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The Energy of Canada

Dear Kryon, Can you talk about the energy of Canada?

There are truly two answers here:

  1. The energy of the land, and

  2. The energy of the citizens of that great land.

Canada has some of the most pristine land on Earth. It also has the attribute of having very few battles upon it, and therefore very little “land karma.” This is an expression we use to describe the layers of energy one might have to go through to communicate with the energy of Gaia effectively. Therefore, we'll tell you again that this is a place where Humans would find it easier to meditate, heal, or learn to vibrate higher. If you doubt that, just go there and “feel” it. It also supports channelling better than most other parts of Earth.

There's a karmic group of Canadians who will protect this land to the end. The main karmic attribute of this group is one who lost their lands before and this time will not! They're more environmentally aware than almost any other country on Earth, and indeed, most of their electric power is produced by water! (Other countries should take note.)

They're also working through another issue of separatism. We've said it before: When Canadians truly unite as Canadians, no matter what their language differences, their monetary system will suddenly “heal itself” and develop the strength it once had, as compared to all of Earth's currencies. It's all related.


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