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Attributes of The Soul

Kryon has spoken of the Human Soul repeatedly. Here is the beginning of another series about expanded information on this constantly evolving information. This is part one of four. This channelling is called “The Bigger You.”

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

We have said so often that this is not a message that is global, but rather, a message that is personal. We will say that again. These are, indeed, difficult times for so many, and yet, we have continued to remind you that the shift is here. This shift, which was predicted by the ancients, was also predicted many times in my channelling before 2012 – and it’s here. Almost a decade into it, now you see what we were talking about. It’s not necessarily that this shift brings you wars between countries which you thought might happen at this time. Instead, it’s a war of dark and light, and you are starting to see the attributes and the results of it.

The answers that were given earlier today [in the broadcast], were about getting away from the low-consciousness fray to a place in your mind where you can see and feel your own magnificence. This helps you to get through these times. There are several aspects of this solution. How do you move this planet into more light or into more peace? That is one aspect, but while you are doing it, how do you survive it? How can you be coherent with that which is spiritual, when all around you there is the “noise” of darkness?

So, now we will bring to you a series of channelled messages to help you understand more of who you are, to help you get to that place. The four channels this month [within the weekly broadcasts] are going to be called “Attributes of the Human Soul.” There will be four channels, all of them available to everyone. This is the first one.

Dear ones, we have spoken about the Soul since we arrived in 1989. Thirty-one years ago, we began messages about the Human Soul. In 2014, I asked my partner to put this together into a teaching program where we talked about The Nine Attributes of the Human Soul, and how they interfaced with your life, your Akash, and all of the pieces and the parts of you that are esoteric – even your Innate. We will, indeed, do some of that teaching again, but for now, I’d like to speak about four extraordinary attributes that you need to be reminded of at this point in time, so that you will understand who you are.

Dear ones, if you could see yourself like we see you, it would take your breath away. Magnificent you are, and we are not just speaking of your biology within a skin, with a brain, and some consciousness. Indeed, that’s so often the completeness of how many of you see yourselves. You use this model of how you cognize yourselves to answer all your questions: “How am I going to get from A to B in this world? How am I going to work this puzzle of life today, and get through it all?”

The biggest frustrations of Human consciousness come from trying to figure out multidimensional puzzles using linear thinking. Oh, there is so much more going on! I would like to remind you of how big you are.


The Human Soul is a spiritual part of you that is acknowledged worldwide. We have said this before. Every religion and belief system on the planet has some kind of metaphor for a “bigger you” – a Soul. For centuries, and even today, mariners who sail the oceans [and, since the twentieth century, flight crews that fly the planes] talk about the number of Souls on board. There is an acknowledgment, from most of humanity and all scripture, that there is something bigger than you which, somehow, resides in you.

It’s a shame, dear ones, that on a linear planet with linear belief systems, featuring a magnificent, loving God, you would be told that the Soul exists for one reason: to be punished or rewarded at the end of a Human life. It’s almost like the Soul is [perceived as] some kind of vehicle that exists to record how you act for the small amount of time you are on Earth in your body, and then, it carries the result of that into an afterlife that features horror or beauty. Does that sound right to you? That narrative is linear, black and white, and very, very much like a Human story.

Listen, dear ones: Your Soul is part of the Creative Source. Did you know that? It has existed since God. The story or narrative you have been told is a poor child’s version of something that is far grander than anything you can imagine.

I want to talk about how big you are. How big is the Soul of a Human Being? There are those who have put measurements on it. The Human Soul cannot be measured. Instead, many are measuring the “3D energy field” that is created around a physical body, called the Merkabah. That’s a kind of spiritual bubble around you in linear form while you walk the planet. That energy field is eight meters wide around every single Human Being. However, that’s not your Soul.


Let’s talk about a profound logic puzzle. It’s one of timing, and it shows a Human bias that always gets in the way of spiritual reality.

