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The Letter K

The Kryon Kundalini Tour was one of the most spectacular tours we have ever done. During the tour 28 channellings were given, and nine of them were the letters of the word KUNDALINI. This is the first of those channellings... preparing us for the earth changes that were taking place in the rebalancing of the planet.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

I am aware of where I am and of the celebration of the day. If you ever wondered, God does not exist in a vacuum. That is to say God exists in you and, therefore, is aware of everything you are. There are those who would say that getting in touch with God is difficult and that you must follow a protocol. Let me tell you what the protocol is: It's called being alive. God knows you. When you are not here, you are with God. When you are not here, you are part of God, and there is beauty in this arrangement.

There is much to be told in this time, but right now I am aware of you. I'm aware of those who are listening to this voice who are not in your timeline. To me, you are all listening right now, but there would also be those who are listening and reading in what you would call your future. Some of them are you! But many are those who are not in this room, so I'm going to do something very non-3D. I would like to welcome those who are listening and reading to this room, for dear ones, I see you now.

The synchronicity of the numbers is fun for us. The organizers of the Kundalini Tour have simply scheduled those areas they wished to visit, perhaps without understanding that it was all structured in base-twelve. When you take a look at the cycles of the Universe, including that which you call mathematics, it is all based in twelves. The threes and fours, in particular, make up the structure of not only the cycles, but also atomic structure and biology. The only time you see uneven numbers in atomic structure is when atoms move around to create a potential charge and that has a name: Magnetics. But the cycles that you see in biology and in normal life are threes and fours, and that includes your DNA if you noticed.

So now you begin the Kundalini Tour, and even though there would be those in the room who may not join the full tour, you are still with us. For we see you in a state of consciousness, where weeks from now you are still here. Weeks from now, as you look at your clocks, you come along with all of us in such a way that it works outside of three dimensions. By the time you get to the last message in Lima, there will have been twelve events. Isn't it interesting that the organizers created this number of events by accident and without design? So these things have come together appropriately, honoring of the way the earth works.

The base-twelve around 360 degrees is the way you still navigate today with Gaia, not in fives and tens. If you take the number twelve and add the one and the two together numerologically, you get the energy of the three. The number three is a catalyst. That is to say that when certain elements come together, they catalyze, or push the creation of a third energy. That's exactly what is happening. Now, add to this another synchronicity as well - the word Kundalini in your language has nine letters. This number represents completion. So you might say that this transition that the earth is going through right now has the number nine involved. Indeed, it is the beginning of a final transition for the planet. There will come a time when you will make a historic demarcation between energy as measured before and after 2020. All of the history of mankind up to this date will be measured as one energy, and Human history from now on will be measured and seen as another energy. That is how profound the potentials are past 2020.

There have been others before you

Now, let me tell you something: I have said this before. Spirit has no clock as you do. We don't measure the years, and we don't see things like you do as generations of Humans' lives with a timeline. Listen to me, old soul: You are always here! Did you think of that? You may measure your life from the time you're born to the time you die, but that would be the Human measurement system, for that is your 3D survival. We don't see it that way. You are always here. You may have a different face, but you have the same soul, same Higher-Self, and the same amount of wisdom that is pouring into you because of these events. So as we describe your future, we do not count the years as you do. When we say this or that is a potential that may happen, we base it upon those who have already gone through this in other solar systems. You are doing something that has already occurred within other societies on other planets. We have seen how this energy has worked before, and it gives us a pattern of how it may work here.

Let's talk about the ancients. Why is there a prophecy about the movement of the Kundalini? What is actually going on? This particular channelling will be called the Channelling of the Letter K and through the twelve events you have scheduled, there will be nine channels specifically involved in the letters of the name Kundalini. Today's subject will add information about the Kundalini [representing the K], but we are not going to repeat core information that has already been given. Go back and study the other channellings if you want to know what the Kundalini is all about.

