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Hollow Earth Theory

I've read quite a bit on the “hollow earth theory” and it's a matter of record, based on what Admiral Byrd found on one of his explorations many years ago. In a recent book, Mt. Shasta and surrounding areas were named as exits and openings for a civilization that calls that region home. I checked on the Web, and there's a person who's telling of the existence of these people, who are supposed to be survivors of Lemuria, and what their relationship to us is. One of the things that was brought out was that they're waiting for the 12:12, the same time that's referred to by Kryon. Does Kryon have any info on this possibility?

This information is answered completely within some of the newest channellings. I've instructed my partner to place the second channelling from Mt. Shasta, which was given June 2004, into publication (on the Website) within two months of this question-and-answer series. In that channelling, we describe these Lemurians and what their society used to be like, and what happened that allowed them to move dimensionally into your future.

There is no hollow earth containing Human creatures as you know them. There are, however, interdimensional beings who have been waiting to come to the surface if the planet ever got to the place where they could. These are the Lemurians. The time would be now, and they are actually here. They're not waiting for 2012, which is the “book end” of the Venus Transit (see the first Mt. Shasta channelling on the Website, from June 2004).

There's a great deal to understand here, and some of it will seem esoteric and beyond the scope of the what would normally be seen as the “practical Kryon message.” However, it's no different from your belief in guides and angels, and falls within much the same category... those who have been waiting to help you.

(From Lee): There are now satellites that continuously “see” the topography of the earth over and over. They've been in place for years. Many are dedicated to the mapping of the planet, gravitational anomalies, geophysical attributes, and so on. Environmentalists are especially interested in the poles due to the gradual warming of the planet. If there were an exit and opening that has been described, which is in 4D, you'd have to understand that it would have been seen by now, over and over. And if you're one of those who believe that it has been seen but is being kept secret, then you're not yet awakened to what real Human nature is like. No more secrets like this can be kept when the world is connected in the way it is via the Internet. There's always someone who will “spill the beans.” It's really easy to believe in conspiracies. The truth will be much stranger, and harder to accept.


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