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The meaning of “God”

Dear Kryon, I have just started reading Book 9. So much of what I read re-emphasizes many things I have felt or thought. However, although I was raised Jewish, I am not practicing and have always questioned whether or not God really exists. I am very uncomfortable when people start talking about “their” God. I don't believe in going to church or temple. My husband and I are more agnostics - or even atheists at times. So, I am torn when you start talking about God. I am not sure how to feel about that even though there are so many things you talk about that I do believe are true. Please help me to understand what you mean by “God.”

First, know this: You are honored for whatever you choose to believe. There is no judgment about your wishing to distance yourself from God. However, why does the Kryon information resound with you? Are you ready to admit that perhaps there is more than is seen?

The answer is “yes” (as you know). So what is it that is unseen? Could it be that you have been here before? If so, was there a plan? If there was, who designed it?

What you are reacting to (this is personally for you) is that you have spent so many lives on this planet knowing “the truth,” that the organizations you see around you, all disgust you. You are not ready to “join” anything. This, dear one, is what happens to those who are old souls and come back to this planet with full spiritual recall. You run from anything religious! You throw up your hands and are frustrated that nobody seems to understand. The reason? You know who God really is.

Time to take stock of what “GOD” might mean. What if it meant, YOU? What if there were a grand collective family, of which you were a part? What if the word GOD meant “The collective of angelic beings, some of whom are on earth, who comprise the whole of sacred energy of the universe?” What is GOD meant “Angels disguised as Humans for awhile?”

Humans often “see” GOD as the benefactor in the sky… filled with judgment. Heaven and Hell are words used to control behavior, and in order to gain early control, many religions have you “born dirty” with no chance for redemption. To an old soul, this is reprehensible. God is so much bigger than any of this.

The truth? You are GOD. Want to know more? Read our communication to you which became “The Journey Home.” It gives you an entire parable about the discovery of this very thing. [Kryon Book 5]

Know this: You are sacred. The love of GOD is the love you have for all natural things, including nature, animals, and other Humans. It is the energy of the universe and YOU are in control. While on earth, it all hides from you.

Blessed is the Human who knows they are part of the grandness, all of which is God.


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