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Instructing The Akash

This very simple channeling has become one of the most favorite to many in the past month or so. It's the basis of metaphysics, where your intent rules your body, your thoughts and your future. Can we really change who we are? Read on...

Greetings, dear ones! I Am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

The final day of this two-day seminar is coming to a close. For some, it’s a time when you realize you won’t be seeing each other again, since this may be the only time that this group comes together. Quite often there would then be the question, “Well, what is the message in closing?” It can’t be said better than has already been established, from that which Adironnda and Jeshua have presented, and it’s this: You are in the NOW, but you’ve always let the past predict the future. So, therefore, although you live now, there are so many of you who are still in the past. In many ways you’re pulling those past energies into your life right now. Dear ones, it's a habit.

The channels that we give on the last day of a meeting series are often more personal than the teaching that is done at other times. Sometimes we just ask you to sit for a moment and ponder in this energy, right now. What is it that is in the “now” for you? However, I wish to go further than that. I want to do an exercise or two. We are dealing in this new energy with new consciousness. Yesterday we told you in question six (a previous channelling), that what you don’t expect and really don’t truly believe is how powerful you are. Consciousness is something that will prevail over everything. More than any physical exercise that you’ve learned about, consciousness can do more to help than anything you have at this moment. And one of the things that you don’t expect is that consciousness can actually change the past.

I want you to think for a moment, dear old soul, of what may be in your Akashic record. I actually know what’s in your Akashic record, and it's astonishing. Do you understand and realize in this group of more than 100 people, who’ve lived over a thousand lifetimes, just how many total lives are actually represented in this room? Think about that. It’s almost a stadium full! In addition, all of you have one thing in common: You’ve all existed through an old energy earth.

You have such unique experiences to offer, with so many of them being profoundly dramatic. It’s etched in there, and you know it is. Dear ones, we’ve said this before: Part of being a Human with free choice is dealing with the Akash. We’ve also told you that the Akashic energy of the past is starting to change. Now, how could the past change simply because the present is moving into another energy? The answer is this: It's because the Akash belongs to an older energy and comes forward to you from the past. Therefore if you change the present, the Akash will change what it brings forward. Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime of experience may not come forward in the same way in a newer energy. Think for a moment of what you might have experienced. Think of that profoundness of who you might really be with that much going on inside you in that which you call the past.

I want to do an exercise. There are some who have said, “I don’t want to wait a generation for some of these evolved ideas to start working in my consciousness. I don’t want to wait until I’m reborn, perhaps in another body, to start gleaning the wisdom from the past. I don’t want to wait!” So if you’re one of those here now, you’re way ahead of the curve. You don’t have to wait. You really don’t have to wait at all. You’ve got to cognize (believe) that you can do this now. What’s coming next from me now asks you, “Can you do this?” Question: “Is it possible for a Human Being to rewrite the energy they remember from a thousand lives? Does humanity have that power?” The answer is yes, oh yes. More now than ever before.

Oh, dear ones, in ancient times you have sat at the feet of the gurus who could do this and more. They had control over that which is both esoteric and physical. Now, each one of you is learning that mastery and changing the Akash is part of that. Do you believe that you could take that which is lurking in your Akash, which is poking and prodding you in so many different ways because an old energy has allowed it to, and change that? It includes the energy of the ways that you died, the children that you've lost, the wars that you've died in, the others you have killed, and the ones that killed you. You have been in all of those circumstances that were this dramatic and more. There were lives so horrible there you never ever experienced joy. There were lives that were short and fearful and awful. Every one of you! Many were alive during the plagues in civilizations your archeology doesn't even recognize existed! That’s your Akash. It even included civilizations that went extinct. That’s in your Akash.

“What about the good things, Kryon?” Well, they’re in there, too, dear one! There was celebration, joy, beauty and love. THIS is the subject of this message. You can change what your Akashic energy gives to you in these new times! That's “changing the past”.

Let’s do an exercise that is going to turn around what you remember and what energies are allowed to touch you today. Oh, master that you are becoming, why not instruct the Akashic record, which belongs to you, to morph into one that is positive and starts to give you the wisdom you’ve collected in a thousand lives, instead of the drama? So many listening to this right now are nodding their heads and saying, “I know what you mean!”

