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The Process

Laguna Hills is the "Home Room" of the Kryon work, and the first place Kryon gave a full KRYON TEAM meeting over a decade ago. The message is about "The Process" of enlightenment, explained better than ever before. As the energy on this planet begins to increase and change, more specific information is being given. Are involved in steps and processes to achieve enlightenment? You might find this message interesting.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

What would cause Human Beings to sit in a place like this? Think for a moment... that they could become multidimensional enough to hear words from the other side of the veil? Indeed, there would be those who would call you foolish for being here, and I will tell you the answer, old souls: It's not a doctrine; it's not a belief system; it's an absolute knowledge of the love of God, where home is, and what truth is. It's knowledge that inside you there is the spark of the Creator that cannot be denied. The experts say that 85 percent of the planet believes in the afterlife. If they are right, and if it is so, it has to be more than wishful thinking, doesn't it? What if it's intuitive?

What's going to happen when you die? The answer, old souls, is the same thing that happened every time you died before. This truth is hidden, as it should be. The secrets are not really available, as it should be. For the test is for you to find out who you are. It's always been that way, and the irony is that old souls often are seekers of this truth, only to have it so elusive, so elusive.

And so I would like to build a bridge tonight. I would like to tell you a little bit more about what you're up against and some of the processes that are involved in touching the face of the Creator inside you.

Before I do this, I want to state the obvious. We're on the cusp of 2020 as this meeting is being produced and as I speak to you in your timeframe. It is not yet the year of the middle of the shift, and the solstice has not arrived where you would celebrate that. So this would be a good time to congratulate the old souls hearing and reading.

I've said it before, sitting right here in this room! I've invited you to look even into your Akash. I've invited you to feel that which would be the reason you came. Let me state it simply: Old soul, no matter how many times you've been here, even in this lifetime, you've had to slog through the old energy. Many know what I mean. It has not been easy. You've lost friends and family and colleagues because of what you believed. Because you said there was "God inside," you didn't want to subscribe necessarily to that which is a three-dimensional doctrine, which limited you and your worship, your beliefs and your love. You wanted to instead expand that box that you were put in to say, "I believe I am God. A piece and part of me is in the stars. That's who I am." It got you in trouble, and we were there.

In these last years, perhaps even in these last months, there has been a major shift going on. It's a shift of the grid of this planet being more aligned and recalibrated to your energy than in any time in any of your lives. It is what you had always wished for; it is what you had always hoped for as a worker in the light.

You intuitively knew that there was a strong potential where there would come a time on this planet where the energy would start to work in your corner. Slowly, you can now watch it work. Slowly, you can watch the heads of government start to think differently. Slowly you can see those in other countries demand it. Slowly, you can watch that which is finance start to think differently. Slowly, it is coming around. Congratulations to those of you who have waited. This would be a great energy to manifest something. It's better than any you have ever previously had.

Advice Before We Begin

So I'll give you something to think about even before the lesson begins: What is it that you've cast aside? What is it that you've tried and didn't work? What is it that was your passion, but in your mind you have put it aside because you decided it wouldn't work or the time wasn't right? Well, the time is now right!

There's a well of knowledge that is deep in this room, which is the Akashic Record of all who are before me both hearing and reading. It represents the lifetimes that have been lived and the knowledge that has been gained. It is the experience that you've all gone through and it can now surface and become part of this planet's actual Akash [part of the planet's reality].

All of it can now be placed upon that which we would call the Crystalline Grid. That is why you're here, to bring forth that which you know and have brought to manifestation. And I will tell you, old soul, it is why we say that less than one-half of 1 percent of you have to become Lightworkers in this way in order for the earth to change. The seeds are being planted today. It is no longer, "Will I make it?" to the Human race. You have. You have.

Working the Puzzle

And now you are working the puzzle and moving through a shift that we promised would come, and it is here. Now, just think: When you reach the other side of 2020, you will have 18 more years to go where you are still in the energy of the Galactic Alignment. It's a 36-year window and you're not even halfway through it [speaking of the precession of the equinoxes].

Here's what that means to Spirit: There's an energy created in this alignment window that is absolutely special and will not occur again for 26,000 years. You have 18 more years to change this planet in this specific energy of manifestation, to plant the seeds. You're already doing it. It's already happening. At the end of the 18 years, I'll give you a prophecy: The beginning of real peace on Earth in the Middle East.

You're going to see ways of solving puzzles that you never saw before. In that amount of time, the youngsters, who are only teenagers now, will be leaders. They'll be on their way up. They'll be thinking about concepts you could not think of in an older energy. They will be solving puzzles that you said were unsolvable. There will be technology that is going to help the planet in ways you didn't even dream could be. That's the prophecy in 18 years, for I know the consciousness of those coming and I can see what the strongest potentials are of the planet at that time - all because old souls awakened and did their job. How do you feel about it?

