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Five Concepts for the New Human

“Dear Kryon, dear Spirit, dear God, in this new, changing energy, what is it that old souls on this planet can do that will not only enhance this energy but help ourselves? What is going to happen? What can we do? What is it we should be doing?” This is the question that is covered in this channelling!

Greetings, dear ones, I Am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Again we tell you that the name magnetic service is a metaphor, for the magnetic grid of the planet contains that which we call the posturing of consciousness. We’ve told you before that you could not live here on this planet without it. Early on, we told you that the magnetic attributes of Earth had to change because of the coming consciousness shift. That was in order for all to be ready for what’s coming. That’s the service that I originally came for and now that it has been accomplished by my grid group, I am simply a messenger.

People have said, “Well, where do you really come from, Kryon?” I told you this morning that I am not an entity and I'm not singular. It's a Human bias that considers messages to only come from a singular source. Instead, I’m from the creative source, just like you are. I represent the pure consciousness of love and compassion and I speak through this Human Being who you see sitting in the chair.

Is this too unusual for you? Thirty years after the death of the one you call Jesus, Saul of Tarsus was in prison. However, now his name is Paul, and he’s writing what will someday become the Holy Scriptures. He’s sitting there by himself, and the man is filled with joy - tears are running down his cheeks and in the half-light of his cell, he is inscribing the words that so many millions will read one day. They will call it the word of God, but it’s not. It’s the word of Paul, under the influence of his beautiful God. That's channelling. Directly, he is receiving information about the wonder of God, what has happened on the earth and the master of love.

But when a modern man sits in a chair and gives you updated messages from the creative source about the great shift, there are many who object and say, “Impossible!” This is your discernment, dear ones, and there is no judgment of your belief. But we continue to ask you to discern - at least discern this situation and feel it. Discern the energy of what you are hearing right now. Are you going to listen to these words and understand and hear them, or are you going to feel them? We invite you to feel the compassion and the love for each of you, or have you already got your mind made up that it isn’t happening?


This channel today is going to be an answer to a question that is often asked by awakening old souls: “Dear Kryon, dear Spirit, dear God, in this new, changing energy, what is it that old souls on this planet can do that will not only enhance this energy but help ourselves? What is going to happen? What can we do? What is it we should be doing?”

Dear ones, I’ve told you before that each time this question is answered, the answer evolves as your linear time goes by. The potentials change, therefore, you are sitting in a reality you have never experienced before. This is new. It may feel like it was yesterday or the day before, but the potentials have changed all around you. The kind of shift you personally expected may not arrive at all, but instead something better. You situation is always dynamic [variable]. There is no set amount of energy being delivered to you on a certain schedule, dear ones. Your consciousness changes the potentials of your life all the time. It’s beautiful.

I can give you these things that I’m going to give you because there has been precedence set in other worlds just like yours, and some of you have been through it already. You were there. Your Akash says, “Here is this situation again and I know what to do. I have seen this before.” This is not the first time. You sit on the cusp of major Human shift on this planet. What can you do to marry with this energy?


I’m going to give you five concepts today, and they’re not easy. It’s not a list for you to accomplish, dear ones, since we don’t give lists. Rather, these are concepts, and the very first one I will say is primary - that is to say, it will be the first one each time we discuss this subject.


Cognize this experience. To cognize is an English expression that loosely means the cementing of belief. You believe there is gravity because you have seen it since you were born. It’s invisible, but you believe in it so strongly that you don't even think about it. It simply “is”. You have cognized gravity. It is not something that you would believe in like you believed in the Tooth Fairy, for instance, as a child. No, it is cognized and it becomes part of you until your last breath. You believe in gravity.

We’re going to ask you to cognize the belief that the energy you are moving into is vastly different from the energy you have come from. This is first and it is primary. You have got to cement this into your belief system so strongly that everything you do from now on recognizes the new energy as the new normal. It’s never going to return to the way it was and it’s part of a new plan. It’s almost like you died and came back with gravity that was less and you could do more things. It's forever and so you must cognize this.

