three, and it again concentrates on the fallacy of dark energy being “alive.”

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

All the things that follow in this message today are about Human Beings and things that are literally changing the paradigm of their reality. So the day has been filled with examples of thinking differently, and this message will continue that theme. We have given you message after message since the first of this year indicating how things are different and asking you to look at something we are calling a “recalibration of all things”.

I speak to you right now in a linear fashion with communication you are used to. This is possible due to the experience and practice that my partner has received over the years. He is intuitively able to translate this multidimensional communication from my side of the veil to yours.

Channelling is the process of translating spiritual messages through a Human Being. But in the process, you still have the Human Being's 3D filter in place. The culture, the language, the thought processes are all still there. Therefore, part of accurate channelling is for the channeller to learn to step aside and allow the information to flow with the least filtering possible. Channelling has never been a takeover of the Human's free will. That would be something you would call possession, and it is not that. Instead, it is a meld given in love to pass information, energy and communication from a loving source to you.

I tell you this because these lessons are difficult to communicate. If you have not experienced a certain kind of reality, then it is difficult for me to teach about it. You can't relate to it. Yet I do that today, knowing that it is difficult to understand. I give a message here in this chair that comes in three parts. Today's message is part one. Each message, however, is complete by itself. So this message will be complete unto itself and the others will be as well. But when you put these three together, they are greater than the sum of their parts. This is the third language at work, and there is more to this story than the words I'm speaking.

If you have an open consciousness to these kinds of things, dear one, you'll already understand that your body recognizes what's going on. Young person, you're going to inherit a planet that is far different than your parents had. The energy is changing and recalibrating. Many of you are starting to understand what is new before the Lightworker. I'll call this message, “The Recalibration of Self.” This is not to be confused with “The Recalibration of Humanity,” given before. This is the recalibration of your core being.

Energy - A Misunderstood Concept

Energy by itself is very difficult to define or explain. Often, when Humans talk about energy, it is that which pulsates linearly through wires in a multi-phase system, such as your electricity. That's not what we're talking about. The energy we speak of is not singular information. It is not three-dimensional, but rather it is a multidimensional attribute all around you of a confluence of Earth and consciousness and it brings about that which you call manifestation. You were born in a certain energy. We speak of the grids of the planet being in a certain energy, but it's not well defined. You may walk into a room and say, “Well, the energy does not feel good in here today.” Another day you'll walk in and you'll say, “Wow, did you feel the energy today?” If someone pressed you to define this, you might have trouble. Yet you use the word to mean both positive and negative things, for you understand it's polarized.

What I'm about to speak about in this lesson refers to the energy that you are used to on the earth, whatever that means to you. It's the energy that you live in, work in, meditate in, and worship in - and this energy is changing. This affects what you consider to be normal, for it represents your comfort zone. So if we could give you any kind of energy advice, we would say, “Expect normal to change.” That's hard to do.

The Human Being survives knowing where normal is supposed to reside and feel like. When you walk from A to B, you expect certain things - the air you breathe, the gravity you experience, the magnetics that your cells are used to via the grid. What if I told you that many of those things won't be the same? But the only thing you are truly aware of as a Human Being is that something is different. Some of you may walk around saying, “The energy feels odd today.” It's more than odd. It's recalibrating.

Changes in the Crystalline Grid - Changing the Past

Let us start by talking about the things that feel different to you. Here is an example of a recalibration, and it's a summary of what we've given before not long ago regarding the grids. We told you that the Crystalline Grid of this planet, an esoteric, invisible, multidimensional attribute of Gaia, was changing. We told you that it is the “action” memory of humanity. It remembers Humans and what they do. It's like the esoteric “memory grid” of Human action.

The Crystalline Grid is, therefore, linked to Gaia and responsible for that which you call portals, and also that which you call old, negative energy. It is profound in spots where war has been, for it reflects a memory of what Humans have done in battle. It reacts to Human emotion. That's the Crystalline Grid, and the metaphor of anything crystalline is that which holds memory and vibration. So imagine an invisible grid around the planet that remembers what Humans have done.

In places that feel dark, you may have had war upon war and battlefields that you would rather not walk into. Lightworkers often feel the misery of death, fear, and anxiousness. This stays in the land, and you know I'm telling you something that many have experienced and told you about. There are also places on the grid that are portals of healing and joy, and what my partner even calls the womb of Gaia - a place where you can go and bathe in the thickness of Human compassion.

