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The Expanded Role Of The Thymus

Dear Kryon, I have been feeling an energetic expansion in the area of the thymus. I remember that I'd read something about the thymus but don't remember what. Will you please tell me about the expanded role of the thymus and whatever else I need to know about it?

Please see Kryon book 9, pages 45, 83, and 332 for a discussion of this wonderful question.

An excerpt: Kryon Book 9, page 83: “There is a strong metaphor for what is happening to your biology and consciousness. You are moving from a paradigm that involves your immune system to a paradigm that now involves the thymus. What did I just say? I'll tell you: The immune system identifies the enemy and fights it. The thymus identifies the enemy and harmonizes with it. From fight to harmony, that is the theme of this next 12-year period. It involves consciousness, biology, politics, and even physics. Watch for harmony in all fields of science--things that will start making sense and dovetailing one with another.

Kryon Book 9, page 332: Dear Kryon: As we begin to experience interdimensional energies, what changes are occurring in our physical body, especially to the pineal and thymus glands? How will these changes manifest in our day-to-day reality (if at all)? What symptoms might we experience as we hold more light? Eventually you'll find an awakened thymus. This may be noticed in about a decade, if at all. As to what symptoms you might experience? Not all of them are positive, but neither are they as you grow up: You might experience occasional headaches, ringing in the ears, unusual sleep patterns, being overly tired (sometimes), an increasing awareness of the feelings of others, increased sensitivity in certain situations in crowds, a change in musical and/or art preferences, and a realization that some of the friends you've selected may not serve you anymore.


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