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The Human Design

This channeling is for South Americans, but you can "tune in" also if you wish. If you were God, how would you have designed the Human Being? Would it be as many have said... brought here to suffer? Or would it be something else? Is there any evidence that we are part of a grander system, one that is honored by Gaia herself? What is the real role of your parents? Did they know about the new coming shift? Kryon seems to skip around to many subjects, but returns to the main one: There is a shift going on, and the new energy is creating something special for those in South America. Kryon again talks about the prophesy of the ages concerning the movement of the Kundalini of the planet to the bottom of South America.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

What is it you think about God? Some call the energy of God "Spirit." What is your attitude? If a child asked you, "Tell me about God," what would you say?

All of these years, we have told you the attributes of Spirit, because we wanted you to be aware of a personal God. So now we want to do it again, but we're going to do it a little differently. We're going to put you in the place of the mind of God, with the logic of love. Is it possible that God knows your name? Is it possible that there is a personal part of God? If so, what is the evidence of it? Is there, indeed, evidence of it at all, or is it all esoteric and invisible? It's difficult to prove God, isn't it? So, let us take a little journey.

God in The Details

Let's look at some of the science that is current today and look for the personal God. Is that even possible? The more you discover about the physics of the Universe, the more it will reveal the love of God. Now, physicists and astronomers have a quandary; most of them agree, based upon the research, that the Universe as they see it today could never have happened randomly. Yet astronomy and physics is based upon randomness and the synchronicities of bodies in motion. So, what are they saying? "There had to be a designing force." There is an energy in the Universe that must be intelligent and they have named this force "intelligent design." That comes from astronomy and those who look at the cosmos. The better your instruments get, the more they reveal a personal God, one who designs for life.

DNA... More Than You Think

There's more. Now there's science around DNA that indicates there's a multidimensional field around it and it's also designed. Experiments now show that DNA actually has instructions within its field! Even one molecule of DNA can change matter and give it instructions to form into a mathematical system. This attribute comes right out of quantum biology - science, not new age.

GAIA... More Than You Think

There's more. Now they're able to measure the magnetics of Earth on an hourly basis and have found something surprising. It shocked those who studied it when they found that the earth's magnetic field becomes stronger and weaker with the profound events of humanity. During the tsunami, the magnetics peaked. During that event that you call 9/11, the magnetics of the earth changed dramatically. The very hour the airplanes hit the towers, the magnetics of the planet changed. What could this mean? Is it possible that Human consciousness is so allied with Gaia that this could take place? Indeed, it is, and that's what the evidence says. What does that have to do with God? Everything, for it puts Humans together with all of creation in a "designed way."

Pretend for a moment you have the mind of God. How would you create Human Beings? Through billions of years, God has created a Universe that is built for life. Against all the odds of averages, you are here. Now if you are God, how are you going to build a Human Being? Would it be as an "accidental mammal" on the planet?

As a wise Human, you now understand that the Human body has intelligent DNA. All of the genes in the body, all of the stem cell information, even that which is Akashic in the past-life record, is stored as information in the body. Does that sound accidental or random? With the mind of God, how would you have done it? God included the essence of creation inside you. Now there is evidence, of course, that the very energy of Gaia is related to Human consciousness. So, what part are you (as God) going to give for the Human Being on Earth? Does the Human get anything else? The answer is yes.

Carefully, you (as God) have prepared this beautiful, beautiful earth, the garden in which the Human Being will sit and play. You've made the DNA intelligent, and you have even allied the Human with the rocks and the trees and the magnetic grid. You have created the Human powerful and with a profound spiritual "image." So I ask you, Human Being, if you played the part of God, what attribute are you going to give the Human at this point?

What Humans Say About Why They are Here

Many Humans have told you that God created humanity like this [God speaking]: "I'm going to put the Human Beings on Earth and make them suffer pain. I'll make it really difficult so I'm going to give them the feeling that they are born dirty. Then I'm going to plant guilt on them immediately, so that they will suffer and be a victim all their lives to something that happened eons ago. I'm going to make them crawl and grovel in order to find me. I'm going to make them feel very small."

Do you think this was the mind of God? In this beautiful garden? Does that make sense to any of you? I asked you earlier to open your heart to the compassion in this room. Is that how you would do it, dear one? And you say, "No, no! I would not." Then how would you do it? Within the compassion of God, how would you make the Human?

