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How long does an entity have to go through the in-and-out lesson “cycles”?

Dear Kryon, How long does an entity with this kind of mission have to go through these in-and-out lesson “cycles”? Is it possible to break this cycle somehow, and not have to return to lesson?

Do you see how completely this hides from you? Why would you wish to break a cycle of success? Why would you ask to be released from something as grand as what you came here for? All you see is the suffering and the cycle of apparent despair. You feel that you're a victim, never understanding that this is the role you're playing in the grand play of Earth... and that you're in your sweet spot. You don't see the whole picture. Some of you even see it as punishment!

Blessed is the Human who knows he is loved and that what he's doing is making a difference for the planet, no matter what is before him. This is the one who says, “Bring it on,” for all is well with my soul. I am the engineer of my own existence.


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