What Can You Do?

So let's now talk specifics. "What is it I can do? What is it I'm supposed to do?" you might ask. There are those in here who have been seeking all their lives. Oh, they're leaders, seminar presenters, and some are even healers. But they've been seeking and asking, "How can I cross the bridge? How can I touch what is inside, which is precious and is God? I know it's there, but I think I've failed. I have failed to find the bridge." So let us talk of it. Let us discuss it. It's time.

We start with an intellectual discussion about "what is the Human Being." We will give a simplistic view. We often talk about esoteric things, and we speak about invisible things, and also things you know about. There are three multidimensional layers that compose what I would call the Human Being in its entirety. They are simple to label, and they're all profound. Each one gets more profound as they go inward. There are only three, really. Like the layers of DNA, they can be itemized and labeled, but they all work as one.

The first one we're going to call Human consciousness. The second one we're going to call innate. I'll explain these to you in a minute. The third one we're going to call the Higher-Self. Three of them, and the object is for you to take and go from the most outside one, to the next, and then to the next. This is so you can build a bridge from that which is three-dimensional, which you live in, right into that which we call body intelligence, the innate, then to the portal - the pineal that is the Higher-Self. How do you do it? Let me tell you this: In the old energy, you do it very seldom! It required deep meditation, visions, help from others, sitting in front of those who could read the other side and do it easily. All of that is beginning to move and shift. But we're asking you to do it, all of you, by yourself. The energy is starting to move into a place where this is available for all, but you're going to have to get out of a three-dimensional paradigm in order to accomplish it.

The Process

"Kryon, in 20 years you've never given us a list. How do we do this? There are others giving lists. There are even other Kryons giving lists. But you don't."

I'm going to show you why. Let us say you sit there and you wish that you could love yourself more. What if you have this desire: "I wish I could love myself more, I wish I could love Gaia more. I wish I could change my countenance and touch the face of God. I wish to be in touch with my inner child. I don't know what to do next." So you want to love yourself more. Let me ask you something: Who are you going to go pay to make that happen? The answer is you can't. You know that, don't you? Most do, and they say, "Yes, we know that we can't go pay somebody to have something happen inside ourselves that only we can do." But then they might say, "Well, there are a lot of programs that I can take on ‘How to Love Yourself More.' That's what I'll do. It's right there on the Internet. I can study it all I want to and take my time." And at the end of it, I will tell you, dear Human Being, that you'll have a lot of words in front of you. You'll have a lot of processes in front of you, and a very good chance that you won't love yourself anymore than you do now.

Why is that? Because in three dimensions, you always want to turn to somebody else, don't you? You want to take a pill and make it better, don't you? And there are processes where this will work for other attributes, but not for love. Not for love. This one you're going to have to face yourself. Look in the mirror and do it. Even then there will be those who say, "...and what is the first step?" I just gave it to you. Look in the mirror and start the process.

Now this is not going to sit well to the intellectual who wants to figure it out. But I will tell you this: This is, indeed, the puzzle. So I'm going to give you a metaphor; I'm going to talk to you about how it's done, and even then, there will be those who walk out of here and go, "I'm not really sure I understand all that." It is not easy, and it requires you to look in the mirror and not grasp for someone else.

The First Layer

The first thing that you have to acknowledge and get past is the first layer, which is Human consciousness. That is what I'm going to call The Survival Layer. As long as you are in survival, you will never know any other layer at all. As long as you're in survival, you will not get to the next layer, and can't even start the process. That's because the Survival Layer depends on you reacting to the outside world. You're always looking around, aren't you? You've got to make sure everything is proper and right, don't you? You've got to respond properly when talked to, don't you? This is survival.

You know how to get rid of pure survival? Spirit knows. How many of you have been brought to your knees through sorrow or health? How many of you? I know who's here, and I'm talking to you. You know what I mean, because suddenly survival goes away and the conscious layer drops before you. Then all you see is the love of God. All you see is gratitude for those around you and a peacefulness of just being alive and well. That, dear ones, is the position you have to be in. But why wait for an emergency? Why not understand it and work on doing that very thing by yourself?

Step one: Get out of survival! "How do I do that, Kryon?" Consider this: "Dear Spirit, I wish to soften my consciousness. When those who would insult me are trying to push my emotional anger buttons, I don't want the buttons to work anymore. I want to disengage them. I don't want to react anymore. I want to sit in peace. That is getting out of survival. I am safe in the arms of God - totally and completely safe. I wish to drop the outer shell that is the Human consciousness layer, the one that instantly and only reacts to 3-D, and walk my life differently." That would be the first step. That's the first step, dear one. Look in the mirror while you say it.

