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Did America Actually Go To The Moon?

Yes, dear one, they did.

This is a question we have seen before, and I wish to weigh in. There are many web sites and conspiracy groups that are convinced that we did NOT go to the moon, and that it was a hoax. Some of the “proof” is actually very laughable, with seeming NASA photos that show how the hoax was done. These photos are not from NASA at all, but are made to look like NASA photos in order to perpetuate the drama. Despite all those who are convinced that the moon landing didn’t happen, so much that they would make up stuff to prove it, there are some very obvious things that show that a hoax of this kind simply could not have occurred, especially after all this time.

Some have said that the lousy TV picture was planned, and that it shows we needed to hide what we were doing and make the quality poor. Anyone who says this was not alive to watch it! They are locked into what TV is now, and have no concept of what was going on then. Our TV back then was good, but only if you had 50,000 watts of power on a hill! The LEM (Lunar Exploration Module) was broadcasting on only about 5 watts (or less) and represented one of the first attempts at remote TV from space... 240,000 miles away! Also remember that Neil Armstrong landed the LEM with a computer that has a fraction of the power and technology present in today’s Ipod! It was so bad that he disengaged it to land (use the force, Luke!) In other words, our technology back then was very, very low. We had big rockets and brave astronauts, but no computers to speak of, and very little automation for this task. Today’s generation can’t really imagine an Earth without all the gadgets. But the truth is, in 1969 we just didn’t have them yet.

Things to think about.

1. First… the big one. Remember what was happening back then? The Soviet Union was also trying to beat us to the moon. They had probes, even some capsules that crashed on the moon, (perhaps manned?) They were possessed with this lunar race! They had radar, satellites, and their best optic technology pointed at the moon when we were about to land. They also had a monstrous CIA-type group that spies and trys its best to uncover western deception. If it had been a hoax, they would have shouted, jumped up and down, and had the greatest publicity coup of all time! They would have been the first to know, and would have immediately told the Earth of the USA deception. In other words, you simply couldn’t have kept it from the Soviets. Even if they suspected it, it would have been front page news. They will still do that today! They are very proud of their technology.

2. Thousands were involved in the moon landing project, yet not one has come forward with credible “whistle blowing” information proving that it was not real. In an age where secrets can’t be kept for even a few hours, this is very telling about the fact that we actually did it. We would have had many come forward by now.

3. Thousands of amateur Astronomers all over the Earth were viewing the LEM capsule as it disengaged from the orbiting “Mother ship” and landed. They also saw it later rise from the moon’s surface and rejoin the orbiter. For this to be a hoax, they would all have to have been “in on it.” This stretches the imagination of conspiracy.

4. In the same vein, many countries participated in tracking this event and saw it all happen. They also would have had to be “in on it” and not talking after 40 years.


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