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The Humanization of God

Here is one of Kryon's favorite subjects, all put into one place and summarized for all to see. Why do we make Spirit into a Human, then assign Human traits to divinity? This is the core of mythology, and the reason why most of Humanity has such a difficult time understanding the concept of a personal, loving, God.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

So I return again with a message about perception. The shift that is going on now within this planet, at the moment, is about you. It's about communicating. For that which is inside you called your Higher-Self, which remains unidentifiable, simply cannot be defined properly in three dimensions. So it's often misunderstood. It is time for all to hear this message, even though there will be pieces and parts of it you may not understand. The box that you are in is a survival box in three dimensions. It's all you know. So you will base all things you see and make decisions only upon that which you think you know. In fact, for you to base things on that which you don't know, is impossible - yet we ask you to try.

Multidimensional things are difficult for humanity to ponder. If you step outside the paradigm you were born in and the reality you have survived in, it would be a confusing experience. How then, can we ask you to think in ways that are beyond what you know or have experienced?

The energy on this planet is changing. You might say the toolbox of the Lightworker is being enhanced. So the new toolbox is the key to having the ability to do what I am saying is now possible, and to start thinking in a multidimensional way even without knowing that that's what you're doing. You see, part of the toolbox is new help. It starts with the increased intuition of the old soul.

Let us begin, therefore, with an affirmation, a statement of intent for understanding. As you sit before Spirit in a group like this, or alone and listening or reading as some of you are now, ask for a dispensation of wisdom: "Dear Spirit, help me to understand at a multidimensional level the concepts that are being presented." For if you can enhance your wisdom, it will increase communication between the two sides of the veil.

The Humanization of God

I'm going to title this channelling so that my partner will not. I don't always title them, for labeling items is something done for 3D reasons. In your reality, you want a label for the message you're about to hear. So I'll give it to you, just as a dichotomous exercise. Its title will be, "The Humanization of God."

My partner sits in a chair. It has taken him 22 years to bring my conceptual thoughts to you. Even though these conceptual thoughts from the other side of the veil are also within each Human, within your Higher-Self, they are not easy to access. This is because they exist in a multidimensional state and not one that a Human relates to. Therefore, it has taken 22 years for my partner to learn to linearize the concepts into a string of words, presented in a language that you will understand.

Not all of you here and reading this will understand what I'm teaching today. I am aware of that, for Spirit does not speak to Human Beings with words in this fashion. Instead, the language of Spirit speaks in that what you call intuitive flashes, outside of linear time, and all at once. That is how you get your best information. Yet many of you feel you have God all figured out.

Examples of the Linear

As I sit here, perhaps an individual who may be here for the very first time asks the question, "Who are you, Kryon, and where are you from?" Now those two questions may absolutely be logical and normal to every single Human Being who hears and reads this message, but I will tell you that the questions themselves betray biased linear thinking. For Kryon is not a who and is from nowhere. How can that be? The only way I can explain this is to give you metaphors. I know that metaphors don't hold up under full examination, since no analogy is perfect. So consider it only a close example to get you to begin the understanding process.

Let's say you feel incredible love in your life for another Human, or for an animal, for instance, or for your child. Let us say that it is overwhelming and perhaps even has you weep with joy, so strong it is! Now, when you feel this way, do you look around and say, "Who are you, really? Who is there?" Would you address that love emotion as though it had a body and ask, "Where are you from?" You would not! Instead, you'd simply accept it and say, "I know it's coming from me, but it really doesn't feel part of me."

There's something about love. It comes from everywhere. It permeates the soul of the Human Being. You feel it so strongly. You are not aware of it being sent to you, or pulled to you; it just is. But it's unusual and profound, almost like it's part of something else, something bigger. Perhaps it's the God part of you, expanding? You'd be right about that. Love is not singular. You don't segment it into parts, or put a body on it and give it a name either. It's a concept that affects every cell of your body and all your body functions. It sometimes even takes over! This is the beauty of love.

I'm not a who. You hear me within this voice, coming from a singular body of a Human Being. So you understandably want to know who's talking. But the only thing singular here is the Human who I come through. I am best identified as that which is the collection of the confluence of the creative energy source in the Universe. I am uncountable and am not isolated and singular. You can't notate me (define me with attributes in 3D). Twenty-two years ago, I identified myself and said, "I am, that I am." And then I said, "And so are you!" I told you that at the center of the atom is where I am. I told you that the space between the electron haze and the nucleus is filled with love. I told you that the benevolent, creative source energy that is part of you is part of me. It is all things together. You'll find it in a tree, in the dirt and in the grass. You'll find it in the air and you can't ask who because we are not singular. You can't count the flavor in the soup, or identify "where is the salt?" It just "is" the soup.

