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The Human Beauty

Dear Kryon, This question is about (Human) beauty - I mean the striking beauty of some people, like the most adored actress or actor with whom others often instantly fall in “love,” I put love in quotes because that doesn't seem like complete love to me. Why do certain people have these “teasing” qualities, while others do not? Why are most of us drawn to physically attractive people, although that is just a small fraction of what can make a person a good mate? Are we blind? Are we missing something?

No, dear one. You're missing nothing. You're simply responding to basic Human chemistry and biological attributes that you were built for. Your entertainment industry worldwide is based on it, and it's not something you should try to figure out or “undo.” It's part of the setup and creates appropriate challenges. The real issue, however, lies in the examination of those who have elected to come in “beautiful.”

The one with this kind of beauty has an added layer of difficulty in their life's challenge. They will bring upon themselves increased awareness to others of who and where they are. They can't help but create a fuss, create drama, and have to learn some skills others may never have to learn. Most fail, if you've noticed. It requires a firm sense of responsibility about what they believe, an intuition about what others want from them, and the ability to have “eyes in the back of their head” awareness for their own safety. It also creates a situation where they must create their own balance, and not get it from anything outside of themselves. Perhaps you've seen what happens to a famous person when throughout their life they're surrounded with people who will only say yes to them for everything? They end up in a reality different from yours, or anyone else on Earth... and they don't even know it.

You've heard that it's a curse to be beautiful? There is some truth to the energy of that statement.


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