A little time ago, we told you something powerful about humanity. We told you that Human Beings are responsible for posturing or “loading” that planetary grid. However, as energy goes, it is typical that you would consider this system a linear remembrance. That is, you would think that both positive and negative things would be remembered and stored at the same level within the grid. But that's not the way it is, and you know all about this. What do you see on your news? What is the bias between joy and horror? This balance is Human nature, and the grid reflects that very attribute of humanism. It gives far greater emphasis to negative things.

Up to now, dear ones, the earth has remembered dark energy in a nonlinear way and has given greater emphasis to where many have died and where there has been great suffering. The grid remembers horror a lot more than the birth of a child. It's responsible for what you call hauntings and ghosts and all those apparitions that are playing the tapes in the same way - that's the Crystalline Grid.

When you look at the planet and ask what vibration it is today, it's the measurement of the Crystalline Grid that is used to answer that. That is what the vibration of the planet is based upon - what Humans are doing and have done in the past. Then we told you that the way the grid remembers Human action is starting to change.

So now you have an answer to a quantum question: How can things done in the future change the past? That is happening now, because what you are doing now is changing the linearity of the grid's “remembering system”. So what happens that is positive is going to carry a far grander and greater energy to the grid. Therefore, it overwrites anything that was there, called past energy.

There'll be a day when you can walk into the battlefield and say, “I feel nothing.” This is because there have been Humans who have trod this path who are Lightworkers and every step they took changed the attributes of the field they walked in. So the new energy is able to allow Humans alive now to rewrite the past!

Now, that's out of the purview of your reality. You're not with me on it. You want the storage process to be linear and it isn't. So we're saying there's a recalibration of self - that is to say, a recalibration of what you'd expect is real. It couldn't get any more personal than this. Imagine what the energy would be for humanity if the energy of history changed?

If the grid reflects Human consciousness and the grid is recalibrating, then the “self” of the Human is also recalibrating in the same manner. Human nature is following the model of what is taking place with the grid. Humanity will eventually become softer, placing emphasis on beauty instead of horror.

Imagine a situation where oil does not float to the top when mixed with water. You might say, “But oil always floats to the top. It has to. It's molecular bonding, and density, and it always floats to the top.” What if we said there'd come a day when physics itself may actually alter the reality of everything that you've known? What if oil became closer to the density of water and, therefore, it would simply lay there in the middle and not float to the top? Now, if it did that, you would say, “That's spooky. Something is wrong with this.” You wouldn't understand it, and that's the point. Your reality biases you toward what has always been and does not allow for what might be.

If something could change to the degree that it upsets everything that you expected or thought was accurate and true, how would you react? Based upon your core survival experiences and what you've learned on the planet, how would you deal with it? Could you recalibrate yourself and say, “I understand it used to be one way and now it's another,” and move forward? Or would you look at it and say, “I wonder when it's going to return to the way it was?” This, dear ones, is the crux of this message, for as the energy on this planet shifts, even the old soul will be tempted to say, “Sure, Kryon, it's wonderful. It's good. I love it. I'm going to work with it.” Then in their darkest hours, they're going to say, “I'm tired of this! When will it return to the way it was?” It's because you grew up in an energy where the duality was one way, but now it's starting to be another.

Recalibration of Self-Worth

Now we bring up the point of who the Lightworker is. The recalibration of self is going to be the recalibration of self-worth. Now, we've said it briefly before, but the Lightworker is afraid of the dark. It's because the dark has beat you up every lifetime, hasn't it? So we sit in a room of old souls who have come into this life yet again fearing what the dark energy might bring for them. But you came anyway, and you came in without knowing what was going to happen. There were many prophets who said you wouldn't make it past 2000. Now you are in 2012! Every time you arrive, the dark energy seems to be against you.

When I first arrived and presented myself to my partner, it was slightly after the Harmonic Convergence. I told my partner I was here because of what humanity had done. I told my partner I would not have been here otherwise, for there was nothing to teach, that you would not have made it. Does it make sense that I would arrive to teach you for 20 years then you all die horribly? No! I arrived because of the potentials of what are happening right now.

Those who were astute and who had felt the Kryon energy come into the planet knew why I had arrived. I represented an entire entourage coming to share the good news with old souls, to be their cheering section, because they had turned the energy of doom around. Against all odds, it had changed.

