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Around the Horn

Here is a short but profound channelling from the Patagonia Cruise. It was a channelling that Lee was not going to do... until those around him insisted. It was unscheduled, and there wasn't a room reserved for it on the ship. Still, all the attendees met and this was the result.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

My partner is sometimes dense! This “partner” is the man in the chair with the voice you are hearing. My personal thanks to those around him who required this particular channelling, which was always scheduled but not in his mind.

You are very close to what we would call the tip of the Kundalini. You must look at these things both metaphorically and physically. In approximately four hours, you will be as close as you're going to be to the land, which represents the bottom of the inhabitable planet. For the purposes of the channel and for the energies we speak, we will consider it the bottom of Earth. So let us speak of the energies that are here.

For more than a decade, we have talked about the movement of the Feathered Serpent [Kryon Book Eight - “The Journey of the Feathered Serpent”]. This is the metaphor for what has been described as the Kundalini of the planet. Look at the metaphors and look at the symbolism of what is going on now. I'm going to use terminology that my partner has never heard before, so forgive him if he does not pronounce it correctly as I present it to him, or he may choose not to speak it at all. We will use the best language we can to describe what the ancients presented to you as the Kundalini in graphic form.

They drew this concept as a graphic and yet it is energy. The Kundalini represents the balance of male and female. Even within the Human body, the ancients drew it as a representative of co-creation and manifestation of new energy [conception]. Indeed, it represents the male and the female balanced together, coming together with great energy to create perfection and balance. Now we apply that same principle to the planet.

As we have discussed before, planet Earth is male heavy because it represents most of the northern hemisphere's population. The wars on your planet have come mostly from the northern hemisphere, and even here [the bottom of South America] was visited by the conquerors that came from the north [Spain]. You might say the northern hemisphere energy has spread to the south over the generations, affecting it greatly. Part of what is changing on the planet is a reversal of the roles of north and south. So you're going to start seeing the energy of the southern hemisphere, which is sweet and gentle, affecting the north! Therefore, the Kundalini moves southward over a period of time, some details of which I'm going to give you in a moment.

Let us look at the mythology. Let us take a look at the ancient knowledge and then let's look at the metaphor involved. Now be careful, my partner, for this is not technical and not physics, but spiritual information. The Kundalini is coiled at the bottom of the spine of the body. It only uncoils when the male and the female are balanced. It wraps around three energies of the body three and a half times, and it wraps around what is called the lingam. Three wraps represent easy-unwrapping parts of energy, but the final half wrap represents the most difficult part, which is the divine enlightenment of balance. When the Kundalini unwraps and stays that way, you have a balanced Human Being, if not even enlightened. This is the metaphor of the planet and this is beginning to happen.

Some years ago, we sat within a country that represents a portion of the bottom of the Kundalini [Chile], and we said that the unwrapping process would also create a physical movement of the planet. We mentioned approximately where it would be, and it took place where we said it would [the Chile earthquake of 2010]. These are the kinds of things you will physically see as the movement of the planet responds to the metaphor of the energy I'm speaking of.

There is something hiding that no one has brought forth. It has been known that three and a half times is always the formula for the unwrapping of the Kundalini. The timing of the unwrap, however, has been unknown since it had to do with Human consciousness potential. Therefore, every single year that goes by reveals a surprise, for the movement of Human consciousness and the energy of it is unknown even to Spirit. This is due to Human free choice.

There are factors in Human consciousness that are exponentially at play. It's not a linear progression of consciousness, but one that has uneven upheaval of great magnitude. Therefore, the surprises about when things might happen do not follow a linear pattern of calculation or expectations. However, there is an overall time frame of potential.

The 26,000-year alignment of the equinoxes of your planet is a grand alignment, and it has been known in astronomy as the Galactic Alignment. It is called that because the start and stop point of the wobble of your earth on its axis aligns through your sun to the center of the galaxy. This alignment only happens once every 26,000 years.

