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What About Conspiracies?

Kryon, what about all these conspiracies on the planet?

There are all manner of things you've heard about now for decades. I'm not going to name them. I'm going to let you name them in your mind. You've heard these things for a long time: What Humans are doing to Humans, what governments are doing to Humans, the energy that's coming here and there, the mind control, the governmental secret organization - all of these things. "Yes. Kryon, are they correct?"

I'm going to give you a litmus test for conspiracies and ask you to decide. After this discussion, many still won't care, for they want to believe they are victims of a greater intelligence and are being watched and manipulated. This is an old energy attribute that is difficult to change in a Human mind. Self-responsibility is like a delete key for conspiracy thought.

What you are seeing today is what I told you about over a decade ago. I said, "There'll come a day when everyone talks to everyone, and there can be no secrets." You're starting to see the fact that there can be no secrets. They're being leaked openly, all the time.

So, let's discuss a giant conspiracy, one that has been around for decades. You decide which one. Now, do you think that there can be an organization or government with a large group of people, perhaps involving hundreds or more, that keep this "giant secret"? Here they all are, all winking at each other, saying, "Be sure not to tell anybody about you-know-what." Then this secret would last for decades without ever being revealed? Even on their deathbeds, they're not telling anything? If you do, you are out of touch with reality.

The only thing you're hearing are other Humans telling you it's happening, giving you their testimonies of what they've seen and what they've heard. I want to tell you it doesn't work that way. Not today. People cannot keep a secret. When everyone talks to everyone, you cannot have these kinds of conspiracies on the planet. That's the litmus test. If it's real, then all will know it soon. And yes, there are some conspiracies that are real, and yes, you're going to know about them. In this energy of global communications and social media, no one can keep these kinds of secrets, especially if it takes a lot of people to facilitate them. Do you see what I'm saying?

It's time to use spiritual logic instead of fear. Some people are very attracted to this. They spin in the drama of being the victim of all of this, and they love it. You know who they are. They will perpetuate the same conspiracy for decades and decades, against all logic or the reality of the times.


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