Did you know that the word Kundalini in history has often dealt with procreation, the creation of life? When two humans come together and create life, they will often activate the Kundalini within their own bodies. This is what Gaia is doing today, and the metaphor is strong. Gaia is linked to Human consciousness in a process that you have already studied this day [in the seminar prior to the channelling]. Physics is involved and Human consciousness is entangled with Gaia consciousness. As one moves, the other does, too. You cannot separate them. One reacts to the other. In today's energy, the Human Being is more of an engine, a force that drives Gaia. So you might say that there is a new life being created within Gaia by the Human Beings on the planet. We've never spoken of the attributes of entanglement in this way, but in true entanglement you have an actual physical attribute that is quantumly melded with the other. So there can't be action with only one side of an entangled partner. There is a push and a pull that will then affect everything that is entangled with it. In this situation, the Human Being is the pusher and the puller. Human consciousness is affected and this changes Gaia.

The Ancients Knew It Was Coming

Let's talk about the ancients. Why were they so interested in this time? How is it that you could go back thousands of years and find the prediction that you have happening today? The indigenous of Earth were more concerned with the dirt of the earth than anyone who has ever existed. What is your reality today? What is your survival plan for life? For you today, it has to do with your job, your family, and perhaps the economic consciousness of your government. However, what was the reality of the indigenous? It was two things: Food and water. All of it. It all revolved around these two and was driven by what they considered a third consciousness, which to them was Gaia.

The indigenous actually had a triad of sacred importance; they did not see humanity together. In those days, they would split it to include men, women, and Gaia. This was the energetic triad that they existed in. If you go back and look at their traditions, you had to separate the traditions from men and women for they put a different honoring on each gender, but they came together with Gaia. If they did ceremonies, it was to create rain or to create the food representing the crops in the ground. This was their total reality and all very Gaia-related. All of the worship that they knew how to do was about the earth, so the relationship with the planet was their science and they had a lot of information about it.

Slowly they began to understand the circle of time. Eventually they understood the cycles of the weather, but for a while they did not. So they prayed to the Gods of the south, east, north, and west. All of this tells you something about them. The prophecies of the indigenous were all wrapped around the consciousness of Gaia. So what does this tell you? It tells you about today. From the north and from the south, they all knew something, somehow. They didn't know each other at all. The tribes in the north had no idea about the tribes in the south. They had never met each other. Hundreds of tribes had never even seen each other and yet they prophesied what's happening today! So I want you to think of this. Does it appear that perhaps they knew about the entanglement of consciousness and Gaia?

Indeed, they did, so today you listen to their truth, and here it is: There is an alignment of the planet's wobble based upon the 26,000-year cycle of the earth. It has a potential opportunity for the movement and the creation of energy that you see today. The closer you get to this, the more the potentials grow. So even as recently as 600 years ago, it looked to them as though these predictions were a fact and not just a potential. They started including the information in their calendars and you could see it in the glyphs on the walls of their pyramids. Ask an indigenous. What's happening now? Is it what they expected? The answer is yes, right on schedule. But isn't it interesting that we have to tell you about this and it's not in your newspapers? You're not seeing it in your television either - not the truth. You're only getting pieces and parts of it. The results of the shift are multifaceted. If you want to look at the grand result, it's going to eventually push humanity into a new reality, but that's the future. However, immediately you are going to start seeing some changes. Let us review what this means within the context of the Kundalini shift.

The planet has been polarized emotionally for some time, and it's based mostly upon where most of the Humans live on the earth. This has come together over time to create a masculine earth. If 80 percent of the population of the planet live in the north, and if the north has a certain consciousness, then the whole planet assumes that consciousness. Yet that is not the consciousness that began in the south. If you take a look at the indigenous of the south before conquerors came, and you take a look at what they believed and what they taught, it was far more feminine (soft). So really, you have a masculine north and a feminine south, but because there were so many more humans in the north, the consciousness of the planet was more masculine in general, and history has reflected this. Suddenly, however, we have a shift. And this is where it gets complicated.

In your reality, you feel everything is linear. Perhaps you really haven't seen a shift of consciousness in the north? But it's there. The majority of it comes from old soul awakening, but it's not how many humans have awakened, but rather the amount of energy within the ones who have awakened. They're the ones in the room here, and many of them are listening and reading here. There's a shift even in the way the accounting of energy is working on the planet. It's shifting from a linear way to a nonlinear way and Gaia, who is entangled with all this, is starting to move and shift the very Kundalini, or centre heart chakra, of the planet. So let's look at who is doing what.