Let me give you an alternate view of how you might think if you were God: "I'll create a beautiful garden, give Humans sacred DNA, which will become the plan for a beautiful system of ancient remembrance and health. Then I'll put them on Earth as magnificent. Each one will have a piece of me in them. I'm going to take the sacred image of the creator and implant it in their DNA. So then I can even say, ‘made in the image of God.' Then I'll send many masters with sacred activated DNA to show them what they can do, so they will not forget. Great teachers and facilitators will follow through the ages, so they always have examples.

"I'll give them powers over nature itself. If they find this magnificence through free choice, they can change their own bodies. They can change their culture. They can change the earth. I'll make them so powerful that if enough of them gather together, they can even keep earthquakes from happening. They will be allied with Gaia."

How does that sound? What you just read is truth, and do you know who knew it first? It was the ancients who walked this area. If you take a look at what they showed you and taught you, the indigenous here celebrated Gaia, the mother energy of the planet. Sacred it was. Allied to their life, it was, and still is. What is the first thing your indigenous do when they have a ceremony? They celebrate their ancestors! There is even an intuitive knowledge they have that perhaps they even lived before, and that the wisdom of the ancients was theirs. Is it possible that the wisdom of the ages is passed down spiritually? Indeed, it is, and quantum ancestry in DNA is far different than linear chemical lineage.

How would YOU make the Human?

There's an energy visiting this planet at the moment that is rebuilding this wisdom. So, how would you build a Human Being? Oh, dear ones, I want this to ring true to you. No matter what you think channelling is, it's time for you to use some compassionate and spiritual logic.

Let me take you to an esoteric place. It's a place we have discussed so many times. Look at the design of your lives while I take you to the Cave of Creation. In that multidimensional place is the Gaia accounting of humanity. Deep within the earth, it is a multidimensional cave that will never be found. It has quantum attributes, since there is a multidimensional crystalline structure for every soul on the planet. I didn't say every lifetime. I said every soul. When that soul has had many lives, the crystal vibrates with those lives, and everything that has ever been learned by that Human during those lifetimes resides energetically and quantumly in that crystalline structure. The purpose of that crystalline structure is to talk to the Crystalline Grid of the planet. All knowledge the Human Being has learned, therefore, is deposited on Earth and stays there. Everything that has ever happened to that Human is still here on the planet.

Now, I ask you a question. Does this all sound to you like the Human Being might be a little more important than you thought? I've just given you a secret - that the earth's vibration itself, even the speed of time, is determined by what humans have learned spiritually and esoterically. If you have an epiphany that God is inside of you, if you start to live differently because of it, drama starts to vanish in your life, and you're able to part the darkness and never return to it. You learn to claim the power that is divine within yourself and have joy.

You affect the earth, and every footstep is known by Gaia. You spread light wherever you go. It's an old metaphor we give, but the best one we have. Known by God, you are. Known by Gaia, you are. Your magnificence and your mastery begin to provide the very earth with a higher vibration. As you solve your problems, the very vibration of the planet increases. What a system! It is beautiful. And it's not for random Human Beings who were placed here by accident in order to suffer! Do you see that? Do you understand the spiritual logic of that? We want you to see the face of God, which is always joyful, for there is a piece of the Creator inside you.

We've told you about the Wind of Birth. How could we describe something which is outside the possibility of your understanding? You see yourself as singular, but you're not. However, in a linear, 3D perspective, that's all you have. When you look at yourself in the mirror, how many do you see? "What do you mean, Kryon, how ‘many'?" The question is about how many Humans you see in the mirror, old soul. Let me tell you that if you have the mind of God, you will see all of you. Your entire Akash is there. Hundreds of expressions of your soul are there, the many lives of birth on earth are there.

In God's mirror, you're all of them and also a piece of the Creator as well. How can we explain to you how you can be many places at the same time? How can we explain to you that the very wisdom that you carry is being placed upon the planet as you walk? There is no time in a quantum state. In a quantum way, you are still living those lives, helping the planet as you live them. The old soul burns very brightly in the quantum spectrum of spirituality on planet Earth.

