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Cry-on or KRYON

Dear Kryon, I love you, but I have a problem with your name. If one speaks out loud your name it sounds the same as “cry-on.” Ever since this occurred to me I was wondering how an entity like you (all that is Kryon) can work under a name that bears such a sad prophesy in the vibrations of its name. Would you please help me there?

Dear one, again assumption is your king. Did you assume that Kryon was only for those in English? It is a name which is a tone-name, and which carries an energy, not a meaning.

Even in English, however, did you ever think that Crying could mean those who weep in joy? Give it another test and see that sadness is not involved. Instead, the tears are the ones we all shed in joy for what you are doing.

Kryon is currently in 15 languages worldwide.


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