We talked last week about the “buzz”. The buzz is a residual that you always have, because at some level, all those past lives lay there in some kind of way. Even in your silence, your most quiet moments, it’s difficult to get rid of the buzz. The buzz is that which says, “You’re not worthy to be here. Tomorrow is going to be difficult just like it always has been.” Even if you’ve lived a beautiful, young life so far, the buzz is still there because the buzz is an old Akashic record that remembers negative things. almost exclusively.

Why would this be the case? It's because it's a reflection of the energy humanity has created for centuries of low consciousness, war and more war. In a new energy of less darkness, and a promise of more light, the Akash will respond to instructions to change.

If you are serious, let’s do it together. I want my partner involved. Now he steps aside, but he’s here. He knows what’s going on. He also is able to receive information from me simultaneously to what I’m also giving to you. He doesn’t talk about this often, but he can also receive different information from that which is being given to you. It’s part of his multidimensional awakening, so I’m going to give him different information than I’m giving to you, because he needs to do this, too. He needs to do it for some things that still lurk in his own Akash, just like you do.

Again, if you are serious about this, I want you to posture yourself right now to get ready for an exercise that may change the rest of your life. I want you to remember this because you may wish to do it again – not that the first one didn’t work, but because Human Beings are in a linear timeline and you’ve been trained that if you do things two or three times, it will be more meaningful. We are not going to go against the grain of your training. We’re just going to tell you that it wouldn’t hurt anything to do it again. But, dear ones, if you do this and mean it, and cognize it at 100 percent, you’re going to feel the difference in the days and weeks to come.

“Kryon, why should I do this? I’m not really sure that my Akash has been bothering me.” So you’re youthing, is that correct, and you’re perfectly healthy? No issues at all? You might answer, “Well, what does that have to do with your Akash?” The answer: Absolutely everything! You have inherited so much from what you’ve been through, that you don’t realize that it postures almost all of who you are. Your Akash postures the way you think, your personality, the way your body accepts an invasion of disease, and how you view yourself and even your spirituality. That’s all an inherited trait from your Akash. Yes, your parents gave you some of it, but dear ones, I know you are aware that you might have two children from the same identical parents, and they might be vastly different, almost like they came from other planets! One is always healthy, one is always sick. One is self-assured and one is timid. You know there’s more to existence than just the chemistry of biological inheritance. That is what you’re looking at right now. The Akash makes you who you are today.

Now, before we do this, understand that you’re not just dropping the things that have disturbed you in your dreams. You’re about to turn the corner, if you wish, on how your body sees Earth today.

Right now, I want you to get into this as deep as you wish to, because you are about ready to address your Akashic record like you never have before. You can repeat silently if you don’t have your own words. This is the way it goes:

Dear beautiful Akash, which represents myself and my soul in so many expressions, in this new energy, I am in command.

Dear Akash that is my essence, and represents the expressions of thousands of lives on this planet, look at the energy of today, because I am in charge. Dear Akash, beautiful that you are because you are me, and represent the one soul that I have been for thousands of lifetimes on this earth, know this: There is change and I am going to dictate it because I am in charge.

The bottom line, I am in charge of my own life, and for the first time I want you to listen up. I command benevolence in remembrance! I command that this Akash start to alter that which has been remembered lifetime after lifetime. I hereby put a limiter on the drama. It is not allowed to invade the light of my life. I put a limitation on all the negative things, all of the anger and the betrayal and the horror. I put a limiter on all inappropriate things. Oh, these things may still be there, but they are now going to go into the dark and stay there. I command the negativity that is in my Akash and has been there: Get in the backseat, because I am driving today! There is no longer any reason for it to show, because, you see, I am in charge of it all. It’s me talking.

Do you see what you’re doing? There often is the feeling, and always has been, that you may not be in charge of your life. You talk about the Akashic record, but it just sits there, as a library of irritation, doesn’t it? It's as though you had no control of anything. Suddenly, however, I am telling you you’ve got control of everything, everything. Let’s finish it.

