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The Great Escape

So, you can tell that some of these channellings are NOT in the order they were given. This one was given in Early March, but contains some actual predictions of what is happening as we post it in December 2017. So we decided to include it in the transcribed channelling section. The “escape” that Kryon speaks of is the escape from old habits and old thinking (similar to the channeling below). However it's more specific and points out some things many have not though of. Do you have an open mind to reading what you might be doing that is actually in an OLD energy? How many “layers” of escape have you accomplished?

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Each of you is absolutely unique. If you could measure Human past experience, you would find that each one is different in so many ways. You may have the same organs in the same place biologically, but the filters that you carry into this meeting, this life, are profoundly diverse.

We've spoken of this before, but again we say that the bubble of bias that you come in with shields you from all realities that are not in your bubble. It shields you from the negative, and it shields you from the positive. Instead of coming in with a totally open mind, you carry in with you a preset of the way you think things work. If you're presented, therefore, with something that is not in your bubble of reality, your analysis is not to allow it. You block it from even being discussed.

The biggest preset of all, and the one that exists within most humanity, is the perception of what's going to happen next. The future, as we have discussed before, is almost always determined by what humanity has experienced before throughout history. In other words, nothing new or positive is really expected. Instead, the past determines what the future will hold, and that's why it's so startling when humanity sees something really new.

Too Young to Remember

Dear ones, this particular channel is being described as The Great Escape. We start by giving information that was already presented in the seminar today, but the readers here are not aware of it. We speak of a planet that literally has gone through such darkness, such trouble, such horror and disappointment that it's actually biased to expect it to continue. Dear ones, I'll say it again, Humans don't currently live long enough to remember any of the profundity of it! Your lifespans are ridiculously short, and you only live a fraction of what you were designed for. You would have to go to your grandfathers and great grandfathers and bring them into this discussion to fully understand.

If you could bring them back now, as we've said before, they would be so very impressed and happy for you with many of the freedoms that they didn't have, or for the joy of things that you can do today with each other that was impossible for them. They would marvel at a “world at peace” without looming wars or major threats on many sides, even though you don't see it this way at all. They would also remember the wars, and the dysfunction of what caused them, and how horrific and sorrowful they were. Through their maturity, they would clearly see what doesn't work and what does through history and would never repeat it - ever. But you don't have any of that. So a very “young” humanity simply tends to repeat the dysfunction and actually expects it to continue. There is no real senior maturity consciousness that can actually remember any of it at the core, wise level. You keep repeating the dysfunction since you don't cognize the past.

The consciousness of the past, therefore, becomes the consciousness of the future in your mind. This all changed in 2012. It's all centered on that which is astronomical and that which was foretold by the ancients of this planet. This precession of the equinoxes, which is caused by the 26,000-year wobble of the planet, is the core of these ancient prophecies. The humanity that has 23 chromosome pairs has actually been through two of these cycles. What did I just say? I'll explain: The humanity that has 23 chromosome pairs is not like any other life form here. The ones directly under you in the evolutionary hierarchy have 24 pairs. You have 23. Your DNA was altered. The 24th pair is actually there, but we have told you that it hides in a multidimensional way. That's part of your potential evolution, which is coming.

So, two cycles of this earth wobble is almost 50,000 years. That's how long your civilization has worked the puzzle, and some of you have been here through it all. This is esoteric information. For the doubters in the room, these are laughable facts. Their bubble is a result of what they were taught, so it's a closed bubble. So I speak to the ones who resonate and who know that they have been here before. Dear ones, the darkness that you have seen and the horrors that you have experienced could fill libraries. There is an awakening coming that will begin to react to these remembrances.

The Circle of Time is Shifting

Every one of you has been each gender. That means all of you have given birth to your children. All of you have lost children. All of you have been in the battlefield. All of you have killed another Human Being, and all of this information and energy is still there in your Akash.

What keeps all this sorrowful history from repeating again? Science will tell you that time isn't a straight line, and that it actually exists in a circle. It comes around, and here it comes again. With this information, no wonder humanity feels it's stuck in a constant circle of wars. However, in the '80s this all started to shift, and in that period you called The Cold War there was consciousness - a certainty - that you would not survive another war on this planet, and the idea of a peaceful earth started to unravel. The unraveling of any hope was made worse by your current prophecies of doom around the years 2000 and 2012. However, the year 2000 came and went and the year 2012 came and went and there was no Armageddon and no extinction of the Human species. Instead, there was fulfillment of ancient prophecy, and you “passed the marker” into the new energy. It was a fresh start, and it's the reason Kryon is here at all.

