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The Essence Of A Soul

Dear Kryon, there have been quite a number of sociopaths in my life. Psychiatrists tell us that they have no conscience, as opposed to a good or a bad one. So, doctors cannot help them because there’s nothing to fix. How can they be a spirit soul, having a life, if they have no conscience? Isn’t that the essence of a soul?


Conscience is not the essence of a soul. It’s only a biological reaction to chemistry. Many of these you mention have actually been born without the needed biology, but they still have a soul. From a much higher place than you’re giving credit for, their soul is active, looking down on a life they planned for themselves, where they would come to the planet and help balance something or unbalance something that would eventually lead to something far higher and better. This is one of the most difficult things for you to see or understand. How can abuse or even murder help the planet? The answer is one that only time can reveal. It often pushes Humans into understanding, spiritual endeavor, or laws that change a country.

A Human Being can have a glorious soul, but never speak to it, see it, or be in touch with it. Even the lowest of the low of humanity have souls. It’s all part of a plan that you participate in, even if you don’t believe you could ever have a part in something like this.


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