God does not have the mind of a Human Being with the consciousness of a Human Being. God is not a collection of many separate consciousness parts either, and this is difficult for you to understand. God can talk to every single Human - all 6, 7 billion of them - at the same time. God can carry on a loving, healing conversation, being personal all at once with every single one of you. Think of that! That's not a who. That's the creator of the Universe. That's a divine, intelligent, loving energy. Don't humanize this source! It's not like you.

The Linear Thinker

Humans want to make everything separate and individual. You want to separate, identify, and quantify. This is Human nature, for every living thing you come into contact with is separate and singular - a Human, an animal, a bug, a tree. They all have this in common. Each one is a closed life system and is ONE thing. So placing God in this box makes you feel better. Because only then can you grasp how you're supposed to act and react to Spirit. Linearizing God helps you to feel what you're supposed to do and when you're supposed to do it. All of the survival attributes that you've learned all your life go into this, and we call it the Human linear bias. God is better understood if it's a man with a beard and a low voice - the authority figure. But Spirit is not like that.

God is not an authority figure, either! Yet many of you will not accept that. "You mean the creator of the Universe is not in charge?" I didn't say that. I said that God is not an authority figure. God is family. If there is any authority energy, then you share it with God, for God is in you. Therefore, YOU are the authority figure.

There is no protocol, either! Did you hear me? There is no generic protocol! Thousands of years of religion have created thousands of "rules" of how to "get God's favor." What if none of that is so? Let me ask you something: If you wanted to talk to your own body's cellular structure, what's the protocol? If it's you with you, how do you start? Should you dress up a bit, kneel, prepare yourself? Do you invent something, some framework of motions, so it will work better? Or do you simply go inside with your mind, talk to that which you own, and work the puzzle out? Do you see what I mean? Humans never consider God in them. Instead, they wish to separate God. They wish to elevate God and put Spirit on the altar where they can face it and perhaps even create a statue so they can visualize who to talk to. That is humanizing God.

Guides and Angels

Let us talk about what I would call the worst-case scenario of humanizing God, and it touches the core of so many of you. It's in how you visualize guides and angels. Now, this is going to be vastly different from so much you've been told. So be prepared to think differently. This will not diminish any divine entity, just enhance it to bring it into alignment with multidimensional thinking.

Do angels exist? Absolutely, but not as you think or have been taught. Are there helpers? Absolutely, but again, not like you think. When angels visited Humans in ancient days and the events were written about by those who were there to witness the experience, I can guarantee it was a lot different than they could express on paper. When an angel appears before a Human, it looks like a swirling ball of energy, sometimes even fire that is not hot and does not consume anything. Angels are not in Human form and never have been. They are multidimensional beings, not in 3D. Yet you want to put skin and wings on them and give them a name! Why? It makes you feel better about them. We understand that.

"Who are they?" You give them names; you give them attributes. This angel does this; this angel does that. What if I told you they were all together? You would react. You'd say, "I don't like that. I want them to be individuals and do different things." Humans want angels to be the "divine factory workers for God," each with a task. It's not that way! When you breathe the air, does it line up as individual molecules with names and tasks, then enter your lungs in a row? Get used to the concept of what they call in physics entanglement. It's a word used in the quantum world that describes an odd attribute of matter that seems to be "connected to everything all the time."

I want you to get used to something that is profound and beautiful. You are part of everything! You're not separated from it. You belong to it. You may be individual bodies in 3D, but in a multidimensional world, you are connected to everything!

Let's talk about guides and helpers in a more specific and historical context. The channellings [scriptures] of the ancients have gone along with your visualization of three guides. But you should be aware of this "three" number in this new perspective, because now I'm going to give you something that is different from 3D.

Twenty years ago, I simply went along with your perception of "three guides." It served you, and there was no wisdom to understand anything else. Now there is. I have news for you: You don't have three guides. The three is only the numerological identification of helper energy. The number three becomes a "pointer" to another meaning.