Expectations Drive Perception

Dear ones, at this time on the planet, you really didn't expect to be here. Everything within your past expectations said you would be gone by now, and that expectation is what I want to talk about. That expectation creates a consciousness of the old doom prophecies that you grew up with. If you ask a Human Being, “What's next?”, they might say, “Well, eventually war. It's always war.” That answer is what we want to talk about now as well.

There are those who postulate that humanity is in layers of dimensionality, and that within the old dimensional energy, an earth that was going to go through war and horror and nuclear exchange is actually still there and going through that. They say that what happened with the shift is that Earth simply shifted dimensions and that there are layers of dimensional reality. In other words, in another dimension, it's still happening the way it was going to happen, but in this changed dimension where you now sit, it's not.

“Dear Kryon, is that accurate?” I can't give you a yes or a no because you don't know what you're asking. It's like asking, “Do the angels who hold up the wings of an airplane ever get tired?” You mix and match assumptions of spirituality and physics into ways that show you have no understanding of the basics yet. So the question becomes un-answerable. Therefore, my reaction to the question of the accuracy of the dimensionality question must be this: In some ways, yes, and in some ways, no.

Escaping the Expected

Let's pretend for a moment that it's true and that in another dimension very close to yours, the earth terminates itself gradually with nuclear war and horror and all the things that you expected. Let's say it lies right next to this new layer that you have, this beautiful dimensionality that you have, which has new energy and no future world war. Instead, it's a dimension that is building a future that no one has seen before. It's one where, through unexpected wild cards [major change attributes that are startling], you climb out of an old consciousness and start to develop and evolve into something higher, where Humans exist together in new cooperative and compassionate ways.

So, let's pretend for a moment that the above is the way it works. Then you'd ask, “Well, can we still feel the other one - the war dimension?” The answer is indeed! Most of you do, right now! The escape we talk about is multilayered. The biggest escape, the greatest escape, is from the old dimension expectation, the one where your earth would be destroyed by war and go right where it was predicted to go. You escaped the horror of nuclear world war, and instead you've started on a path that the ancients predicted could happen.

Who were these ancients? The list of those who still remain is impressive: The Mayans, the Aztecs, the Toltecs, the Navajo, the Lakota and the ancient Hawaiians. The list goes on to include dozens and dozens of those who are now extinct. However, even though they didn't know each other back then, they all talked about what might happen at the precession of the equinoxes. They said that if humanity made it without destroying itself, it would reset to a new potential and evolution would begin to a higher consciousness. It's the prophecy of The Eagle and the Condor. Indeed, you made it past the December 2012 date, and that date was scheduled 12 years after the old prediction of the demise of humanity through nuclear exchange in the year 2000. Now, here you are, but still somehow “feeling” the dimension that had expected war.

I arrived in 1989 and started channelling with my partner. This coincided with two events - The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 and, most important, the fall of the Soviet Union. It also coincided with the beginning of an energy that no one truly expected, where the Harmonic Convergence information was realized.

There was indeed a dimensional shift, if you want to say that. But it happened internally with you, and not on the earth in general. So “the escape” from the past comes within your new reality, for here you sit in 2017, alive and well, dealing with puzzles that nobody thought you would need to, because you weren't expected to be here!

Four other civilizations of humanity preceded you and destroyed themselves. This has not yet been realized by historians. However, the Mayan long-count within their old calendar is based on an average civilization length of 5,125 years. When archeologists begin going back past 5,000 years, that's when they start to find very little. When they get to 10,000, they feel that is close to the beginning of organized society. However, there are discoveries coming that begin to tell a bigger story - the one about multiple civilizations on the planet with languages you have never seen. You're going to start finding these things, and clues to these things, and even ancient technology that could lead to modern weapons. When you do, you'll know I'm correct. Remember this message, for it may expand your bubble of belief. Read it again after the discoveries are made. Then perhaps it will become far more real to you that your civilization, like none of the others, escaped termination.

The Puzzle: How to React to the New Energy

The puzzle that I'm here to tell you about in these years is about this new dimensional energy - what to expect, how to proceed, the beauty of it, being loved through it, the help that you have and the new tools for humanity. That's my job as Kryon.