Dear ones, this always has to be first of the five because you won’t be able to do anything else unless you believe that this shift has happened and it’s real. The shift is dynamic, and it continues to change. However, similar to you turning a page, you’re reading new words in a new novel, but the page stays turned. You don’t get to go back and read what happened before it. You are now past the turned page, experiencing the new energy, and you cognize it by believing that it’s happening.


Number two is “allowance of change”. Oh, stubborn Human Being, get used to change! Things are changing and perhaps they are not changing in the direction you had planned? How do you feel about that? Oh, singular Human Being, can you understand that to allow change is to mature? Can you think out of the single box? Can you sit there and say, “This or something better? I allow growth, I allow consciousness change in me that may change my life in ways I never, ever thought.” How afraid of this are you? The fear is about change, it’s not about where it’s going, it’s just about the word itself - change! So the second in this set of five is to allow yourself to accept the changes without fear.

Look at the numerology of these things. Number one is always new beginnings, that’s easy. Number two often deals with duality and duality is often the primary fear of change. You just don’t want your reality to move off that center point that you’re used to, do you? It's often about survival between light and dark. The duality that you’ve been used to, that balance between light and dark, is comfortable. Now suddenly, spirit wants to push it a little so that you capture a little more light and the darkness starts to diminish in your life. That's going to make almost everything change! Do you allow it or not? Belief and allowance of change are the first two.

From the other side of the veil, we look at you and we know that everything that you’re going through is like breaking old habits. But they’re just habits, that’s all they are. You’re like someone who has super powers: You can fly, but it’s simply too comfortable for you to walk around. The metaphor is clear - allowance of change.


The next three are more practical, but are very difficult. With your belief intact, and with your allowance for things to change, you’re now ready for one of the biggest steps. Number three is compassionate action. Everything you do from now on will be from a standpoint of compassion.

Imagine you’re going down the road and you’re in a vehicle and somebody cuts you off! They sound their horn at you and they act like an idiot and a fool and yell something at you. How do you feel? Is it possible to take that scenario to a compassionate level? Really? The answer is yes. First of all, don’t let it affect you. Is there some universal law that says you must now be angry in return? You’re a compassionate person, so let the buttons of anger and frustration be disconnected to the point that there is no reaction at all. Instead, all you can think about is that person is having a bad day. So you slow down, give them more space so that they’ll feel better. There’s no grudge to hold, no retort you have to make, and you don’t yell back at them. You have compassionate action in everything you do.

Things may happen to you in your life in relation to communication with other individuals that might normally hurt your feelings. Your life is unique and there are things people say that might hurt your heart. This is about the disappointments you have with those around you and how they act. Dear ones, this is simply Human. But what if everything you do as a result of these disappointments comes from a compassionate soul who sees it all differently? In a compassionate way, there really is no one who can hurt your feelings ever, because you know who you are. They can't define you and make you something you are not just because they say things. The real issue is that these individuals are probably unbalanced at that moment and they’re just having a bad day. Do you see what I’m saying?

Compassionate action is coming from a compassionate heart no matter what. It is a position of strength and wisdom. Now, some of you who are listening to this need to hear this: It is not a weakness to be compassionate. The masters who walked this planet exuded compassion! They broadcasted it! The very ones that you may worship are all about compassion. They were not weak, dear ones. So whatever you’ve been told about a kind, compassionate person, you’re going to have to rearrange your perception. Balance is strength. Compassion is strength. A balanced Human Being will seldom catch disease, did you know that? A balanced Human Being will have that which you will call synchronicity. Others call it luck. Synchronicity is to be in the right place at the right time and have perfect things happen, because they’re the result of compassionate action. Compassion actually is an energy that pushes the idea aside of luck or chance. You control your reality.

It’s a beautiful package, isn't it? When you start a compassionate action path, everything changes. That was number three. Now, three in numerology is the catalyst. A catalyst is a word often used in chemistry as a substance that changes things around it, while it often remains the same. A compassionate person changes those around him/her, instead of being affected by them. No negativity will attach to you. It’s such a position of strength, and others will often want to be with you. You change the earth where you walk!


Number four - spiritual sight. I want you to start seeing the grander picture. I want you to see God in everything. I want you to look outside and see God in the trees and in the dirt and the light that comes from the sun. I want you to feel the warmth of God shining on you, even when you are in the dark.

