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The Effect Of Surgical Enhancements On A Person

Dear Kryon, I believe that there's been mention of changing our physical bodies through intent. However, I was wondering about the effect of surgical enhancements on a person - specifically, implants of the silicon variety. I'm wondering how they affect or perhaps interfere with energy and the next steps of our evolution.

So, you wish to speak of sexual attractiveness and self-worth? Let's do so. This is not a taboo subject with Spirit. It's all part of what makes you do what you do. Think of it as yet another tool of life choice, given in an age of technology that would support it, and a culture where it's not unusual.

There's no spiritual judgment around enhancing your looks to accomplish better self-worth. There's also no taboo around it. There might be biological consequences, however (see below). The spiritual attribute is this, however: What does it bring to you that otherwise wouldn't have happened? Did you create a choice that would steer you into a place you didn't prepare for? If so, do you have good solutions? Did it help with your self-worth? The answers to these things are varied and complex, but they're all honored, since they're all part of what you're creating for yourself in free choice.

To Spirit, there's no difference between this and selecting a new color of clothing or changing your hairstyle. It's not seen as a violation of your body for unholy purposes (as some would have you believe). We've spoken of how sex is one of the most respected energies on the planet, and how Humans have a choice to honor or abuse it. But if honored, it creates sacredness in itself, with love and joy at its center. The enhancement you've described is totally a cultural perception, and isn't seen by Spirit as anything more than your becoming more beautiful to a society that wishes to participate in this ritual of appearance.

Since it affects your biology, however, here's some advice: Anything placed into cavities of your body that are foreign to your system will have a tendency to create an energy of imbalance. Therefore, make the alteration sacred. Bless the substance, and tell it how much better you'll feel when it's added. Speak to it daily, and give the body permission to feel that it belongs there. Make it part of the whole.


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