The Movement is Not Linear

Number one: Gaia is a conscious, sentient, proper and appropriate energy that is linked to you. Because of the quantum shift that has been predicted due to what has happened, humanity has started to think differently and this different thinking is more profound within the old souls. This has been seen by Gaia, who is now doing the shifting. So Gaia is involved and that is the mechanics of how the energy is being moved. You, however, look at all this in a linear fashion. So you ask the question, “Well, where is the Kundalini now? It's moving from north to south, so where is it now?” So I'm going to answer that in a moment, and that answer will be different to what you imagined. But right now, let's speak about what this movement really means.

What happens if the earth becomes balanced in masculine and feminine energy for the first time? What would it mean? It means there is going to be an increase in what we call compassionate action. Do you know what the results of non-compassionate action are? War. That is a non-compassionate action - also, separation, judgment, and a non-caring population. Do you know what the results of compassionate actions are? Working together, unification, peace building, non-judgment, tolerance, understanding, and the beginning of universal unconditional love. Do you see the kind of shift we are speaking of? It's going to change how you think - inside and out.

Increase in Compassion

When you meet someone for the first time, what are your first thoughts? That's a good exercise for psychologists to suggest. How many of you look at another person and say to yourself, “This is a creator of God energy just like me. They are family, just like me. They have been here on the earth just like me. So I will greet the God in them and I will take them in my arms and have a heart to heart hug.” What if everyone did that? But that's not how you greet one another, is it? Oh, some of you do, but this is the difference between a masculine and a feminine earth. Mother energy allows for these things and this is what is taking place on the planet - an increase in mother energy. It is growing here, this place called South America.

The wisdom in the Crystalline Grid that has been placed here for eons is being placed upon the north through a process that has yet to be explained. That's an inward explanation. Outward you're going to see many Human changes. You're going to see the beginning of intolerance and integrity. If things do not have integrity, then you are not going to be interested in them. Can you imagine humans with that attribute? Can you imagine what that will do to your politics? [Laughter]. That's a Kryon joke. But this is worldwide, not just the politics in this country. Can you imagine compassionate action not only in government, but perhaps in institutions, corporations, and even from the health industry? It would vastly change the kinds of products that are offered. Can you see how this would change everything? It would. You've already started. There are things you've already began to change, over the last 18 years, slowly. They happen so slow you don't even notice!

What about your continent? [speaking to the South Americans] If you go back 100 years, what do you see? What do your governments look like compared to what they look like today? Did you have free choice in voting back then? You did, but it didn't seem to make a difference. Your lives are way too short, and after 70 or 80 years, you turn around and come back. You don't remember anything when you get back, but if you could talk to your ancestors, they would remember. You went from a conquered continent with borders that changed and dictators that controlled everything to what you have today. Do you realize the amazing difference? Do you realize that this is against what some would call Human nature? If you asked somebody about the role of Human nature, they might tell you that you'd always been warring. The cynics would say Humans kill Humans and they always will. There will always be dictators, they would say. So if that's true, then how do you explain South America? Slowly, it has changed as much as any other continent on the planet - slowly preparing itself for now.

The fields have been ploughed and they are ready to receive the seeds. Your bodies will change. Do you know what happens with compassionate action? Cellular structure changes. We've given you channels about that and even the new changes at birth regarding intuition that a Human Being is born with.

The Crystalline Grid is Recalibrating

Let's talk about Gaia, since there are numbers of things that are changing. One we have told you about, but not in your language [Spanish]. So let us review: There is something called The Crystalline Grid. It's an esoteric [invisible] multidimensional grid. Calling it crystalline is a metaphor for a grid that holds memory. It remembers vibration. It remembers you! Now, this is complex and difficult to understand in 3D. As you live your life, you put energy that is YOU onto this Crystalline Grid. Light that you create through working with spiritual energies creates an imprint on the grid. Things that are dark also create energy on the grid. Wars will create energy on the grid and so will compassionate actions. So again, it is a grid that remembers Human action and it has been a linear imprint up till now - that is, that all energies were imprinted equally.

