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Going Back To Get The Future

What a title! Kryon gives a very complete discussion about what has gone on before in Human history? Were there actual advanced civilizations before ours? If so, what did they look like? Why are they gone? Is what's happening to Human consciousness right now... new? Or is a revisit of something we have had and lost?

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Before we begin, we ask you again to slightly change the reality of your thinking. What is happening? Who is speaking? Where is it coming from? I ask my partner to completely step aside and to let flow tonight what should. Can you think out of the box of what you know? The most difficult thing for humanity in general is to go to a place where they've never been. Survival depends upon you going to places you know about. If you've never been someplace, and you have no warnings of how it might be, you might be hesitant to go there. It just makes sense. You won't often open a door if it says unknown. You'll normally open a door that says known because you're comfortable with that. The entire reason why I bring this up is for what is coming next. I wish to enhance what you know about humanity. In order to do that, I will speak of controversial things. Those listening to this message after the fact may have a completely different perception from those in this room. But this room contains an energy that cannot be duplicated on a recording or transcription. Those of like-mind set up a confluence of consistency and belief. You might say that your belief here enhances the truth that you carry.

Do You Really Know Who You Are?

I want to talk about humanity, and I want to enhance it. I would like to tell you some of the things that took place over time, and do it in ways that I have not done before. I wish to broach some subjects that might be of interest. I do these things because the teaching tonight is to enhance the Human experience, in order to show you you're bigger than you think. You may have been here far longer than you know, and it's a beautiful concept. When you think of Human history, how far does it go back? If you look it up, how far back does it get reported? Now, the common consensus of historians in general, and the one that scientists teach, say that Human civilization has only been here for approximately 11,000 years. Now I'm talking about Human civilization. I'm not talking about Humans in the biological sense, because that's for anthropologists. I'm talking about sociology. How long have cities been here, systems been here, religion been here? How long do your scientists say there's evidence of these things? Now, this may seem like a rehash of something we have discussed before, but it's far more than that.

In Istanbul, Turkey, we sat in front of a large group and gave a channel called “The Unknown History of Earth.” This message tonight is similar, but different. The premise is the same, but the message is about something else. Human civilization has been around a lot longer than 11,000 years. Now, go slowly, my partner [an admonishment to Lee], so that this message is succinct and will make sense.

Everything that you can study about Human civilization, dear ones, seems to point to a beginning 10,000 to 11,000 years ago. It appears as though that is when it all got started, and when the larger cities sprang up. Sociologists will say that this is when humanity slowly moved from tribal living to a more collective-minded city state. When you go back far enough, one of the first ones, which had a succinct consciousness of organization and a city-plan, would be in a place in the Indus Valley that today you call Ancient Sumeria. It would appear to be the beginning, and it dates at about 11,000 years ago. Everything from that time follows the rules of linearity, the synchronicity of discovery, where one thing led to another, and you come up with Egypt pyramids, the Roman Empire and so on. This is your perceived history. Now, metaphysically we have channelled to you over and over that humanity is almost 50,000 years old. It had organization, civilization, cities, consciousness and social evolution. However, you only see 11,000 years of it.

What Happened in History?

Where is the truth here? Why is it that you cannot easily see what I am telling you? If it's true, why isn't there evidence in the dirt? Could it be that there was some kind of an event that might have erased what was formerly there? Could it have erased it to such a degree that it doesn't show up to the archaeologists and to current-day historians? The answer is yes. Weather does that, too, and ice does that. Remember, we are not talking about millions of people. It was far smaller in population, but it was there.

There are all manner of things that I could lead you through right now, but what I want to do is plant seeds of information and truth that will enhance history, not challenge it. I am not here to rewrite things outside of a belief that you may have. Instead, I am here to add to what you've been told. So what I say now and tonight may seem fanciful. After all, it's channelling. However, those listening to this in the future, the far future, will smile. This is because what I am going to tell you now will indeed be discovered at some time. It's only a matter of a few generations before you have certain kinds of instruments and examination tools that will show you the kinds of things that I'm going to explain to you now. Some things will never be seen. They can't be without a time machine. There's no way you can go back far enough to see what I'm going to be talking about. However, the civilization directly before the one that is 11,000 years old is still findable.