Compassion is one thing, but with spiritual sight you can see the creative source in all things and other people. The one who cut you off on the road has God inside, just like you. Your spiritual sight, married to your compassionate action, says, “There goes a creature just like me, who doesn’t yet know about themselves - not yet.”

The compassionate soul, which was number three, who has spiritual sight is the one who can see God in everyone. It helps you to become compassionate, doesn’t it, when somebody yells in your face and instead of anger, what you see in their face is God? Can you do that? You’ve got to think differently. You might even have to be more like the spiritual masters of the planet, because this is what they did.

Dear ones, these things I’m giving to you are a true and accurate representation of the new Human Being. You’re not going to be fully, 100% successful in every one of these unless you practice them. Number one was to cognize that which has changed. When you cognize something, it doesn’t happen instantly. You’re going to have to work on it. The belief has to be gradually cemented to your brain as you see evidence of it and eventually it cognizes itself. You’re actually training yourself to cognize and believe. The allowance for change is you training yourself to accept things that might be different. You’re working on it all the time. A compassionate personality comes slowly, not all at once. Don’t feel you failed because you get frustrated or even angry. It’s just a reminder that you weren’t compassionate yet. And spiritual sight comes with time, dear ones, it comes with time.

There’ll come a time where everything you look at will be in the light of God, a totally different perspective. The server who comes to your restaurant table is not a server at all, but rather this person is a beautiful Human Being carrying the creator’s light. You smile at the server and you just want to hug that person and say thank you for coming to the table. Is this too strange for you? Is it too odd to see beauty first instead of judgment and criticism? You eventually treat others differently and it's not a weakness. The biggest strength you can ever have as a Human Being is to see God in others. Outside, you see God in the trees and you know that there is a divine system and you’re part of it, and it’s part of you. You can be overwhelmed with joy and love just to be part of the system. It’s so different than you were taught.


In numerology, five is change and it’s one of the hardest attributes, since it calls for patience. The Human Being wants everything now. See? I know who’s here! It is inbred in you to want things immediately. We have discussed this so many times. When authority speaks, they want something now. Every single time there are instructions and something to accomplish, there is a push to do it at the moment, not later. Human Beings want things delivered to them quickly and they want action to happen immediately.

You’re going to have to practice relaxing with synchronicity. Listen: The things that many of you are asking for are dependent on other things happening first! Relax!

These other things will be things you seemingly have no control over, but the potentials are there for them to change. If you can wait for it, and not be frustrated or angry, that is the task. Years and years ago, when I first started channelling with my partner, we talked about having the ticket to the train and standing on the track. You have earned and paid for the ticket. The train is coming, but you just don’t know when! So because you are a patient person, you will know the train is coming, be comfortable with it, and have a nice time waiting for it. This is instead of complaining that it’s late. Patience!

Spiritual patience is gold. It’s hard. Every single one of these five things is not intrinsic to any of you. You weren’t born with any of them and that is why they’re difficult. But they are so accomplishable, dear ones!

Don’t work on them one at a time, except the first one. Make it first. Cognize what you’re doing. Understand and believe, and then the rest of them you can work on all at once. Some of you will be better at one than another, and that’s just because you’re unique and your personalities are a summary of your past-life lessons and experiences. Don’t compare notes with others, then feel that you’re doing it wrong. Did you hear me? There’s a tendency to get together and homogenize everything into a list, then make it so that if you don’t measure up to a generic list, you’re not doing it right. You can’t do that, not with these things, not with the individual soul that you are, having lived so many lifetimes.

Did you know that what you did the last time you were here impacts you right now? It tempers how well you’re going to do with these five things. Some of you are ready for them; some of you are not. And some of you will have to practice harder than others. So approach them all personally, and work the puzzle independently of what others tell you you should be doing. You are vastly different from each other!

I want you to know that all this, and the learning of it, is totally and completely normal and acceptable before God. You’re not going to fail. Don’t compare yourself to others. I want you to look straight ahead into the eyes of the Creator and know that you are God, and that everything I have told you is true and possible. That’s just the beginning. That’s what I came to tell you today.

I’m Kryon, in love with humanity.

And so it is.


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