Do you defend yourself? If somebody criticizes you, are you quick to make it right? How many of you can hear a criticism of yourself, then stop and think, "Wow, what if they're right?" It's hard for a Human Being to do this, and you can't do that easily. You've got to practice that one. You know why? Because you're designed for survival. In the old energy, it served you well and now it doesn't.

Basic Human consciousness is designed for survival, and you have passed that marker. It carries an old energy with it that breeds hatred and war, disappointment and depression. It carries self-doubt with it and always makes you feel alone. Do you really wish to wallow anymore in this? It is time to change it from survival to "peaceful existence with wisdom."

I want to take you to the consciousness of the masters of the planet who are all here. If you stood before Christ and said, "Well, I don't really like what you're wearing," what do you think the Master would say? Would he defend? "Well, it's fine with me. It suits me well, and I got a good deal on it." (After all, he was Jewish.) [Laughter] But that's not what he would say! You know better. He would look in your eyes and look right through you. He would look into the piece of God that he knows and loves dearly and you would melt before him. That's what would happen. He would love you into a place where you would see the face of God.

Muhammad walked into a cave and met an angel who told him to unite the tribes of Arabia and give them the God of Israel. That's what happened and he did. He knew the love of God. He walked softly and he was beautiful. He wouldn't give you a defensive answer either, and neither would Buddha. These are masters who long ago gave away the survival layer and worked with an energy of softness from within.

More currently, if you could walk the earth again with Paramahansa Yogananda right now and look into his eyes and say, "You know, your robe smells funny," what kind of response do you think you would get? In fact, who would ever say that? Believe me, there are some who would. This master would look at you with the love of God and melt you, because you would see in him no judgment, no hurt - only truth. There is no survival agenda with a master. There is no survival consciousness with mastery. Do you see what I'm saying? What happens when you can accomplish that, when you can soften the survival, is that you start getting in touch with innate, the Miracle Layer. That's layer two.

The Second Layer

This is really when the process begins of getting into the interior of the Human Being's core. We have told you about innate before. It is called "body intelligence." It knows everything that's going on in your body because it represents the field that is quantum around your DNA.

It is the innate you touch for healing. It's the innate that responds to the laser and the chemistry that is profound [speaking of Dr. Todd Ovokaitys' work]. This is new, because it's a multidimensional process, and innate sees it quickly and knows it. Do you know what else is multidimensional? Human conscious intent. When you generate thought groups that are creative, it is a multidimensional process. It's what paints paintings. It's what the maestro behind me uses when he closes his eyes and hears melodies he's never heard from the other side of the veil. [speaking of composer Robert Coxon, who is composing and playing with the channelling]. That's a multidimensional process and he can turn it on when he wants, because he's in touch with innate. And innate is in touch with the Higher-Self. Starting to get the picture? Well, how do you do it? How do you now get in touch with innate?

How it Works

I will now describe to you again how it is done. The first step was to get out of survival mode. The second step is pure intent. Pure intent is intent to touch part of you that perhaps has never been touched before. Let's say you are ready to cross the bridge and have this new energy, which is ripe on the planet, serve you and start working with that intent. It will bring you closer to what you've always had - innate, the Miracle Layer. Innate is in touch with DNA. Innate has the stem cell blueprints and the Akashic Record. Innate is responsible for spontaneous remission, the instant healing of Humans that science can't explain. Do you hear what I'm saying? It's all there.

The masters knew it. This is how they worked. All those healings that you heard about that they did - absolutely real! They were touching the innate of every single Human Being they were with. How do you do it? With pure intent. And I'll say it again. Pure intent is that which is so pure you cannot go backwards once you've given it. It's absolute. You're going to co-create something with intent because the intent is all of you moving into an area where you've never been before.

"Come on, Kryon. This is information that we really can't use. Pure intent for what? How? Give us more."

Here is a metaphor that you'll never forget: When a Human Being stands on the edge of a lake and they desire to jump in, all of the muscles of their body work together with pure intent. They give permission to jump, and the attributes come together for jumping into the air. They've committed when they leap, and they can't go back. But there's more.

Right at that moment, there's a process that Humans don't understand at all, but they trust it and work with it, and it's called gravity. Science does not understand gravity. Oh, they think they do. They think it's a function of mass. Well, it is related, but mass is only one of the attributes of gravity. Mass does not determine the strength of gravity. What you see in 3-D is a correlation that you have come to understand, however. Survival mode has taught you all about it. There'll come a day when you can control gravity, when you can make massless objects. Tesla did it. The science is out there ready to be discovered yet again, but meanwhile you don't understand it. But, oddly enough, you all use it.

So here is an extremely complex process that has no understanding at all, a multidimensional attribute of the Universe, and you use it every day. You don't even think about it. You don't understand it, but you count on it always being there and always being the same. Now you've jumped off the bank and gravity is taking you into the lake.