So the greatest escape of all is that your civilization made it past 2012. Indeed, you escaped it, but dear ones, that's just at the basic reality level. The other layers of escape are just being realized. For some of you, maybe not in this room or reading this, there is still an old consciousness that really has not escaped the expected potential at all. Even though horror didn't happen, and against all logic, many still expect it. So there is no escape from the perception of a bad future as long as it's still in humanity's bubble of belief.

Basic Fear - Fear of the Future

The major layer of this multidimensional shift is fear of the future. How can you have the reality of what actually happened and still expect that which you were told, which didn't happen? The answer? It's a habit. You were there for most of it. Fear of the future is a habit that was developed through many civilizations that destroyed themselves and didn't make it. You were there, so the seeds of this past destruction are inside you, and many still expect a horrible end.

There is, therefore, a bias that some of you carry who are still expecting the worst. How do you feel about your future - your personal future? This is one of the keys to new thinking. Is it hopeful and benevolent and exciting? Or is it the same old thinking that says everything is going into the dumper eventually? Be honest, because there are those even sitting here who may not be in actual fear, but will expect the future to go to a place as it always has for the reasons it always did. So the real bias is by judging the future from the past. There is no awareness or exception or even planning for something you didn't expect and haven't seen before - only what you have seen. As I have said, you just don't live long enough yet. If you could live just 200 years, a fraction of what your DNA was designed for, you would start to see the patterns. You would start to be aware of potentials and not just expect a repeat of dysfunction.

Layers of Escape

There still is negative thinking, even if you acknowledge that the Armageddon didn't happen and won't. Let's say that you believe that the future is not going to include that episode and all will be okay. It is! I'm discussing a long-term future. Right now you will have two steps forward one step backward in your progress, creating challenges to good, positive thinking. The positive things are going to evolve through generations, dear ones. You're going to start to see organizations clean up their acts or they will fall. There will be no more fence-sitting on the things that have a lack of integrity, and you're going to see old leadership with old paradigms fall away. Eventually they will be replaced by new leadership that's more compassionate and has more integrity. That's what's coming.

The Fall of Many - Seen It Yet?

You are going to see more and more personal secrets being revealed about persons in high places of popularity or government. It will seem like an epidemic of non-integrity! But what is happening is exactly what we have been teaching. The new energy has light that will expose the darkness of things that are not commensurate with integrity. They have always been there, and they were kept from being seen by many who keep secrets in the dark. Seen the change yet?

In order to get to a more stable future, you will have to go through gyrations of dark and light. What this means is that the dark is going to be revealed and push back at you. It will eventually lose. We told you this. That's what you're here for is to help those around you who don't see an escape from the past. They didn't get their nuclear war, but everything else is going into the dumper anyway.

There Are More Layers to Get Through

Let's say that you're alright with the future. You get it and understand this message. “Okay Kryon, we made it. Humanity is okay with the future. I'm on board with you and I'm one who is going to say, 'this or something better'. I'm not going to carry around that feeling that we're always going to be at war. I'm okay with believing there is something better coming.”

I say to you, what about the other layers? You'll say, “What do you mean? There's more?” Yes! Intrinsically the chemistry in your body, the innate, the consciousness you carried around for eons and eons through your past lives, has always seen one reality: Challenge with light. You've had challenge after challenge after challenge. There are channellers today who won't channel. There are shamans walking around who won't teach and who are actually hiding. All of this is due to Akashic remembrance and the innate yells at them to “stop showing who you are”. It's all because the last time they did, in an older energy, it didn't work out well at all.

These are today's closet Lightworkers. Some of you are married to them and that's why you married them! They are like you, but they just didn't come out of the spiritual closet. But they're good people, delightful people, and they are the ones who you love. You know them at work, too. They won't agree with any of my messages, because at some level there is the seed fear of enlightenment we've told you about before. The fear comes from powerful Akashic memory. What does your Akash tell you? Are you one who has escaped from what the Akash shows you? Are you still in the closet because of your past?

The Akash represents the life records, in energy, of every single one of you. Oh, your consciousness may say, “Okay, the future is good. Thanks Kryon for helping me with this.” But then your innate logic says, “What are you, crazy?” Because all that your Akash remembers is horror, disappointment, war and sadness! This is very much like drowning in your last life and being expected to dive right into the water in this life.

