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Why Are We So Unhappy?

Kryon, there is unhappiness on this planet. Unhappiness begets unhappiness. People are walking around frustrated. It doesn't look like an improving planet when there's so much suffering. You talk to those who have lost their homes in this country, and you talk to those who have lost relatives in a tsunami. They are wringing their hands, asking what's wrong. Why is there so much unhappiness? How can this represent good news on the planet?

This is such a difficult answer to give, because it requires that you understand different paradigms of reality that are beginning to occur. The paradigm of the reality that you've always known, which we will call the 3D paradigm, is so shallow it will not, absolutely not, allow for the joy that a multidimensional reality can give. This is difficult to explain. You are sitting in black and white, but the earth is in color.

The love of God does not center itself in 3D. The love of God centers itself in a multidimensional space where the angels live. Every single master knows this. Every single Human who has seen an angel come to them knows that the energy spins through the wall and is an iridescent color. There's no skin and wings and halo, and this energy is often frightening to a three-dimensional Human to see a multidimensional form, so Humans often fall on their knees in fear.

So no matter if it was Mohammad in the cave or Moses and the burning bush, these angelic properties are not in 3D and neither is the divinity within you. Do you want happiness, Human? You'd better find the multidimensional God inside. The paradigm is shifting. It's multidimensional, not single dimensional. You've got to start moving from that paradigm, which restricts everything you do to a reality of sameness and singularity, to one that opens the potentials of change for everything. The potentials can change your life, how you react to things, who you think you are, and who you were born to be. All of this information is rewriteable in your soul energy into a paradigm that is multidimensional and that includes the love of God and the joy of the moment.

What am I saying to you? I am saying that you're going to remain unhappy, dear one, whoever you are reading this and hearing this, unless you decide to turn inward and find that which is divine. This requires new thinking out of the intellectual 3D box. It requires thinking multidimensionally and starting the process we've talked about over and over. Otherwise, you'll simply wallow in the drama of the turmoil around you.

The masters of the planet showed this to you. They toyed with physics and life. They even raised the dead. Then they would turn to you and say, “This is what God does, and you are God.” They told you that you could move mountains, and you can. We've talked about the change of consciousness, changing a planet from one that always warred with itself to one that will eventually be at peace with itself.

Do you think that's going to happen easily and overnight? This is the first year (2022) and you've got 19 more years to plant the seeds and two more generations to watch it work. This is how human consciousness works. It's slow, but you're impatient. That's also why there's so much unhappiness at the moment. It's old energy impatience, misunderstanding, wanting instant gratification, and tapping your toe while you think God is going to help you. Then when it doesn't happen the way you think it should, you say, “Well, I knew it wouldn't.”

So tell me, is this commitment or is this just wishful thinking? Is this communication too strong for you? It's in love that I say to you that you are beautiful inside and it's about time you found out about it. And when you find it, things change within you. You don't get as angry; you don't get as depressed, and you don't react as much. Then when people around you see you in that new state, they say, “You know, you're different. You're not as angry. You don't react. What did you find? I want it.” And that's how it begins.

When you shine a light of wisdom and compassion, others see it and they want their own, because it is beautiful, peaceful and satisfying. We ask you again: When you walked with the masters, any of them, how did you feel? Did the masters look at you and annihilate you? Did they say bad things to you or make you feel small? The answer is no. They looked at you, loved you, and you were speechless. Some of you were there and you remember. All you wanted to do was to be in their presence, at their feet. It's almost like they had a field around them and if you could be close to them, you would receive it, too. This is the love of God in a Human that emanates divinity, planting the seeds of ascension.

So the answer is perception of reality. When the masters walked the earth, it was even darker. But they saw only the love of God. So it is your free choice to be unhappy, be a victim, and wallow in drama. But the truth is that the compassion of God is all around you, just waiting for you to discover it. That was question number one.


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