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Does The Temple of Rejuvenation exist?

Dear Kryon, I was just curious as to the Temple of Rejuvenation in today’s world. Does it exist?

Dear one, the answer may surprise you. YES! But it's not a building and never will be, again. The Temple of Rejuvenation, as described in our past texts is the blueprint for the Human's ability to change their DNA with the new abilities granted by a new grid system and a new spiritual reality on Earth.

All that was presented as mechanical in those past texts are now intuitive and possible individually through each Human being. Healing and life extension are the subject, and personal control over both are the new gifts of Spirit.

There is some cosmic humor in this. We seldom speak of it, but in the process of creating these things within your interdimensional DNA, you will actually be rewinding the tape of Human history, providing for a life-span and health pattern that was originally designed into you, but which was, over many years, changed to provide your duality with a sharper meaning.

There is much honor is what is happening right now on your planet. The veil is being lifted slightly, allowing greater insight into what “life” really means, and also providing permission for a wisdom that will reach right down into the masses.


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