Advanced Civilizations of The Past

Let me interrupt this channel for something that is seemingly a non sequitur. In other words, it seems out of the logic of this channelled message, but it isn't. There is an overwhelming feeling among old souls on this planet that they have existed before in lifetimes that had advanced technology. This is an overwhelming pattern. We've talked about it before: Many believe they've had the Sinking Island Syndrome – Atlantis. Which one, I ask (for there were many) and when? It doesn't matter, for many of you were! This is the intuitive feeling of countless old souls. I'm really talking about the truth of your Akashic remembrance.

Overwhelmingly, there is an entire section of humanity that is convinced of this because of the feelings they have through past-life intuition or dreams or whatever. They were, indeed, part of an advanced civilization way before 10,000 years ago. Would you like me to acknowledge this? Alright, it's correct, absolutely 100% correct! But how can you sense this? You don't have a time machine, or do you? Yet it's there. This alone should beg the question: Is your history correct?

Your Own Time Machine - The Human Akash

It is your Akash that we really wish to talk about. The individual personal Akashic record of the old soul (most of you) is that which would intuitively expose past life energies to you. Some of the most energetic ones will come to the surface not in a linear way (year by year), but instead in an energetic way. That is to say that the energy shows itself, not the place in history. What was most dramatic? What took place that sticks with you? This is what you remember, and it is also what often surfaces in readings and dreams. Here you sit, and many of you say, “Yes! I was there. I know it, and I can feel it! I've had dreams about it, and I've had readings about it. I was a part of this – an advanced society – and we had many things that we don't have now.” Dear ones, you're right! However, now I'm going to give you some information, and it's not what you think. It's outside of the purview of your logic, or things that would make sense to you. So standby for something different.

The Biased Brain

The Human brain is complex, and one of the most common things it does is to analyze things around it based upon what it knows from experience. Think this through: It cannot analyze things it doesn't know about. Therefore, if you believe you were a part of something called an “advanced civilization,” the brain will give you a picture of that, based on what today's experience says that would look like.

Let's define what your brain is showing you when you say, “advanced”. From the brain: If you had an advanced technological civilization, you would have had far more advanced things than you have now. The computers would have been more powerful; You probably had those elusive flying cars that you expected; You had healing laser energy; People were healed on tables that diagnosed and healed them – instantly; You have very long lifespans, right? From Kryon: It's nothing of the kind!

Isn't it funny about science fiction movies? There's nothing really new given. Most science fiction only shows what you currently have working better! You fly better, compute better, heal better, travel better – a simple projection of what you know. You only know what you know! So a science fiction movie of the future will simply have what you have now, working much better. When you travel in space, you still use ships. (After all, that's all there is, right?) The idea of something completely and totally out of the box that you've never experienced yet would never work in a movie. You can't relate. Even the far future thinkers who take you to outer space and other civilizations simply give you faster spaceships. It's just more of what you know about, not what you don't know about. So I'm going to tell you what you don't know about.

A Cryptic Reality

A puzzling, cryptic reality is uncomfortable and may be something out of your dreams. But to those who live in it, it's normal. A savage in the jungle will think about the future as advanced spears that fly by themselves. But put him in your world of flight, the Internet and social media and he will hide in fear! It simply won't be real to him.

In order to make sense of this, we have to get a little cryptic. When the Kryon energy came to the planet originally all those years ago in 1989, we gave you messages that said the magnetic grid of your planet is responsible for the activity of an enlightened consciousness. That is to say that your DNA and the development of humanity is all tied into the magnetic grid. I called myself the Magnetic Master and now you know why. It's about the magnetic grid and changing Human consciousness. Could it be that the magnetic grid of the planet is starting to change again? We have given you channel after channel about that. We started by telling you that is was moving (re-aligning). It had to move dramatically – more in 10 years than it had in the past 100 years. Science now says it did and your compasses prove it. The grid had to move in order to prepare itself for something that's coming. What has the recent channels talked about that's coming?

