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We Are One Soul In Three Bodies

Dear Kryon, my two sisters and I are triplets. We've been told that we are one soul in three bodies. I was under the belief that each body houses a separate soul. I think my ego is upset that I'm not an “individual” if this is true. Can you enlighten me on this?

The most difficult thing to explain to a Human is the concept of how something singular in appearance can be many things in reality. You appear to be one soul because you have one body. When angels are drawn in your books and paintings, even though they are multidimensional beings, you give them skin and wings and call them one name!

So you continue to believe in “one body, one soul.” The reality is that every Human alive is multidimensional and is in many places at one time. Even as you sit there reading this, parts and pieces of you are in other places doing other things. Is that, then, one soul in many places, or many souls? The answer is both. Your single-digit dimensionality limits your concept of how this is, since everything before your reality is singular.

So the very premise of your question can't be answered, since nobody on the face of the earth has one soul. A better question would be, “Do your sisters share a singular purpose with you?” The answer, as your intuition told you, is no. They may have the same astrological aspects, but each Human is a separate piece of God, multidimensional and therefore not singular. Each is a different piece of God, on Earth in lesson to be independent.

The confusing part in all of this is what you do share with your sisters. You all share a common thread of divinity that might actually look like “one soul” to a reader (in 4D). This thread is your karmic bond, and why you all came in together the way you did. This has to do with potentials, past energies, and your current expression of lesson. But it's not the “same soul.”

Again, we liken this to a bowl of soup. It is singular in appearance, yet fluid inside. You can't ask how many soups there are in the bowl. It's different for all, but each bowl is singular. The soup is the divinity. Don't ever let the container fool you. It may be the same size and color, but the soup in each is diverse and tastes different. It's composed of many parts that make up what it is. It might be nourishing or poisonous. Only the soup can decide what vibration it will be.

Celebrate this with me! Isn't it a wonderful situation that you have? The connection to your sisters is unique to humanity. Only twins and other multiple-birth Humans have it. This is why you will always be “connected” as long as you live. When one of you leaves, finally, watch what happens: You will still be connected! Multidimensional things are like that.


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