Now, how many of you, after you're wet, get out of the lake and sit down with a pad and a piece of paper and want a list of how gravity did that?

Are you understanding what's going on here? Listen: There is a profound, divine rule and an axiom about pure intent. Let me give that to you another way. Your Higher-Self is a piece of the Creator. You're all born with it. It's the same soul you've had for every single lifetime. Are you aware of that? Every lifetime, the same soul. There's a friend in there who has been with you through every journey, along with innate. Some of you have been able to reach out and touch that friend and that is when you're the most peaceful on the planet. Can you feel that? Do you remember that? How would you like to have that feeling all the time? It's like having all your parents back, wrapped up in one inside you, looking at you. You can touch them, they can touch you. You can touch their hands anytime you want. In pure love, it's the parents you always wished you had if you didn't have them from the other side of the veil. That's what it is.

Oh, you feel so good. That's where the inner child is. You can touch it any time you want, and it can be 100 percent of the time. You can be on a high of love. The process is not understandable or intellectual, but the axiom is that it will always work, just like gravity. It waits for you to activate it. You can count on it taking you right into the lake of self-awareness.

Dear ones, ever since you were born, the Higher-Self, that soul which has been with you every single time, always has had his hand out, waiting for you to make this step. This is the loving God who puts you in a place, synchronistically, where you can hear this and make better decisions. It's that same loving energy who will show you 11:11 on the clock so often that it's completely out of the possibility of randomness. Yet you keep seeing those same numbers. Now you know. That's the Creator inside you. It's tapping you on the shoulder and saying, "Look now."

Numerologically, 11:11 has the energy of illumination/illumination. It's two master numbers side-by-side. Can you miss that? Can you miss that, old soul? It's a wink. This is the lifetime you've waited for! That's the hand, reaching out from God, saying, "Why don't you get a little closer? Because you can help the planet if you do. Why don't you live a little longer? Why don't you start the ‘you' thing? You know it's in the DNA if you want it. Why don't you co-create a reality that you've only dreamed of?" You know it's there if you want it. You have felt it! It's real.

You've got to get out of survival and give pure intent. Start to trust a process that is unknown. You will have no idea about how it works. Can you do that?

Now, here's the promise, dear Human Being: When you begin that pure intent, this process takes over and will work. It will work because this is what Spirit has been waiting for. Jump into the lake. You can't stop it. There is no delete key in the Human brain. You can't unknow what I just told you. Oh, you can try. But it won't work, because I'm speaking to that which is inside you right now.

Right now, some of you are starting to feel it. There are old souls here whose Higher-Selves are yelling at you: "Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen!" It's because they've been with you all your life and all they've ever wanted was for you to touch the hand that's outstretched - that's all they wanted. It starts the process.

So the invitation this day is without steps, without training and without knowledge of what you are doing. Like it so far? However, you can trust the process just like you do gravity. Can it be that hard? It's there. It works, but you've got to take the leap. And when you do, you can't go backwards. It will take you into the lake.

When my partner first started channelling, I gave him information that was simple. I told him about the implant. He told me: "Kryon, that's a bad word." He said to me, "Kryon, there are Lightworkers out there trying to take out implants and you want to put one in! Don't use that word." But here's why we used it and what it means. After all these years, I tell you: It's permission to implant pure intent. That's what it is. The reason it takes people back for a moment is because they don't want something put into them that they can't take out. They don't understand that this is exactly what you do when you jump off the edge into the water. You're not going back and you're going to get wet.

How many of you are ready for this, old soul? It's time to get wet. Become wet with the purity of the water of Spirit. Go to a place that you were designed to go. Go to a place that will welcome you with open arms and begin a process that may take awhile, but one that we have invited you to begin this day. It's pure intent for implantation of permission to change. You can't take it back.

So the teaching becomes more profound. It's more profound because it deals with the essence of why you're here. It pushes on those buttons of yours that say, "I don't really want to go there and do that because I'm afraid things will change too much." How about you get rid of the fear about this and consider changing to something better than you have. That might be the change. No matter how good you think it is, it will get better with the love of God.

It's time to visit the family inside you. Listen: There are those who you have loved and lost here saying, "Job well done." That's why they brought you here. That's why they parented you on the other side of the veil. They knew it. No matter what they did when they got here, they knew what they were doing before they came. That's why you are sitting in the chair today reading and hearing.

God bless the Human Being in these times! We've gone through this incredible journey together only to sit in this place at this time and start the seeds of graduation. It is before you. Change is difficult. Be fearless. Walk tall and know that you represent the only light that there ever will be on this planet. Nobody is going to do this for you.

Every country my partner has been in has the same attributes. Those around the earth who are old souls are just like you. You've taken turns with cultures and languages, but they are just like you... brothers and sisters all, working on the same thing you are. They are working on touching the face of God inside.

It is appropriate. It is time.


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