In order for the equinoxes to proceed through the equatorial plane of your galaxy [the Milky Way strip in the sky] and work themselves through the end of this cycle and the beginning of the next one, it will take 36 years. This final stage began approximately 28 years ago, and 2020 is now the center, or beginning of the last half of the last cycle. You have 18 years left of this energetic event, which actually represents the end of one thing and the beginning of another.

This 36-year window is the timeframe for the potential unwrapping of the entire Kundalini. Do you not find it interesting that it wraps around the lingam three and a half times? Each of the three represents a decade of time in this metaphoric code. Three and a half would be 35 years, very close to the 36-year astronomical event you are in. So this Kundalini prophecy has always been the metaphor of the promise of the earth and what actually started 28 years ago and that is now centered [2020]. That is where the ceremony should be - at the center of the 36 years, the midpoint of the unwrapping.

If all this sounds confusing, let me simplify it. Even the ancients who watched the stars knew of this alignment. It corresponded to the potentials of consciousness shift, since it also represented a decision point or time fractal in the pattern of potentials that has been the core of ancient astronomical prophecy for eons. So all this was expected and is not a surprise. But it carries with it profound change, and this is what we all saw more than 20 years ago when I arrived to begin my messages. Humanity has these opportunities about every half cycle of the 26,000-year alignment. The last one was 13,000 years ago and humanity was not ready. Now you are.

Dear Human Being, you're sitting in a very, very special place. You are the first Human group ever to celebrate this movement at the bottom of the South American tip, where the shifts really begin. Oh, there have been those who have chosen to come to the bottom on land and celebrate the coming of it. However, let this go on record that this group now, on the open ocean, at the bottom of the earth, is where this celebration starts in 2020.

It is an important thing you are doing. Let this be an acknowledgment to those who are listening and reading and who you don't even know, that you are celebrating this which is starting to balance the planet. It is the beginning of 18 years of movement representing a true passing of a marker. The Kundalini will slowly unwrap and the center will slowly move to this continent. It is not complete yet, and it will not be for some years. But the unwrapping process begins. The unwrapping is not a linear process any more than Human consciousness is, but the potential is that it would be unwrapped and in place within the next 18 years.

This means the earth is going to move more down here [South America] and perhaps in places you do not expect where there has not been movement before. So celebrate this moment. Know this: You are close to what we would call Antarctica, which is not an ice pole, but a land pole.

Don't you find it interesting that Antarctica will play a role in the renewal of the life of Earth? The bio-diversity coming from these parts will affect the planet for the next 18 years. It will help renew the ocean. There are some very significant discoveries in progress that will reveal this, that Antarctica is the cradle of new species for planet Earth's food chain.

It's time for you to connect to these things. It is not a coincidence that the renewal process of life is also coming from down here. Think about it. You [those on the cruise] are the first group of Human Beings to celebrate this - the renewal process of life in the ocean and the movement of the Kundalini - from where it's actually happening.

Now, in the process of all of this, there's going to be renewed interest in Antarctica, and you're going to find some interesting things about the land under the ice. The topography of the land under the ice does not match the topography of the ice above. Some astonishing shapes will be revealed when you map the actual land under the ice. Points of mountains are going to be revealed, giving an entire different idea of what Antarctica might have been and what its purpose really is. The continent that is uninhabitable by Human Beings may very well be the engine of life for Human Beings. And I will leave it at that.

Congratulations to those of you who listened to your intuition and for planning the meeting that always should have been planned. [Lee didn't plan a channelling for this time.] Feel the significance of what you're doing and where you are, and in the future years when things start to happen on the planet, remember these moments, for the future will coordinate with the message of today.

Blessed is the Human Being who takes his spiritual life seriously. It's not an addition to your biology. Instead, your biology is an addition to that which is your spiritual core. Learn to meld both of them together and you will live a very long time.

And so it is.


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