A Changing Reality for Earth

Let me review from a channel called “The Future of DNA” (Minneapolis): You're moving into another part of space right now. Your galaxy rotates around the middle, and all of the stars and solar systems move at the same speed and rotate relative to each other around the center. Your solar system is moving into a new place of space that it has never been while Human life existed. Ask an astronomer what's going on and they will tell you that humanity as you know it exists in a kind of bubble of protective radiation around the solar system and that the heliosphere of the sun has cooperated with that. But suddenly they see a change coming. The bubble is dissipating. What have you seen about the sun lately? It's changing. What have you seen about the weather lately? It's changing. It's all related to where your solar system is headed. I told you this, and showed you the science behind it.**

Now what I'm going to tell you next is that this new energy in space is going to alter the magnetic field of this planet in a multidimensional way to help enhance Human development and evolution. You're going to get smarter because the magnetic grid is ready for this. It's all related to evolutionary changes it will allow within your DNA. You were ready to evolve if you passed 2012 without destroying yourselves, and you did! But you had to have the consciousness physics for it, and that is what we're talking about. Now, why would I bring this up when I talk about history and an evolved race of the past? Now I will tell you.

The Past That Doesn't Show

About 11,000 years ago, at the end of the last glacial age, a mini ice age if you wish, there were things happening on this planet. You can search for this if you wish, and you will find it. These things have to do with what I will call an unusual plasmic activity in the atmosphere. The magnetic grid was much, much different. Mass ejections from the sun, and the kinds of things that the movies are made of, would arrive and hit this planet's magnetic field. This would charge it with different kinds of plasma. It's there for you to see in science history. It's in the ice cores, and it's in the magnetics that you would measure in the layers of the earth.

It was different then and I want to tell you what it caused. First of all, it caused a lot of death. We've told you this before, and we told you that, in part, Humans created it. Humanity has gone through at least four stages of civilization through different ages and have almost terminated each time. You may recall that your prophecies some years ago had you in a final war at the millennium, with mass destruction. It didn't happen. That was number four, moving to number five. The year 2013 and beyond is number five. We've told you about looking at number three in “unknown history”.* You won't find anything easily that I'm speaking of, and the history wasn't obliterated through weapons; rather, it was through plasmic discharge – nature.

But way before this, your planet had an atmosphere that was alive in a different way through the sun's activity (the heliosphere), and it charged the magnetic grid in a way where humanity was able to develop DNA to at least 50%. Remember, you're at 30% to 35% at the moment. “Wait a minute, Kryon, you mean we went backwards?” Yes. Eventually, you will find evidence of this – an advanced civilization.

If you've had lifetimes where you felt you were part of an advanced civilization, you were. This is because your consciousness was advanced, not your technology. (Say that again slowly). You could do things with your consciousness that you can't do now, and you could do them easily. You could heal your own body with your own consciousness. There were those who could create actual matter out of nothing. All this, through advanced thinking, not mechanical devices. We are giving you a principle that hasn't really been thought of yet: “Consciousness is physics. It's a real, measurable field that affects physical reality.” Ever crashed your computer when you were angry or put out a lightbulb? How? It's physics!

The Old Pattern is Still There!

Yes, you were there, not with flying cars and anti-gravity, but with a wisdom and high physics that you remember well. You remember advanced wisdom and consciousness. There is a reason for the fact you can intuitively remember all of this. It's in your Akash! Listen to me, for this is the lesson today: You're not covering new ground as you evolve – listen to me – you are instead bringing forward what you had. You are going back to achieve the future! Your Akash is slowly awakening since you passed 2012. There is already a pattern or template for this advanced reality, and you lived it eons ago. This Akashic pattern exists within you to fast track the evolution that you are going through now. You've been there before! How do you like it so far?

Old soul, what you remember is an advanced civilization way before 10,000 years ago. But the seeds of it are starting to pattern themselves again. It's not new, and it's not unknown, and your Akash knows it. Your body's innate knows it. What has been will again be reality and for you it won't be new. You're coming back to it. We've talked about Atlantis, and we've talked about the fact that not all of you, not millions of you, could have all been on one sinking island! Yet you all believe you were. There's a metaphor there for the destruction of humanity for many reasons, and it was real, and you all went through it.