Changing the Past

Dear ones, you're going to have to reframe your Akashic filter, and that is by using consciousness that starts to instruct your own cellular structure. Did you get that? This is the new Human, who understands that they have the ability to change things at the cellular level. You can change the past because of what the future holds. Now you know what the phrase retro causality means [a physics term discussed earlier in the day]. Things that are happening in the future can change the past. Do you now understand this better? It means, dear ones, that consciousness that expects a good future will create it. It will eliminate or reframe that negative part of the Akashic logic that says, “You're nuts! It's going to happen again, just like it always did.” Are you working on that?

Dreams Are Very Telling

What are your dreams like? How many of you are having dreams that reveal insecurity? That's your Akash working overtime to tell you things are not getting better. Perhaps it would be better if you had a talk with your Akash? Did you know you could do that? That which is your Higher-Self, which is the sacred YOU, is in your consciousness all the time. It's the “God in you” that we talk about. It works with you to void these things that are based on old thinking.

Using dialogue with your Higher-Self from what you now understand, you can start to change the very chemical level in your DNA that is where your Akash is stored and start to reframe it. Start the instructions of a new paradigm. Remind your body that all this negativity is simply a residual history that will never repeat itself. In fact, due to the shift, it now belongs in another consciousness compartment completely.

Let's put all the old books of the past in another room and shut the door. Label the door, “Old things that are gone.” Now, tell your body that it is not allowed to access that room. From now on, only positive things that lead you into a future that is filled with light are allowed to be presented to you, and that includes your dreams. Did you know you could do that? You could make this very visualization happen, but you may have to do it over again and again, because the Akash is stubborn and it's YOUR OWN BODY you are dealing with. However, you will eventually win because you have so much help from your Higher-Self, the part of you who loves what you are doing and will supply the logic of it to your innate. It's like exercising a new muscle in your thinking.

Cellular Memory

There are more layers. I know, you are saying, “You mean we're not done yet?” No. Hardly. Your innate is responsible for knowing about the smart-body and your chemistry. It's the part of you who knows who you are, from the health perspective. It's also the one that responds to benevolence and creates spontaneous remission. However, it also responds to other kinds of thinking, and can become programmed and unbalanced. A hypochondriac who “trains” himself to fear all microbes can actually unbalance his own smart-body so that it cooperates with the idea. It represents how a Human thinks. Remember this: How you think is how your body reacts. Your cellular structure is designed to “listen” to your instructions.

Do you understand the power of this? What you expect, you create! So perhaps a person has trained their chemistry that there are diseases they may catch and there's a short life span they are going to have (based, of course, on past information). Then the Akash chimes in and says, “That's right! Look at how you died so many times before. Your bad health is built into your chemistry, so this time is just like the others.”

Did you listen to the channel I gave you some time ago on the Youth Template? The design of the life-span template of your body is to allow you to live for more than 900 years. But you don't! So, where do you think the body takes it's cue from in this? I'll tell you - from the past. Isn't it time to change that? You can actually live far longer by telling your cells that all is okay and by not buying into what you are told by others.

Your consciousness is king! What you say and what you think instructs the chemistry of the body. We've said this way too many times and the real proof, yet again, is homeopathy. Homeopathy was deemed “unscientific” by a famous report from your medical world some time ago. They said, “In a tincture, there are too few parts per million to be 'seen' by any cells in the body. It therefore can't make any difference in any chemistry or systems in your body. There is simply no way it can work.”

Yet, it works!

So here is an interesting decision to be made, and it's one that is primary in the thinking of today. Question: Are you going with what the scientists tell you or are you going to look at real results, although unexplainable? Remember, science knows only what it has discovered to this point. Homeopathy works! Why?

This very ancient system of healing works because it's the intent placed into the tincture when it's created and ingested that the body “sees”. So the one who places it under the tongue is instructing the innate on what to do. Did you hear that? It instructs the innate, just like the hypochondriac does with a consciousness of fear. Science will also tell you that what the hypochondriac does is impossible as well, yet it's common to your culture and you see it every day.

Instructions That Work

Because of all this, dear ones, we already have proof that the chemistry in your body is able to take instructions, both negative and positive. You can give it instructions and it takes them! So what's the problem? Let's look at it further. How many of you have started to give instructions to your body that the future is a good one, that good health is expected, and you are reframing the past and eliminating fear? The issue is that you are telling your body to expect something that is unknown and has never happened before. See the issue? You are biased to think the unknown is going to be bad!