I said earlier today [in an earlier channelling] that you all participate in a third language during my channellings. Some of you are not hearing what I'm doing with my partner at all [the channelling you are reading]. Instead, you've got your own personal messages happening and they're being transmitted right now. Therefore, what we call the "Third Language" is a catalytic, multidimensional language. It catalyzes the energy between you and I, and when you sit in front of me and you open that which is your third eye, the pineal is wide open. That's when the catalyst begins its work and you get intuitive, communicative messages.

The catalyst is between that energy you call innate, or your Higher-Self, and this side of the veil where I am. This language is working with your intuition, giving you flashes, giving you instructions, holding your hand, giving you love. That's the Third Language.

You Don't Have Three Guides

Now it seems like you do have three guides because there are three distinct energies that are divine that Spirit uses with humanity. The first Human to see them and publish this fact was Elisha, understudy of the prophet Elijah. When he watched Elijah ascend, it appeared to be three white horses carrying the chariot that Elijah rode up into the clouds with his voluntary ascension. He called this whole experience the Merkabah. This is a Hebrew word that means "to ride."

What Elisha was seeing was three energies that belonged to Elijah, and they weren't guides or angels that were a part from him. Instead, Elijah came in with them and he left with them. Dear ones, you come in with a divine energy that is so profound that part of it stands apart from you for life. You are bigger than you think. Your guides are part of you! They're not separate, they're not from other places, and they don't change. "Uh oh. Kryon, in past books, you said they changed." Indeed, I did, and that was so you'd understand a simpler reality of divinity. Now you are graduates.

The Dark Night of the Soul - An Apparent Guide Change

Now I will give you something else you should hear. Many of you have had the situation where you believe your angels, your guides, whatever you call them, have gone away for awhile. In the beginning of the Kryon work, we told you that for up to 90 days, you might experience what we now call recalibration. Back then, we called it "The Implant." It was "the implantation of your permission to change." It would often be accompanied by a perception of the guides and angels leaving for up to 90 days.

Every single Human Being who recalibrates, no matter how many times they do it, will have a period of time where there is seemingly no help, and a time where Spirit has seemed to retreat from you. Now, I'm giving you this information because some of you are going to go through it, and some of you have already gone through it, and it's not what you think. Now, I want you to listen to me as I finally explain what is happening.

During this recalibration time when you feel Spirit is not listening to you or your guides have gone, the best thing to do is simply read a good book. Don't try to figure it out. Don't make any decisions. Don't move your place of living. If you want to do something, why don't you sit in the chair and say, "Thank you, God, that you cared enough for me that I'm going through this. Because when I come through this, I'm going to be different." You will be!

Human Beings recalibrate with intent and free choice to vibrate higher. With the recalibration comes more divine sight, more intuition, more light, and more of a revelation of who they are. When they re-emerge recalibrated with the stair step of energy shift that they accomplished, seemingly, back come those guides! But I will tell you the truth. You think they've changed? Ha ha. They haven't. The same set of energies are there that were always there, except now you see them better! Do you understand what I'm saying? However, in 3D it looks like one set went away and another came in. The reality is that you shifted to such a degree that they just look different to you! That's how much you changed. You changed; they didn't.

Is there precedent for this? Yes. It's in your scriptures, profoundly, and I will give it to you. This is not given to offend anyone, but I'm going someplace in this discussion that you didn't expect me to go. I'm going to tell you the truth, and it's beautiful. In your historic scriptures, it was reported so clearly, so unexplainable. The master of love hangs on the cross dying. It's a dark day, when certain Humans in control have decided to kill the one master who could show them the most. He cries out in despair and His tears are great and He says, "My God, why have you forsaken Me?" Did you expect that phrase from the master? This was the proclaimed son of God!

So I'll give you the reason: He was about to shift! And within the shift that He was about to have, it required the seeming guide energy to become recalibrated. To the Human Christ, it appeared that He had lost it all, but only for a moment. Yet clearly he was distressed, for he was suddenly in the dark, without the support he had become used to all his life. Then they all came back, and divinity was restored with enhancement. That's the ascension process.

You have this attribute, too. This "Son of God" told you that you were also "Sons of God." Clearly he wanted you to understand that everything he did while he was here was as an example of what you could do, too. If you go through this process, I want to tell you this: God will never leave you! You cannot take God from your body. You may deny God all your life, but the same number of angels walk out with you, dear one, that walk out with the healer or the channeller. There is no judgment of your belief, only love.

