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Our Complete Spirit Beings?

If we were our complete spirit beings when we purposely wrote our contracts for Human life, then as Humans, why should we be trying to cancel those contracts to create a new path? Shouldn’t we honor what we as all knowing spirits agreed to and wanted to participate in?

As discussed many times before, your contracts are beginning plans only, changeable as you grow. They don’t represent a “set-in-cement” plan for your life. If they did, where’s your free choice to change? How could you respond to spiritual growth if you had no choice to change?

Contracts are a beginning posturing of your goals that often represent older karmic payoffs or incomplete energy solutions [working out past-life attributes]. As we’ve told you before, this is exactly what you have the power to change with your mastery this time around.

So what “knowing spirits agreed and wanted to participate in” is your coming out of your predisposed contract and rewriting it! The goal of the Human Being on Earth is to void the karmic past, which represents the old energy of Earth, and to activate of interdimensional DNA to begin the process of mastery. This is celebrated by all the Universe and refreshes the contract of life itself. The masters on Earth did this, and so can you.


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