The Soviet Union had fallen over, a huge geopolitical event that had not been predicted anywhere! It disarmed the potential Armageddon of the planet. Other things started to move in directions that had no predictions anywhere in the past. There would have to be guidance and direction for this very day that you sit here. It would be a recalibration of your survival instinct and of what you think is real. This is the task for you now, if you're able to cope with the recalibration or whether you're always looking over your shoulder, wondering when the old “normal” is going to return.

The Story of the Old Soul

So this message is one of three, and it's an encouragement and an acknowledgment of who an old soul is and why this person needs to know what we have to tell them. So we will just lay it out there for you to see: The oldest souls in this room and hearing this have been through the worst of the worst. Every lifetime that is written upon your DNA's quantum Akashic memory carries engrams of emotion.

You came into the world expecting it to do what it always did. As soon as you started awakening to the truth that you carried in the past, you knew you might have to hide yet again. You might have blocked this from your memory, but it was there, embedded in the Akash. Some of you not too far from here were burned at the stake. Some of you came back and it all happened again! How many lifetimes does it take, shaman, before you sit and say, “I'm not going to do this again”?

You awakened in a modern society this time. Now you are a Lightworker, but you say, “I'm going to go to the esoteric meetings, but I'm not going to tell others I'm going. Because I'm not going to go through that again.” You're careful who you tell about what you believe, because you're tired of swimming upstream and having the current beat you back against the rocks. You're tired of losing family and friends or even jobs because you happen to believe that God is inside you. That is the story of the old soul who is here in the room and listening to these words.

However, the result of all this is an old soul who comes and stands tall as a Lightworker on Earth, but who also lacks self-worth. That's an oxymoron! How can you have a lighthouse that's uncertain of its own light or if it's doing anything worthwhile? Will the waves come and knock the light out? But that's who is in front of me and listening now, because you're all that way! You can't help it. Your past is your past.

This turnaround of energy on the planet cannot instantly create giants and heroes of self-worth, especially among those who have practiced in the old energy for so many years. Perhaps you think you are ready for this shift? You are not - not for the energy that's coming. That's what we want to also address.

There is something coming where you will be able to manifest things only dreamed of, but it's going to take belief, realignment, and new understanding. You are going to have to start some basic survival perceptions that require you to understand that, dimensionally, you are more powerful in areas you cannot see than the ones you can. You weren't taught this in school or by your mother, and you have never practiced this. That's where you stand at this moment. “Well then, what's going to happen, Kryon?” The answer is that you're going to have to want to change. If you do not actively attempt to change, you will always be floating on the surface like the old oil.

The Darkness. Is It Alive?

Right now, you think you have an idea how dark and light work on the planet. So let's bring this up in a way that you'll understand. Let's talk about dark and light attributes yet again. We have given you the information over and over that darkness is defined as the absence of light. Yet what do you do with this? In your spiritual mythology, you have decided that darkness must be intelligent. There has to be a consciousness behind darkness, you say, and because of this, there is a dark force with a name and, therefore, you fear it. You don't understanding that physics demands that darkness can't exist in the light! Yet you still don't believe it. Darkness is a balance, not an entity.

Right now, there are Humans saying, “Wait a minute, Kryon. Do you mean there's no such thing as evil?” I didn't say that. Listen, Humans are powerful, and when Humans take that which has no light and they apply it to a consciousness of their own design, it becomes Human evil. Now, that has consciousness because a Human put it there. But alone, there is no entity out to capture your soul. Period. There is only a balance of dark and light. Humans are responsible for making darkness look like it has intelligence, because manifestation works both positive and negative.

All of you are used to a certain balance on the earth. But it's not an intelligent balance. That's the first thing that you have to learn, Lightworker. There's no force against you! You don't believe it when you are told this. This is difficult for you, because you've always been taught there is something pushing against everything you do. Indeed, there is, but it is represented by Humans in the dark and not darkness with a personality.

The brighter your light, the less darkness can be around. “Oh, Kryon, I love that. How can I make my light brighter?” That's easy! It's by not fearing the dark! When you fear the dark, you give it your energy, don't you? So what is it you fear? It's survival, isn't it? For in the past, the darkness created by Humans has created turmoil in your life. Your very survival was at stake. Now that changes, and so does the dark/light balance.

There are so many things here, dear one, that you're going to have to recalibrate. Who are you trying to please, Lightworker? Let me ask you this: If you're trying to please God, you are! I wouldn't be here if you weren't. If you're trying to please those on the other side of the veil, who in some cases are your own parents looking back at you, you are! By the light that you have put here and by the light that you carry, all is well. Do you feel that? Or are you looking around for some other approval somewhere and not getting it? It's time for you to recalibrate these feelings.