When did Humans get their Soul? The answer is yes. It’s a seemingly nonsensical answer, but it’s the only one that can be given. They never did! Instead, it always was. Think on that for a moment.

True, multidimensional concepts are difficult to teach and understand or cognize because the Human [Being] is linear. For a logical Human mind, everything has a beginning and an end in your everyday reality on the planet. Whether it’s your life, or your car, or a pair of socks, or a string, or daylight – it has a beginning and an end. Therefore, you tend to apply this same perception to everything – until you get to God. When people ask, “When was the beginning of God?” The answer is: “There was none, because God always was.” This is a true phrase, but it is not understandable to a Human. So, even within this discussion, you realize that there are some things that don’t match your known physics with God, or the timing of spiritual things. The first ones to nod their heads in agreement with this statement would be quantum physicists, who are also discovering these very same conundrums in their work.

So, dear ones, let’s use some spiritual logic: If your Soul is part of God’s Creative Source energy, then, like God – it always was. You, the bigger you, the Soul of you, always was, and always has been. It always will be.

“That doesn’t make sense, Kryon. How does this esoteric, eternal Soul idea relate to humanism and all of the things that we have been told that are NOT like this at all? My church told me I got my Soul when I was born!”

Dear ones, this is a puzzle to you, and we’ve explained it many, many times. In your simple, linear way, you seem to intuitively know that the Human Soul exists, so, throughout the eons, you have made up systems in your mind for the reasoning of it and then applied that to your “spiritual rules” of God. It’s based on one idea. LIFE is only chemical, and therefore, you only have consciousness for a few Earth years while you are here in this one body.

THE MYTH OF REALITY (a metaphor)

A time traveler from 2022 accidentally left a smartphone on Earth 5,000 years ago. Over time, it was worshipped, and humanity just assumed it was angelic. There were even stories of the few days when it was “alive and gave special messages” [before the batteries died] to those “anointed ones” who found it. Depictions of it were found on stones and pyramids throughout history, and many stories about its healing properties existed. Some were convinced it carried magic, and they carved trinkets to hang around their necks in life or be buried with after death. Books were written about what it had to say, and many died trying to defend the obvious spiritual doctrines and meanings that it carried with it. The original was never discovered, since it was either sequestered by those who worshipped it or destroyed by those who believed it was the devil.

Meanwhile, in 2022, almost every child in the first world over 12 had one and was casually texting to friends using systems of energy transmission that were common to this time, but magic or evil to an earlier time. The truth was amazingly different from the perceptions of those who knew and understood versus those who did not.


Right now, this planet is in the dark ages of spiritual advancement. It is still linear. It has only developed the technology of what is around it (electricity) and has not even begun to understand the “physics of consciousness.” It has not yet seen the renaissance of consciousness, or realized that the complete influence of all things physical and chemical can come from the mind. It’s a dark time.

The Human Soul is like the object that was left by the time traveler. Imagine explaining time travel to someone 5,000 years ago, or electricity, or the internet, or anything else today which took thousands of years to become common. The Human Soul is like the smartphone in the story and has been totally misunderstood. The incredibly high “spiritual technology” which allows it to work in a multidimensional way across universes cannot be comprehended yet.

Do you understand what I’m telling you?


This eternal Soul of yours was designed to do the very things you are doing now: It is the spiritual “piece of God” that allows you to incarnate to various places in this universe, take Human form today on Earth, and develop an evolving consciousness to work the puzzles of energy (light and dark). When you are finished with a life, you go back to the Soul, and it goes, perhaps, someplace else, or it goes into an amazing planning session that allows you to continue a consciousness on Earth within another body while keeping everything important within the DNA.

Your Soul is all part of a universal system of beauty, benevolence, and kindness. There is a purpose for it. There is a purpose for the veil [the energy that separates you from all knowing]. There is a purpose for the free choice you have on this planet, where your limited Human consciousness can make decisions without interference of an angelic parent standing next to you saying, “Don’t do that.” There is a reason for all of this.