"What? Kryon, I don't know what you're talking about." I know. I know. I want to give you my eyes for a moment. I see a room filled with those who have made a change on the planet for up to 30,000 years. The indigenous and the ancients are here. Some of you are your own ancestors! Some of you are even Lemurians. It's beautiful what you've done, and you keep coming back and doing it again. What have I told you for at least 26,000 years? Many of you have been waiting for this moment, and you're not about to miss it. Even if some of you pass over the veil in these next years, you're going to come right back. Because you're not going to miss the finale! It's not going to be the end of the planet, but the end of an old energy and the beginning of new energy.

How do we describe the Wind of Birth? In your time, it would represent that attribute right before you're born. Oh, in a quantum way, it's timeless. Therefore, right before you come in, you meet the potential of the children that you're going to have. I can't explain it because you're stuck in a linear time frame and God is not and the plan is not. So my hypothetical questions continue. What would you say to these souls who potentially will be your children? What would be your message?

If, indeed, what I've just said rings true to you, there's even a grander plan than you know, isn't there? What if it was all put together in a grand fashion in a quantum system and wasn't random at all? What if there's purpose for everything? However, since you are stuck in a linear, straight-line system, you can't see anything but things that occur in two directions - past and future. So everything looks random and almost chaotic. But in actuality, everything depends on Human free choice. Your reality depends upon the energy that's being developed on the planet through this choice, and the higher the energy, the better the plan is seen and understood.

The Unsuspecting Role of Your Parents

Let me give you a perspective that perhaps you hadn't thought of, and it's something I presented on the mountain yesterday [Kryon was in Valle Nevado in the Andes]. Many of you have parents who are not awake to the possibility of a personal, loving God, as you are. Some of these parents are still alive and with you, and some have passed. Oh, they may love God in their own way, all in appropriateness, but they have no awakening to the quantum Creator inside. They would not be in a meeting like this, would they? But you have awakened to a "quantum system" and you're starting to help the planet with it. You're building a bridge to a future quantum culture. Linear worship has no calling to you.

You have a profound spirituality without a prophet, a book or buildings to worship in. You've created a beautiful energy of love and creator-companionship within yourself, and before you're finished on Earth, millions will awaken around you to the same idea. The idea is not the one you were taught. Instead, it's a new spiritual paradigm of truth - that you were created magnificent, that you have power over your own physical bodies, and even nature itself bows to your collective mastery. You are a beautiful creation in a beautiful garden that was made for you, and you're going to have the wisdom to take care of it for the first time in Human history.

Perhaps some times you look at your parents and you say, "I wish they had what I have." Some of you will say, "It appears they're stuck in an old way." And when they pass over, you'll say, "I wish they could have known what I know." So let me rewrite this linear thought into a quantum concept for you, and in the process expose the incredible system and the love of God.

Come with me within the mind of God for a moment and I will take you to the Wind of Birth of your parents. In a timeless state, they meet you, their potential children, and you listen to what they have to say: "Dear ones, we're going to come to Earth in an old energy. But the potentials are there for things to happen on the planet in your generation, not ours. We're going to give you birth and life. We're going to bring your soul into the planet at the right time so you can make the difference. In Humanism, we may not help you awaken the way you think we might. Instead, we may actually give you puzzles that will force you to find God within, but this is the way the old energy interfaces with the new. We will, indeed, bring you to a place where you will have light that we just can't have within an older energy."

So I ask you, dear listener and reader, who is the Lightworker here? It's your parents! Oh, maybe they didn't awaken in a quantum way, but now you know that they had a plan that was quantum. Because of them, you're carrying your light. Even the ones that criticize you for what you're doing gave you the seed of life. Does this sound like you're born dirty? Does this sound like you're here to suffer on Earth?

God has created a Universe for life, for abundance and for light. The creator has not only given the Human a beautiful garden, but also given a piece of this creative energy inside every single soul. God is light and it's within you. It's the secret of the new energy and you are again discovering it. It doesn't make the other belief systems incorrect, but rather enhances profound knowledge in order for them to evolve and create even stronger bonds with the creative energy and the masters they represent. Dear ones, don't expect "church" to go away. Expect it to evolve into something more commensurate with the true energy of worship - that which is the honoring of the "creator within."

Oh, let's finish this. Let's bring it right to current events. So here I sit. I have my partner's consciousness in his body, speaking to you in your country of Chile. Perhaps you think I don't know where I am? Oh, yes I do. I am where the Kundalini of the planet is arriving. It's a 36-year transitional event, just like the galactic alignment. It's part of the 13,000-year half-cycle of the oscillation of the precession of Earth [the Earth's wobble, that causes the galactic alignment cycle]. And this movement is not an accident. The spiritual heart center of this planet is realigning itself from that place you call India and Tibet, and moving to the bottom of South America. The entire continent will feel it, but the center of it is here [southern Chile].