Communication with God

Let's talk about the next one - communication. Why is it that you want to humanize God? As I indicated a moment ago, you put God apart from you, make Him a male, give Him a beard and a deep voice. You assign Him to elder status and you talk to Him, you worship, and you build statues to humanize Him. God is inside! The greatest energy of the creator of Earth sits in every single Human Being, right inside. Every single piece of DNA has this, 100 trillion of them. There's a consciousness and even a communication between DNA molecules that science doesn't even know about. God is in you! So why do you rip it out and build buildings to hold it?

Let me ask you something: Let's say it's time for you to talk to one of your own body organs, and the exercise of the day would be to talk to your kidney. Would you then build a giant kidney and worship it? Oh, how 3D of you! Do you see what I'm saying? Why would you do that when it's inside your body? It's because you do not perceive God as coming from you. So it's about divine perception. It is time for you to change your image of you! When you do, you will open your eyes, look in the mirror and say, "I am that I am. God is in me." It's hard to do that as a Human Being. It requires you step out of your old reality of victimization.

What does your culture tell you about your divinity? Everything you see in the media tells you you're broken. You need this, you need that. Have you ever seen a commercial where they look at you and say, "You don't need anything but yourself. Now get on with it."? No.

How can you best communicate with Spirit? I will tell you. You've got to fall in love with yourself! That is the key. That is the portal. It is being OK to have God inside you. You were not born dirty; you were born magnificent - magnificent! And the ones in this room who have discovered their magnificence are not ego-driven. They're love-driven, and that's a big difference. They love themselves as they would love God. They understand the balance of standing up for what they believe in as being part of light, and rejecting things that represent old energy and the dark. At the same time, they hold their egos at bay so it never controls them. That's what the masters did and that's what the masters taught. Communication with God is automatic when you touch that part of the creator that is inside yourself. That opens the portal.

Wars in Heaven?

Look at history for a moment, and see what humans have decided about God and the history of God. Let me tell you the story that is taught today. Once upon a time, God, the creator of the Universe, had a problem. It seems to be that there was a war going on. Somehow, it was a war with the angels involved, and certain angels didn't like the way God was doing things. Now, right away, does that sound like God or does it sound like men?

The story continues. Finally, because the war was going badly, the instigator was thrown out of heaven (or whatever you call it) and fell to Earth. He took his followers with him and went underground. Now he has a tail, horns and makes fire. Again, dear ones, does that sound like the creator of the Universe to you? Does that sound like the core of love, the multidimensional source of all that is? No. It sounds like a children's story that humanizes God so that the masses can be controlled. Wars are what Humans do, not the creator of your Universe. A war in heaven? The story itself is the ultimate humanization of God. Humans create scenarios of judgment, punishment, revenge, and drama, then place it upon God. If you have any spark of spiritual logic, it will shout that this is the persona of Humans, not God.

The Love of God

I have told you before the mother who looks at the child has nothing but love. That family member never tells the child that she's going to ignore him, or that life with her is going to be difficult. She never casts the child into a dark place if he doesn't do what he's told. Instead, there is love, understanding, patience, and help. That's all. And that's what you get from the other side of the veil, dear ones. That's why I stand before you now. Why do you humanize God and reduce the splendor of this creator energy to a common duality? The reason is that it represents an old energy of Human thought, and not the wisdom of a new earth. Humanity is changing, and so is the understanding of the God inside.

An Admonishment for the New Energy

Now, I'll give you something you should be aware of in the new energy. Do not remove yourself from your culture. In the old energy, you had a tendency to remove yourself from dark things, to find other enlightened people, and build communes or perhaps walk out in the desert by yourself. The holy men of the tribe always lived alone. This was thought to increase your purity so you could be of better service to Spirit.

Now, however, I'm calling you the match bearer, and you know what that is, Lighthouse. You provide light in the darkness, and that is why you're here. Less than one half of one percent of you have to light this match to create peace on Earth. The seeds of that are already being planted as we speak. In the old energy, you removed yourself from darkness; now we wish you to remain within your culture and simply shine your light.

So here's what I want to tell you. There are those in the room who are saying, "Why do I have to work where I work? There is nobody of like mind, and it's a dark place. I don't like it, but I have to go there." And again, we say to you as we have for decades, that if you're the Lighthouse, you're going to be where no other Lighthouse is. You may have the only light around. You have no concept of how many ships you're steering into safety. That is why you're here - to walk in places you've never walked, perhaps, or to stay in places that are dark, perhaps.

