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A Magnetic Therapy

Dear Kryon, I'm so moved by the Kryon books I've read. Thank you for all the information. I have a question about a magnetic therapy I've recently been introduced to called the QRS (Quantum Resonance System), which creates an active magnetic field using low-intensity pulsed electromagnetic energy to restore balance to cells. Is this one of the therapies that's safe to use? In one of your books you mention that such therapies were being developed in Germany, and this is one of them, I believe. I would be grateful for your guidance on the use of this therapy.

This facilitation is a forerunner of what we've called “designer magnetics.” It's safe, since it's a pulse mode, and also since it's designed for balance. The pulse mode doesn't send a constant magnetic message to the cells, but rather gives the cells a chance to recover and be awakened by the next pulse. It's almost like an alarm clock of magnetic resonance, giving the cellular structure a “choice.” Part of the secret of its viability is the frequency and timed symmetry of the pulse.

It also gives credibility to the basic premise that the body will heal itself, and wishes to operate perfectly, but often needs to be balanced for this to happen. So a system of balance is often one that leads to healing, but the healing will come from the Human.

And, yes... the roots of this were German inspired. Each culture has something to offer. The German culture has established itself as the “machine” culture, and has a history of some of the best healing devices on the planet.


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