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The Relevance Of Our Dreams

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, Other channellers have said that we should pay attention to our dreams and that we shouldn't use our dream books any longer, as the old symbols are no longer relevant. They've also stated that our dreams represent a release of old energies. So how do we analyze dreams now? Can you explain how we go about understanding the relevance of our dreams?

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, For many years I've been remembering many of my (sleeping) dreams, and also have been trying to interpret what they mean and what they can tell me about myself. I had some thoughts today, and was wondering if you could comment on them, and also about lucid dreaming. Here are my thoughts:

Are my dreams my imagination, and also my reality? I guess, in a way, the continual shifting in dream scenery could be likened to the fact that our true realities are layered, and multidimensional and can change in an instant. Furthermore, who's to say that our dreamscapes aren't alternate realities, on different planes/dimensions, which are brought about by choices we've made, or didn't make, in our “past”? Maybe they're playing out in our subconscious, to poke and prod us to learn in this reality what we may have learned, or are trying to learn, in our other realities?

ANSWER: First, let's give you, as best we can, the reasons for dreams, and the process involved. It's not what you necessarily indicated. This Human dream function is extremely complex. Even after our explanation, you may not fully understand.

Biological: From a biological aspect, dreams are actually a memory release and rewrite. They are a form of mental clearing that the body must perform in order to actually reorganize the brain during the sleep state. It moves things around and prioritizes the places where memory is stored. In the process, you often get flashes of what it's doing. So this is the clinical truth, not yet seen or accepted by science. Soon, however, as you're able to map the energies of the brain in real time, this will be shown. Remember where you read it first!

Psychological: The memories that are moved from place to place are often done in a priority that's driven by your fears, loves, passions, and even your addictions. This is a hierarchy that remains very telling in analysis, and hasn't changed much through the centuries of Human existence. The nonlinear attributes... seeing people in places they never were, or couldn't be within a real 4D time line, are common, since the brain is moving these things in a nonlinear way. Think of it this way: You're carrying a box of photos of all your life experiences. Suddenly you drop the box, and the photos go everywhere. As you pick them up, they're not in any order. The past and present are all mixed up. As you hold the photos in your hand, your Aunt Sally is next to a home that she never saw, visiting your children whom she's never met. In addition, you pick up certain photos first that have more energy for you than the others, since they're going to be filed in a specific place that needs to be more available to the brain for remembrance. So the brain actually prioritizes the memories in an order that's telling. This is where psychological analysis has been so valuable in the past.

Spiritual: With the coming of the new energy, Lightworker and ascension status has changed all the potentials, and a brand new piece of the dream puzzle emerges. Your newfound awareness is suddenly part of this memory rearrangement. In addition, if you're working at it (being a Lightworker), the dream process has changed its purpose. It's now actually a rewrite of the past within your DNA (in addition to the biological sorting of neuron storage, as seen above)! This is very difficult to describe. Think of it this way: Return to the photos on the floor. Now, as you pick up each photo, you get to rewrite the emotions and energies around them with a new, enlightened mind. The father that abused you is now the “partner in karma,” and an entity who did a good job of stirring your life up. The brother who committed suicide and shamed the family is now the one who gave you a gift... a kick in the pants to find out more about spiritual things. The partner who loves you, who may be lying next to you, is becoming more precious with your new divine eyes. So you're not just rearranging the memories. The brain is rewriting them. This is a powerful new attribute that shows a new enablement for Humans, and is primal to the teachings of Kryon and the other channellers of the New Age. Now, the photos you pick up first are the ones that you're rewriting and are thereby changing your very time line in this place called Earth.

The biological and psychological aspects cooperate fully with your enlightened state. They're subservient to the divine plan in your body, and have rearranged the priorities to help you fulfill a change in your DNA.

How to interpret the dreams? Well, those other channellers were correct - if you're working on your enlightenment. For the old interpretations discount the new spiritual aspects of the process. Now you may look at the interpretations completely in a spiritual light. Did you dream of Aunt Sally? Why? Perhaps you're rewriting how you felt about her and bringing her into a new light? Perhaps she's visiting you in an interdimensional way to help you process and rewrite her history within the scope of your life? This is very, very common. Parents return; those you lost during your 4D time line show up. You see, it's very complex, but it has indeed changed. Look for far more nonlinear things in the dream state.

Finally, a hint: If some of you have dreams that repeat and repeat a process or a song or an action seemingly all night (although dreams are actually happening in just a few seconds), it doesn't mean anything. Don't try to read into it. Instead, it's a smokescreen to let the brain and the divinity unify. The brain creates a feedback loop that runs while it does things that are beautiful, out of sight, and filled with new abilities for your consciousness.


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