There is the promise from Spirit that in this new energy, darkness cannot touch you. If you're holding the only light, darkness cannot touch it! The absence of light cannot supersede light. Don't worry about something getting to you because it's dark. It can't. It can't! No longer should you remove yourself from society. Don't be proud, for instance, that you don't go here, or you don't do this or that because it seems like you're intermingling with those that are not of like mind. Don't judge those around you. Know that they are all pieces of God like you. The only difference is you're an old soul and you've got a match! You have the seeds of the master. Wouldn't you like to light it so they can see better?

Other humans may never know where that refreshing light is coming from. They might not know your name. But if you stand among them lighting a match, they'll see each other better. Blessed are the Human Beings who see one another in the light, for they're less likely to go to war - all because someone struck a match.

The match is the metaphor for the enlightened old soul, walking this planet with knowledge. "Then what are we supposed to do?" you say. "What is the task?" You're not supposed to do anything. You're supposed to be. The lighthouse does not have communication with the ships at sea. It only shines its light. You don't have to walk around evangelizing. You don't have to walk around giving anyone a Kryon book. You don't have to say anything. The light that you carry shows itself by how you treat others, how you treat your family, and what you do in situations that are typically Human. It's how you mirror the love of God.

The Drama Engine

Is everything a problem? Is there drama all the time in your life? Is there anxiety? Does it seem like things are attracted to you all the time that you have to deal with? If the answer is yes, I will tell you, you haven't lit your match. Oh, you may be a Lightworker, but you really haven't lit the match. You only got the toolbox. You never opened it.

How It Works

Dear Human Being, you have an active purpose on this planet and are born for a reason. As you raise your vibration, the Crystalline Grid, which is an esoteric grid of this planet, knows who you are. As soon as you start to raise your vibration, you are in touch with the planet, with Gaia itself. It starts to change its vibration because you're changing yours. If you strike a match in a darkened room, it illuminates the room. Eventually, there will be others interested in how they can have their own match and they'll find it for themselves. Then they will also affect the Crystalline Grid the way you did. That grid is the consciousness of Gaia. As the grid of Gaia changes, humanity changes. You've seen it in the last two generations. This is what the message was today [the lecture from Lee earlier that day].

Human consciousness is changing, exactly as we said 22 years ago. The time is now, and the light is starting to work. It may take two generations before you actually see what we are speaking of regarding solving the issues in the Middle East, clearing the way for a lasting peace on the planet. But it begins now, and you're at the forefront of it. That's what you're feeling. The action item of this energy is to stay in your culture and be part of it, while holding the match.

A Lightworker is a worker of light. Simply put, this is the Human who is able to dismiss drama and who is beginning to understand how he can live longer and be peaceful and heal himself, no matter what. Whether it's physical or psychological, Lightworkers are learning how to rewrite their DNA. This is the teaching. This is what you're starting to do. Your toolbox is beginning to reveal the new tools of mastery. Some of them may even seem magic to you, for they're outside the paradigm of three dimensions. Eventually, you're going to see it everywhere and science is going to start to enhance it by verifying what you're feeling.

Don't humanize God! Instead, take the hand of God that is offered to you through your Higher-Self and become part of it. Don't worship God and bow before God. Instead, become part of the essence of the love of God that is within you. For the first time in Human history, you are approaching the seeds of graduate status. You are about to alert those from a distant part of your galaxy that you made it to this place of understanding. Oh, dear ones, you have no idea what that means!

The Mayans were right. The potential of the highest consciousness of humanity looms. It's not a sure thing by any means, but through your free choice of the last two generations, it is now closer than it has ever been. You're not going to destroy yourself this time. Instead, you will begin to slowly turn it around into solution.

The earth [Gaia] will cooperate. It has already begun. The life cycle changes, and the cooling of the oceans has begun, right on schedule. The earth is allied with you. You're together in this, not apart from it.

Dear ones, all of these things are true. Some of them you don't understand yet, but I say this to you: Blessed is the Human Being who recognizes the face of the designer of the Universe when he looks in the mirror. For then, he will know that it's OK to love what he sees - God in him.

This is the message this day. I am Kryon, in love with humanity.

And so it is.


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