Most of you were destroyed through these times, and that was civilization number three. Number two had its own reasons, mostly earth based. Then there was the start-over of civilization number four (your current 11,000-year-old history). So everything you attribute to Human civilization, all 11,000 years of it, is actually the fourth civilization. I know this sounds very odd, but even some of the wise ancient information from the indigenous of your planet know these things. It's part of their teaching.

Dear ones, your civilization has been here for 50,000 years. Science will someday agree that there appears to be lost history and see it for what it is. You're not that young! Many of your souls are very old and wise, and you've been here a long time. Your Akashic record is filled with these kinds of things. Do you see what I am saying today? You've got the building blocks of the future because you experienced it in the past! Because of this, you're not going to be afraid of it, and when you start to experience it, it's going to be something that is comfortable to you.

Dear ones, I want you to look in the eyes of the indigo children for a moment. Those who are young souls are confused. But those who are old souls are confident! Perhaps too confident? They're not looking around or frightened that they are different. They're instead looking at you and wondering why you are not scared since you are so... old energy! They've been through this before! They're old souls and they are remembering what is coming. They've been through this before, and in their confidence, you can see it. Don't let their countenance fool you. They are not head strong. They simply are awakening to something they “remember” in a planet that hasn't seen it for a long, long time.

The Akashic Time Machine

Let's talk about this Akashic record in a different way. You're having dreams perhaps? I wish to tell you something about your Akashic memory. It's not fair! Your Akashic record is very, very biased. It is not going to read to you your past-life experience in a linear way, like you read a book and turn a page. You’re not going to see who you were and what you did, then turn a page and see who were after that and after that. This is because the multidimensional Akash deals with energy, not history. There is a reason in this new energy for the kinds of reflections you are having (the dreams you are having). For many, your Akashic record is working overtime and it’s giving you many things to process. The reason? Because you need to clear these things in order to move on. You're not going to go forward until you clear this stuff. That's the beauty of your innate.

The Akash is in your DNA and it's profoundly affecting your life by having energy come forward, face you, and ask for dismissal. Get rid of this past-life energy. You're having some interesting dreams. Let's say you drowned in a past life. Let's say that it might have been 1,000 lifetimes ago, but this is what you remember, so you have dreams of drowning. You can't breathe. You're physically gagging, and you sit upright quickly in your bed. “There it is again – that dream!” So what does a Human Being do with that experience? It's so interesting! For an old soul, the first thing is, “What does it mean? What do I do about it?” That part is accurate. But often, Humans never truly analyze what it really means. Instead, they think it's prophecy: “I'm going to drown, so I better not go by the water.” It's a prophecy about the future, they think. “I'm having the same dream over and over, therefore, it must be something that is going to happen.” So the next step is fear.

Dear ones, this beautiful system of preparing the old soul for the future is not here to create fear! I'll tell you what it's about. That dream is about something that happened to you that is somehow affecting you even today. Perhaps it's about your throat? It's about breathing, or simply that this is a real fear about being in water that is holding you back. It's about many things from past lives that must be seen, understood, and dismissed for good. If you will recognize these energies for what they are, being brought to you on a platter, old soul, you can move past them.

Perhaps you can say, “Thank you, innate. Thank you Akash, for letting me see the sense of this. I'm not afraid of drowning. I'm not afraid of anything that's there anymore. It's not going to affect my life, and I'm not afraid of the future. I will be happy to wade into the ocean or a lake without fear.” That's what it's about. As long as there is something that is etched in your Akash that creates fear within you in dreams or past-life experiences, it's going to hold you back. So what is starting to happen to old souls is that the past lifetimes that are the most energetic or that contain the most dramatic things will be presented to you on a platter. How do you like it so far? And when it takes place, I implore you do not be afraid of it. Do not manifest it because you felt it, and don't generate fear around it. No matter how real it feels, it's not prophecy! It's not. It's you, working with you.

The Power of Dreams From the Akash

Dreams are this way. Old souls often have Akashic dreams. New souls are just getting used to the planet. They dream about other things. Old souls in this energy are starting to have dreams that mean things. Perhaps you have a dream about family, only nobody is playing the role they play in reality and nobody is in the right place! But there is drama, somehow. None of it makes sense. It's nonsensical, and perhaps you have a sister or a brother or a mother or a father that you feel but don't recognize, mixed in with those you do. You are in places you've never been, meeting people you somehow know, but have never met in real life. Then there is often the feeling of danger.

