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Hormonal Changes

Dear Kryon, just this fall I discovered the Kryon series of books and have been reading them avidly ever since. I read that sleeping patterns can be altered in the new energy. As a teenager, I had trouble with insomnia, which cleared up as I matured physically. Now at 48, it seems to be back. I seem to be noticing a subtle vibration, a tenseness in my body, that prevents me from relaxing, even though my eyes and mind are tired enough to sleep. I'm worried that I can only relax with a glass of wine, even after I've taken a prescription sleeping pill. This has been going on for several months now, and I've been blaming hormonal changes.

Dear one, you and many like you are facing the exact same thing. It's tough to sleep when the bedroom is being renovated! Here is the answer: Don't be angry when you can't sleep. You think you need a certain amount to exist? The answer is yes, but Spirit can give you the equivalent of it without your ever having it! It's only energy, you know.

So try this: (1) At a sleepless moment, thank God for this, that you're being vibrated so much that you can't sleep - that the energy of DNA change is so great that sleep cannot be accomplished. (2) Ask Spirit to give you the needed energy as though you had slept. If you need seven hours of sleep, then make a deal with God. You get the equivalent of seven hours of sleep (from Spirit) even though you didn't sleep (in 4D), and you'll promise to just lie there and smile and not get angry or frustrated as they work on you!

Take the rest. Don't get up and do cleaning, or errands either. Don't read or otherwise occupy yourself. Rest and celebrate. Then watch this process reveal itself. The next day you will have more energy than you expected. Repeat this often until it no longer bothers you that you're not seeming to sleep in the way you used to. Just about the time you get used to the whole scenario?


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