Dear Akash, beautiful and benevolent, you are me and I am you. Let all of the beauty, joy and wisdom, which has occurred in thousands of my lifetimes, the maturity of my soul, start to present itself in ways that will surprise me with benevolence. In good things, in benevolent things, in positive expectations, let my Akashic record be the best thing that ever happened to me, and let my life reflect this day and this decision. I have spoken. I am in charge.

We’re not done, because we’re working in the “now”, remember? There is more to this because there are things that are also disturbing you right now that are very current, and not yet in the Akash. You know where I’m going with this? Do you wish to finish the job?

Dear cellular being that I am, I am in charge. Let all things that have occurred in my life from my birth to this very moment be on notice. Let the memory in my brain, the very synapse that holds them, be on notice. Cease and desist those things that would be below my magnificence as a creation from God on this planet. You’re not allowed to keep the “tapes” playing. The “tapes” are these: The betrayal I've experienced, the sorrow, the bad feelings, the anger, my low energy Human nature, the buzz itself. Cease and desist. I am in charge of my memory, and every single cell resounds with my Higher-Self. I am part of this in a way that I never knew before. I am in charge of all things that are me. I command this so I might go from this place and not have to carry those negative things from my own past that have occurred since my current birth on this planet.

I’m not done yet. Do you believe you can change your own consciousness through your own will? I told you yesterday that you wouldn’t believe this tool you have. I’m showing you how it works. I’m not done yet. There’s even more. I am pondering just how much to reveal that you might be able to do. Can you change that which is you? Can you take that which you believe is your own personal nature and start to work with it? Can you work this puzzle in order to shape the things into that which you want instead of things you don’t want? Can you change the degree that you age? Yes.

Dear cellular structure, I’m in charge. The boss is talking. Listen up: I command you to see the beauty and the benevolence and the God inside of every cell in my body. I command you to be more resistant to disease than I have ever been before. You see, disease cannot attach itself to the light, and I hold more light than ever before. I command that which was in me, which is inappropriate, to go away and to change. Let the chemistry in my body show itself in the next days so I know this is real. I take command of things that I was never told I could take command of. It is settled.

That's the exercise. Oh, there's more, but that will be it for now because we start to get into total unbelievable things of what you might be able to do in the future. Right now, dear ones, stay on this planet a very long time, and in the process be joyful instead of fearful. Let the “buttons” be disengaged that would push you into anger, sorrow and fear.

So now we come to this empty space, a beautiful empty space. It's a space caused by a major cleansing. All of these things and more are now possible for everyone, no matter how unique you are, or how many lifetimes you’ve had. This full Akashic redirect doesn’t even have a name yet. It’s not a process that’s been developed yet in the fullest. Imagine how powerful your consciousness would be to take a hold of the esoterics of your brain, the very memory of your lifetimes, and manipulate them into benevolence, joy and light.

That’s the message. It's grand, isn't it? As time goes on, more things will be revealed and there will be those who listen to this, who roll their eyes, and say, “Not for me. Not today.”

Dear ones, you’re loved as much as anyone on the planet. Free choice through love has always been the option available to every single Human Being. There is no judgment at all. I want you to go from this place without guilt and without fear. Over the next few days, you may feel “something is a little different.” Perhaps there’s a weight that’s been lifted. It’s an esoteric weight. You may say, “I can’t explain it, but I just know that I feel freer than I have ever felt before.” People may tell you that you are thinking and acting differently. The truth is that you joined a profound old soul group that is learning to enhance the shift for humanity, because you just changed yourself. The others around you will benefit immediately, because they will see you as lighter. They may even begin to see the beauty in your soul where they didn’t see it before.

This is the truth. This is the way things like this are going to work, and I just gave you advanced information for very old souls. Don't confuse “old” soul with the chronology of how old you are in years, for sometimes the youngest are the most wise. Many times the youngest are here with the seniors because they understand there is no generation gap when it comes to the Akash. Go from this place changed. Ponder these things that you have done this day.

And so it is.


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