Suddenly, this grid is giving a bigger weight to that which old souls do than to that which Humans do in general. So it's no longer a linear energy grid, but one that is now being biased in the direction of the Lightworker. So the things that will be remembered the most are starting to be the things that generate compassion, and not the darker things that generate sorrow and death. This is part of the new way things are going to work in the future.

There are many things that we could say about this grid which is crystalline. We could tell you how it responds or how it works. But much of this has already been channelled and more of it will be. So instead, I would like to tell you something that hasn't been given before and this is for the curious. When I talk about Gaia, what do you think, and what do you visualize? The energy of the earth? What is in your mind when you hear the word Earth? Well, many of you will visualize the globe floating in space. You're right, for this is the consciousness of Gaia; it is the globe. Gaia does not surround the globe with energy, but rather it is the globe - the whole thing. Perhaps you feel that the “Gaia” part is only the surface or the crust? And if it is, what about the rest? What about the mantle of the planet? What about the core? Do you realize how much matter is in the earth that is not on the surface? What is the relationship between the mantle and the core and the crust? And does this relationship have consciousness? It does, and it's called Gaia.

Dear ones, I am not giving you these things to complicate your perception, but rather to give you a feeling of how Gaia moves with energy. If you had a burner on the stove and you decided to warm it up, you are moving energy into the iron in order to create heat. Would any of you ask, “Where is the heat located on the burner?” The answer is no. The burner heats up all at once and it cools down all at once. It's similar with energy movement of the planet. The movement of the Kundalini is coming through the earth, not just on the surface. Does this make sense to you? What is happening on the planet is happening all at once.

So as you think of the movement of the Kundalini, don't ask, “Where it is now? What country is it going through?” The energy of the Kundalini involves the whole of the planet and not a trek on the surface from one point to another. This is a quantum shift, and it does not happen in a linear fashion. However, for all of these years, the movement has been discussed as though it were a linear change coming from India and Tibet and landing in South America. You can have an energetic rebalance from one area to another without it travelling on the surface.

So all of these past years, the shift has been happening all at once, for the whole of the planet. It's a shift from one consciousness to another, not one place to another. There is more feminine starting to be felt, creating a balance of the two hemispheres and involving even the core of the earth. It's not happening on the surface, it's happening for the whole planet. But we tell you the center of the new balance can be felt most in Bolivia and Peru. But it didn't arrive that way by travelling down an imaginary road.

Now, some years ago, I sat in a place in Chile and I spoke of the movement of the Kundalini (Valle Nevado, 2008). When you look at the metaphor of the Kundalini, you have movement of the Human Kundalini, as mapped by the Human body. Some of it moves back and forth. In this case, it's a metaphor for oscillation and for vibrational shift into higher consciousness. But Gaia is involved this time - the crust, the mantle, the core. You're entangled with Gaia and at that time in 2008, we told you that the earth had a potential to move soon. We told you that it would be south of the position we were channelling, and it was! [talking about the earthquake in Chile, 27 February 2010]. There is more coming for Chile and again it's going to be in the south.

All this movement is needed, and sometimes it's physical. Gaia knows you, and it's going to move and adjust. But as it must adjust, it's going to do most of its adjusting where no one lives. Dear ones, when you see this happen, do not go into fear. When you see volcanic activity, don't go into fear. Instead, you have the courage to raise your hand and say, “Thank you Gaia,” for where you did it! You have to know that the area you are in, even now, is volatile [speaking of the place the channelling is being given]. However, old souls can even change the attributes of plate tectonics. The earth will move in places you didn't think it would, and when you see it, “Thank you Gaia”! You'll know I'm right, and that you are forever linked in consciousness, dear ones, to your earth.

The planet is changing and the indigenous were right. They lifted the dirt in their hands and said, “This is life.” It represents more than they knew and more than you knew. It represented the consciousness of Gaia and the partnership with humanity. All of these things are happening in a way to honor humanity. We'll talk more later as we get into the other letters of the nine.

So we have spoken long enough. Be aware, dear Human Being, that all which is happening on this planet is part of a new future. There'll come a day when you will come back maybe two or three times, maybe more, and you will land on this earth as a child, as a baby, and the word war in your dictionary will be defined as something that use to happen in the old days with the barbarians and it's gone. That's what we see. That is the profound attribute of this movement, the beginning of compassionate action on this planet.

And so it is.


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