First I will expose this: The very idea of the unknown is a bias. What do you think when you see a sign in the road that says, “Everything from here on is unknown?” It's a perceived negative message, isn't it? So you step into the void of the unknown and immediately you are on high alert and very frightened. “I don't like being here,” you say. Dear ones, that's because Human Beings want to know where they are going. It's a bias!

“Kryon, how can we feel good about the unknown?” Let me ask you: Why is that such a problem? Why do you have to analyze everything? Why do you have to intellectualize the future? The answer is habit. The unknown can actually be very good! You walk into the void and you can say, “Wow, I am so happy that I don't know anything, because then I don't have to worry about anything either! I'm going to be given things I never expected, and what happens is not going to be based on the past; it's not going to be the negative things I formerly expected. Instead, it's going to be new things I've never seen. Bring them on!”

Did you ever notice how Spirit works with you when you give intent and when you pray - especially when you are going into a situation that is unknown? “Dear Spirit, what's going to happen? I'm afraid of what is next and I don't know what to do.” Then often nothing happens and nothing happens and finally you give up, thinking that you were not heard. Then suddenly you get an answer, and it's not what you expected. Do you understand how timing is involved and also how your body is actually waiting for you to stop intellectualizing the issue? Solution often comes when you are finally relaxed with the problem.

Some of you are still waiting for things to happen. I dare you to step into the void, in all these biased layers, and say, “I am in the unknown. Akash, get in the back seat. I'm driving now. Akash, get in that older room where I can slam the door shut for good. Only new, positive things are allowed. I don't know what they are, but this feels real good not to know! Biology, get in the back seat and stop giving me old, fearful information or old ideas of life span. It's time for the grand escape from all of this. These are my instructions to you!”

About the God Bias

Finally, what is the bias many carry about God, about Spirit? It's totally based on what you were told, not on reality. I'll tell you what many think about this meeting. First, the very method of receiving what I'm telling you is impossible. A man in a chair speaking through an angelic source from the other side of the veil is ridiculous, stupid and he's obviously a “nut job”. Dear ones, that's a bias. Secondly, others will leave the room saying, “Okay, it was weird and kind of dumb, but it was cute. I like the guy, even if he's crazy.”

I know who's here, dear ones, and I'll say it again. If either one of these situations represent your thinking, there's no judgment here from us. You personally leave here with the same number of angels and guides that everybody has, with the same amount of the love from God that everybody has. Like all of humanity, you have free choice to work with it or not. There's no judgment from God. Nothing is going to happen to you due to your non-acceptance of these sacred ideas.

However, what about the message? Don't let your God-bias get in the way of some great, logical thinking! Can your mind instruct your body? Could you have an enhancement of your life that you don't expect as a result of something actually proven to work? What about life extension? What happens when cells start to change because they are presented with a harmonious energy of thought? What happens when there's a confluence of energy that aligns things for the first time? As we said even this morning, these are the things that create health, long life, happiness and balance. It's the discovery that inside you is a force to be reckoned with that comes equipped with a DNA package from the original creation.

Do you want a fast track to the great escape? Here it is: See a God with no judgment, a God who loves you unconditionally no matter what, who expects you home when you leave this planet, who knows every breath you take, who loves you through every situation and who will take your hand if you will allow it. That's the best escape of all. It's the first one you should try, for it helps to balance all the others. Layer after layer of bias and filters and history are what you're going to have to get through to escape the old biases of the past. Finally, you can get to that place where you can take a big breath and say, “It's good to be alive. I'm stepping into a place where I've never been before and no matter what people tell me, I finally trust my intuition. I'm finally out of fear.”

I close the way I started. Every single Human is different. What you've experienced and what you've been taught is unique to you. Where you've come from and why you're here is unique and different. There is no one rule, one pill, one solution or one doctrine that is going to work for all humanity. Instead, there are a billion truths, all leading to the one solution - the escape from the bias of who you were in the past.

The ones who have the greatest chance are the children. The best generation is yet to come. They will be healthier, believe it or not. Diseases are going to go away eventually. I'll speak of this later. There is no pattern that you will follow, or that you must follow, as a requirement to be loved by God. The love of God is what you have built-in. Spread it around.

Some day you'll awaken with a new kind of Akash, and you'll remember what you did before that worked. This means that you won't make the same mistakes that you made this time. Instead, you'll be a new Human. This planet has never seen anything like it before, never.

I am Kryon in love with humanity.

And so it is.


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