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The 7th Dimensional Musician

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, you have spoken of a 7th Dimensional Musician that will bring healing energy to the planet through music. I connected with this - I have long felt music's healing energy; I am a musician myself. Pray tell if you will - just a little more on this subject, please.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I know that musical sounds evoke healing, and that this modality of treatment is part of the new energy. Which treatment, research, and/or teaching resources are credible?

ANSWER: Truly, dear ones, you can always use music as a healing source. It's always credible for this. Do you not see where it affects every Human no matter what the culture? Play music for children and watch them smile.

Music is part of the divine setup, and the residual of it is emulated even by other mammals (like whales). But only Humans can organize and structure it in meaningful ways that stir the soul and actually speak to the DNA. Part of this is vibrational physics, and part is at the soul level. But when you combine certain melodies and certain harmonies, they can actually balance a Human Being and create the potential of profound healing anywhere for anyone.

The reference to the interdimensional musician is a metaphor for your DNA, which “sings” a song of balance. Someday your science will shock you with information that DNA sings (varies and oscillates within itself).


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