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“Cells” Of Harmony, Happiness And Calmness

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I have never written to a spiritual publication or been in contact with a spiritual organization in my life, yet this is my second query in as many weeks. My question is this: even though I know much guidance will be needed by many people in the decade to come and the work is still not finished, when the grid is finished, will we be able to “leave our posts” and be with people like ourselves to create “cells” of harmony, happiness and calmness (following synchronicity of course! That's the cakewalk part compared to other parts of it)?

Here's to hoping…

ANSWER: Never been in contact with a spiritual organization, you say? Then why is it you have the insight as thought you had? It is cellular information, and your question answers something not yet channelled.

The answer? YES.


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