What does something like this mean? You wake up completely and totally disarrayed and confused. What's the first Human reaction? “Wow, I'm going to be betrayed by my family.” It's not a prophecy! I laugh, because it is such Human habit in an old energy. You always take things you don't understand, and project them into fear. Instead, it's time to use wisdom. What is the metaphor? What does it mean? Start looking and analyzing what took place in the dream. Nothing is literal – nothing. Your Akash doesn't know literal. It knows multidimensional impressions and potentials and that's all it knows. But it gives it to you in linear dreams.

So, you've got an unusual family in your dreams doing unusual things. It's not your real-life brother or sister, or your mother or father, or children. Instead, it's a metaphor for family and it represents a spiritual metaphor that's shifting. There's shifting taking place and it's asking you to be circumspect with who you deal with. The only danger is dealing with those who you have considered family (even spiritual family), who are still in the old energy. They will hold you back. That's what it's about.

So it takes a wise and no-fear analysis from that which is innate and intuition. There's all manner of these kinds of dreams you're being given today that your innate is asking you to analyze, realize, and dismiss. You're decoding your past life in order to realize a balanced future.

Old soul, you've had lifetime after lifetime in such old energies. You've warred and warred and you've warred again. You've hated each other, you've killed each other, and you carry these things around in dreams. Some of them are so profound that they affect your life and affect how you feel, and all of them can drag you down in this new energy. Mother, you've got to stop dreaming about your kids dying! I'm talking to somebody here and who is reading this! Just because it happened before in the way distant past doesn't mean it's going to happen this time. You've all had children who died in your arms at birth. They never made it, and for a mother, this is a recurring fear. Analyze: It's a dream about the past. Realize: It's in the Akash and giving stress. Dismiss: Get rid of it. It's old energy that you're not part of. You will age less and live a far grander life when you do.

It's a lot of work, and that's why we call you a Lightworker. You've been there and you've done that. You've survived these civilizations, and some of them were very advanced where you had an advanced consciousness of wisdom. This is what you're recapturing. You can't go to an advanced place with a dark remembrance on your consciousness. What's happened in these last 10,000 years, dear ones, is still there in your Akashic Record. Some of it has to be dealt with.

It's a great message, isn't it? God cares enough about you to bring you bad dreams! How about that? When you have them, I want you to awaken and instantly I want you to celebrate! You've got a bad taste in your mouth or in your brain. If you're not careful, a bad dream will ruin your day. It's because you carry that sense with you, since it's dramatic. Instead, I want you to celebrate it. Do you have the courage to celebrate a bad dream? Then I want you to sit right up on the bed and I want you to analyze. Then say, “Thank you, Akash; Thank you, Spirit; Help me to figure out whatever it is I need to know and dismiss it.” The ugly, bad dream feeling that you had will dissipate within the arms of god in an instant. Love does that. Say, “I dismiss it! It's gone and will stay gone as I move into my future magnificence.” Get rid of the old before you go to the new.

There's going to be many channels about these kinds of things because they're new. They're germane to the times, meaning that they relate to the new Human. Many of you have experienced these kinds of new, intuitive energies. Dear ones, remember: You've done nothing wrong, and they're not bad prophecy. They're your own innate and Akash, bringing energies to you so you can see them and dismiss them.

That's the power of the old soul in this new energy. You represent the consciousness of an evolved spirit over thousands of years. That's what you have. You are moving into an age where you can remember what it was like to have a wisdom that didn't create war and never will create another war. The wise know that war is not a solution. It's an aggravation of the problem. History shows this is so. Imagine a consciousness of world leadership that remembers this!

This is beautiful news! There has never been a time like this. It's not the same-ol’, same ol’, as in the past. Things are starting to shift, and there are those who are feeling this. Celebrate the change. Whatever it is that's going on with you, celebrate it! There's a benevolence of love in your life that will bring you good things. Cast away the fear of the future and start celebrating what's to come. That's the message tonight and it's not just from Kryon. It's the message of a new age. Can you say, “I love humanity for this, and for what's to come”? When you are going back to get the future, you can.

And so it is.


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