In 2008, I sat on a mountaintop with 200 of you. I told you about the upcoming movement of Earth [the Chile earthquake of 2020], and I told you it would be south of here; it was. This earth movement was all related to this Kundalini movement we speak of. Even the Maya and the Inca spoke of this. They spoke of the Kundalini movement that would take place, centering in 2020. They spoke of Human consciousness shifts, Earth shifts, even a realignment of the heart center.

This realignment represents a new energy on this planet that is the divine feminine wisdom of mother. It's not going to change women that much, so men, don't worry about it. The women are not going to suddenly have more goddess energy than they ever had before. Instead, all humanity will receive it, but the men are going to receive the most. It's about the rebalancing of male/female energy. It's about the wisdom of a mother being placed even in politics. It's about a realignment of integrity.

So finally, I give you an answer to a question that has not been asked, but is still on the minds of many. What happened last week in Chile was not an accident [the saving of 33 miners]. Everyone was amazed at how smooth it could be. So, look at the numerology around it! Even the mainstream media noticed - 33, 33, 33. But the media did not tell you the meaning of it, because they didn't know. To them, it was just coincidental, so many 33s!

Let me tell you what it means. Let us take a look at the numerology attributes of 33 from the ancients to modern day. The number 33 is called a master number. It is not to be broken apart numerologically, but you could still look at the attributes of the three alone if you wish. The three in numerological terms is a catalyst energy. A catalytic energy changes things around it. When you put two threes together, they represent one of the highest energies on the planet. It's so high that it's the last master number that is definable by humanity.

In numerology, 44 has no definition. Even those in Tibet who helped originate the numerological system said that 44 was multidimensional and had no paradigm of definition. Neither did 55 or 66 or 77. Thus, 33 was the highest of all defined master numbers and remains so to this day.

Now, don't misunderstand what I'm going to tell you, for this definition is not about the Human Being; it's about an attribute. Thirty-three is defined as the passion of the Christ. Not the man, but the attribute [the noun, compassionate redeemer], the passion of the Christ. Is there anything higher than this? The number 33 is the highest compassion number of them all, and here it was right in Chile, where the heart center moves to. This compassion for the miners was a metaphor filled with energy and things to look at, but nothing will ever be the same here. And how does it make you feel?

South American, you sit in the energy of a 26,000-year cycle, and you've waited a long time for it. It's designed, and it's beautiful, and it's not accidental.

Take the mind of God for a moment. Become God for a moment. How would you design the Human Being? I'll tell you. You design a Human as a friend, as an extension of God, and as one who can change the planet through their very actions. Think: This is what the masters of this planet, all of them, have told you. Did you ever hear that you could move mountains with your consciousness? Were you ever told that you could heal your body and have spontaneous remission of even the worst diseases? They all told you that! Would they have told you that if you were a victim of nature? Would they have told you that if you were an accident on the planet? No! The Human is beautiful, magnificent, and made in the energy and image of the creator. What more proof do you need? It is historically before you, and even your science is now starting to support it.

What are you going to do with this message? "Well, Kryon, I'd love to feel this, but I don't know what to do next." I'll tell you what to do next. Why don't you believe it? Why not understand that it is true, and keep your heart open when you leave this place? Then situations do not appear to cause drama any more. See issues compassionately, Chileans, Argentines, Ecuadorians.

This continent (South America) has a strong potential to have a whole new energy within the next generation, and the earth will look at you and envy your stability. Watch for it in your economy; watch for it in your politics; watch for it within your neighbors, but it awakens here first. It may take a generation, within a 36-year cycle of the galactic alignment's arrival. It's slower than you wish, but it has begun and you can feel it.

Leave this place differently than you came, dear one, for this is what you were born for. Take a moment and thank your parents, for they saw it and made it possible for you to do it. You see? It's a bigger plan than you thought. Keep your heart open. The next time you consider those who gave you birth, see their Higher-Selves and thank them for their wisdom in allowing you to be here this day. They had the hard job of being an old soul, living in an older Earth energy. Now you have the challenge before you of creating peace on Earth. But that's why you came.

And so it is.


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