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The Hall of Records & The Cave of Creation

Dear Kryon, in your books and Q&As, I have not yet come across information about ancient Egypt or the pyramids. There have been some recent claims that the famed Hall of Records has been found beneath the Sphinx. Is there anything appropriate you can tell us at this time about ancient Egypt, the pyramids, or the Hall of Records?

Don't confuse the “Hall of Records” with the Cave of Creation, where the Akashic records are kept. Although physical, it will never be found, and it's nowhere near Egypt.

The Sphinx is not anything more than what it seems. What is under it may be discovered, but it will only be important to Egyptologists. The pyramids may also interest you, especially the relationships of mathematics and solar alignment, but most of this is a result of superstition, cultural religions of the time, and the preoccupation with worship of the solar system. Add to that something that's very mystical and some important missing pieces of your history, and this puzzle begs to be discovered. However, there are very competent Humans who are in the process of revealing some of this. Our teachings, instead, focus on a very different kind of Human on the planet at this time... you. That is why our information spends very little time in your ancient past.

Some of the things we've told you regarding your history have even brought about divisions within your own belief system! Some have even discredited Kryon, weighing what they were told about the past with what I have revealed. My information wasn't the same; therefore, the old information “won.” That's how “hooked” many of you are with respect to what you think happened. You “hang your spiritual hats” on what some have told you happened, taking you out of the paradigm of the “now,” and also keeping you from experiencing new information about what it might have really been. This propensity on the part of many of you to anchor yourself to something you felt happened is why we don't often give you information about what really took place. Instead, we wish you to look around you now, and experience what is happening today. We encourage you to drop the old fears.

Let the proof of what we're telling you now anchor your belief. See if what we've said in the past ten years makes sense to the Earth energy of the last ten years. Use intellect, logic, and intuition together to make this decision, not what someone told you from a past discussion. You're in a totally new paradigm of existence. None of your prophets told you anything about what's happening now, did you notice? Therefore, isn't it possible that even your spiritual reality changed? Are some of you so stuck with an old reality that any other information must be a “trick”? Think about it. Some of you would be shocked to know what your history really is. When you eventually find out, what will you do—deny all evidence as it churns up out of the earth?

What happened in your ancient past is no longer the issue. We'll leave that for others. The only thing that is important at the moment is the work you have as a Lightworker now.


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