I want you to understand something: God doesn't have Human emotions. God isn't sitting around hoping anything or wishing you would do this or that. God is the creative source of the Universe and you are part of this God. Therefore, to “please God” is to love yourself enough to be part of the wholeness of God. There are things you should know about the way you think and what is going to change.

“Kryon, do you mean there's not going to be a struggle since the newer energies are more benevolent?” Oh, dear one, there will be a struggle! This struggle between the dark and light balance on Earth is classic. You're going to watch it like a game played on your own ball fields, where the energies go back and forth and it doesn't seem to be one team winning or losing, just back and forth. When watching that, what will you think? In your heart of hearts, what are you going to say? “Well, we've failed. Nothing is happening.” Indeed! That's because, dear ones, all you are willing to look at is the three-dimensional game field. You're not looking at anything else that might be happening under it or above it. This is very hard to describe. This is the battle between dark and light.

How Can Darkness Battle Us?

“Well, Kryon, if darkness has no intelligence, how does it battle us?” Here are some attributes of the darkness that can explain it. Humans in the dark battle you. Darkness itself is just a balance.

Dark, negative energy is blind about what you're doing in the light. It's stupid about things of the light, and this is your advantage, for you can see everything and this energy of darkness can't. Humans walking in darkness, creating darkness with intent, can never compete with a Lightworker who can see everything. Integrity is blind to dark energy and will always win. Honesty and compassion and caring are always going to win over darkness. Benevolence and spiritual synchronicity are like full color in the black and white world of those who willingly walk in darker energy.

Now, it's simply an energy, like gravity is an energy, and like magnetism is an energy. When you see magnetism at work and you see things come together with force, do you look at them and give them names and assign consciousness to them? Do you think they are entities? No. Instead you say, “This is physics. It's energy. It moves here to there, like oil and water are also about physics. It's just energy. Oil floats because of its density. It's lighter than water's density.” Dark and light have these same kinds of attributes and darkness moves when light is present. It's not spooky, and it's not alive.

Here is a big difference - in the new energy, you are a light creator. Therefore, you are changing the density of the planet. Do you see what I'm saying? Therefore, the balance of dark and light moves accordingly. It's not smart. It moves out of the way of the light. It moves out of the way of the Lightworker! Do you understand what I'm saying? For eons, this balance has not moved at all. Suddenly, it is moving out of your way as you walk toward it. It can't exist where you walk! It can't survive the way it used to and it will fight to keep it the way it used to be. But the balance will slowly change, and that's because you are not afraid of it.

Oh, dear Lightworker, this is the message of today's channel and also tomorrow. I'm going to itemize some of the things that you will see regarding these changes. The one big item right now is this: What are you going to do with this new power? Although darkness is not intelligent, it is still a balancing force. Therefore, you can expect it to have an effect on everything as it changes. You can't have a rebalancing of such powerful influences on Human nature without change on both sides. Do you understand? Do not personalize darkness.

When you fall off a cliff, who do you blame? Was it the gravity monster? What intelligence pushed you there and how dare it take you down and hurt you? This is an example of a force that is there, but understood for what it is.

But unlike gravity, dear ones, this particular balance on the planet is a multidimensional, elastic, dynamic thing. It has been the same way for eons and now it's not. It is moving accordingly to the energy that you have chosen to create. It is your fate. But unless you re-adjust to your power, nothing is going to happen.

The recalibration of self starts with understanding that darkness has no power over you anymore. It will retreat from you instead of attack you. If you fear anything, darkness has won. That's the balance we speak of. All this is difficult to explain since these things are going to occur in non-three-dimensional terms. My partner is even sitting here wondering if he has done a good job today. So I will say to him, “The job has been adequate.”

The recalibration of the Lightworker is described as the Lightworker discovering their real light, the light of the creator. They are discovering that it belongs there, that this is their time, and that they can turn it on. The darkness will have no chance of existing anywhere around them as long as they illuminate themselves with compassion and patience.

Let divinity shine through each of you as you walk on this planet and understand these things, for they are imminent.

Do you want to know why you came? This is why you came. It's not to do, but rather it's to be. It's to be light where darkness used to be. This is the message of the day. I am Kryon, in love with humanity.

And so it is.


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