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QUESTION: I have been communicating with my body and cells for 25 years. It is with great joy that I have read the indications you yourself have given about that. I have read the recent science that confirms the electromagnetic properties of cells and particularly of DNA, but I have found little information on Biophotons. These are the coherent, laserlike, but ultraweak, pulsating photons that emit radiation found in cellular DNA in all life forms. These Biophotons provide the avenue of communication between the cells throughout an organism. Is this what you have been talking about?

ANSWER: Dear one, you are on the right track. Not only do biophotons radiate messages between cells, but they are also one of the strongest attributes of what many in your science are trying to identify as the “Human consciousness field.” They are also part of the energy of what some see as the Human Aura.


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