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Why don’t we just simply “be” what we naturally are for all eternity?

Dear Kryon, my heart has been greatly changed by your channellings and books. I had never felt much empathy for organized religion, although I’ve always believed in God. Frequently, I was confused by what I was taught about God, but I always believed in a divine creator. I’ve read that what we do here on this planet determines the energy set-point of a Universe that’s being created. That begs these questions: Since we are eternal, have we done this in other Universes? Will we do it again? Will this be our goal always? Are there others, elsewhere, who have other tasks? And what is the purpose of all this? Why do we do this at all? Why don’t we just simply “be” what we naturally are for all eternity?

Oh my . . . the wisdom and intuition of the Human is beginning to broach the veil! Yes, you have done this before. Yes, you will do it again. There are many of you “in the wings” who will continue to come in as your population increases to a critical level . . . and all of them have done it before.

Perhaps you may begin to finally understand? This is what you do! This is your specialty. This is also the “heavy lifting” we’ve spoken about which you do, and your colors show this.

The purpose is beyond Human understanding, but it’s one of the grandest things that exists within the scope of what you call God. It’s about the integrity of creation, about life in general, and about the love of God.

So . . . just “be” with it, and continue to search for your divinity. At every step, be certain that you remain in integrity. Let everything you do be “well with your soul,” meaning that you’re totally comfortable with the faith of your intent.

The core of every religious teaching of the planet asks you to have faith that there’s a bigger picture. They tell you that you are forever . . . beyond Human death . . . and that some things are simply not to be known while you’re here. Then they tell you to keep your eyes on God.

It’s my message. too.


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