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Sacred Geometry

Dear Kryon, there’s a teaching that states that sacred geometry is an electrical-based energy, and therefore not compatible with Mother Earth. It can only be used in the early stages of ascension. After that, its use creates illness in the body. What’s your comment on this?

Sacred geometry is one of the most powerful ancient energy technologies on the planet. Its use can easily make you uncomfortable, and perhaps even sick. However, we’ve told you before that the Human vibrates higher as the ascension attributes are achieved. This often keeps pace with anything you do to enhance your learning and spiritual growth, including advanced sacred geometry. So it’s up to the individual to understand it and use it appropriately.

This is provided by the wisdom you achieve as your ascension steps are reached and you’re ready for advanced things. If you’re in school and don’t learn the lessons of one grade, the next grade won’t serve you. It’s also this way with spiritual growth. To assign a generic rule to energy is to ignore the vast variety of individual paths and the unique spiritual growth of each Human Being.

Gaia is an energy that resounds with electrical and magnetic appropriateness. It’s an energy that supports Humanity and can be called upon to compliment your spiritual growth. It changes itself in response to Human consciousness and is your partner. Therefore it’s in synchronization with sacred teachings. Sacred geometry, used correctly, will be celebrated by Mother Earth. Used inappropriately, it will be rejected.


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