Your Soul is immense. How big is God?

You might ask, “Okay, I understand that I don’t understand – that the Soul is huge and immense and that I’m a Human and I’m here right now. But how does that knowledge help me?”

Okay. Now we remind you of the shift and the energy that is changing on the planet. KNOW THIS: Every Human Being carries within them a part of the multi-dimensional Soul. It’s carried in your DNA, which means it’s in every cell of your body. It is now awakening within many Old Souls and is starting to receive light. That is what the shift is about. Listen: The shift on the planet is about you receiving more multidimensional awareness and more multidimensional savvy, which is starting to evolve into higher consciousness. You might want to read that again!

This is evolution. It’s the evolution of consciousness, happening right now. You are starting to receive that multidimensional awakening energy, which is creating the evolution of awareness – light, consciousness. That is what is stirring everything that you’re seeing right now, and that is also what is going to eventually stir many things into solutions. It’s because all of you are eventually going to become more aware.

“Kryon, I’m not really sure how I can be more multidimensional. What does that mean?” Let me give you a hint: There is far more in your DNA than you realize. It’s much, much more than complex chemistry. Your consciousness and the multidimensional parts and pieces of your DNA are immense. Your DNA even contains memory of universal soul experience. In other words, it really doesn’t need you to do anything but acknowledge that it’s yours to use. It has always been there, and it’s now waking up.


Do you know any identical twins on this planet? Why not ask them about what I am going to say next? If you do, they will verify it: One twin might be in one hemisphere on this planet and the other can be in the other hemisphere, but when something happens that might affect them both (like, for instance, their mother’s death), they will both instantly know it.

One twin may phone the other, and the other one will answer and say, “I felt it; I know it.” In other words, with identical DNA, these two individuals, two consciousnesses, are allied in such a fashion that, thousands of miles apart, they are getting the same information. That has a physical nomenclature – a term – a name, and it’s called entanglement. It is a multidimensional aspect – some call it a quantum aspect because it is beyond the linear.

You may not be an identical twin, but it shows that there are energies within the Human Being that are far, far beyond the linear things you have been told about. You are a multidimensional being!

Entanglement is well known to physicists but not yet fully understood. It is something that is astonishing. Imagine – you are so big when entangled, that you could be on another star system, on another planet, but if something happens with one part of you, the other would know it instantly. Distance doesn’t matter. Time doesn’t matter. That actually exists, dear ones. Ask a physicist. It’s real. It’s happening even within your DNA. How big are you? Dear one, your Human Soul is entangled with God.

So, is it magic? Do you worship it? Do you put it in a box and try to make it linear? Do you make rules around it for good and evil? Many might, indeed, do this if they saw the twins react, but didn’t understand the high consciousness within the DNA that exists.


I want you to understand that each one of you has the ability to drop into your Soul, into your heart, as they say, and have the most benevolent wave of love come over you. You can entangle with the angelic world! You can entangle with the “bigger you.” You can go to a place where that higher consciousness of yours will stop the rhetoric of all the negative things, and state:

“It’s okay.

I am that I am.

I am the future of myself.

I arrived before I was.”

That is multidimensional talk, dear ones, but it states that you know who you are. You are a piece of the Creator that existed far before the Earth was made, and you know why you are here.

If you can even marginally begin to cognize these amazing things, it will begin to help you get through all of the strife that is so linear – that is so now.

There is hope for this planet, dear ones. There is hope, and there are solutions if you will hold on to the hope. That’s the thought. That’s the light. Light is starting to amplify itself, and in the process, it’s disturbing the dark a great deal and the darkness wants to raise up and tell you it won’t go away easily. That is true. However, light will win this puzzle. Light is already winning in certain areas. Hold fast. Know who you are.

I am Kryon, in love with humanity.

And so it is.


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